The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 209

Chapter 209: The Real Killer (4)

The dust dissipated, and the shadow's true form appeared.

A heavy mechanical left arm, many times larger than a normal arm and made of a dense black platinum alloy, was holding onto Luann's fists tightly.

Han Xiao, who was controlling this enormous mechanical arm, was already wearing Viper. The close-fitting black streamlined mechanical suit looked expanded like a human's muscles.

Everyone was stunned.

"What is that?"

Han Xiao's right arm that did not equip mechanical arm strongly grabbed Luann's arm. Luann wanted to escape, but he realized that Han Xiao's strength became almost as high as his. He was shocked as he could not escape for the time being.

Viper provided close to 80 points of Strength and 50 points of Dexterity. Han Xiao's Strength, Dexterity, and Endurance were not lower than any Pugilist under level 60!

Luann was still reacting based on their difference earlier on, and it caught him by surprise.

Han Xiao's heavy mechanical left arm buzzed and slammed Luann's head heavily. Luann's head was bashed into the floor, but the punches did not stop. They continually rained down on him, and the damp on the ground expanded rapidly.


Iron FistMounted Heavy Mechanical Arm (Left)

Quality - Blue

Basic Stats:

- Damage: 85 88

- Defense: 2630

- Power Level: 77

- Durability: 986/1050


Minimum Strength: 45

45 90 Strength: +45% Attack Speed

Greater than 90 Strength: +15% Attack Speed

(Stats provided by this equipment is not taken into account)

Additional Effect(s): +28 STR

Length: 1.24 m (Including exterior armor)

Weight: 85.5 pounds

Additional Ability: Bionic (Human)Able to perform actions like a human arm, does not restrict the user's arm movements, very flexible.

Additional Ability: Iron Fist BurstMultiple energy cores (Engine and Motor) activate maximum output simultaneously to create a bursting heavy hit, dealing 170 213 points of blunt damage. 25% chance to ignore mechanical suit type armor. 24-second cooldown.

Additional Ability: Shock ResistanceExterior armor is made of platinum alloy. Increases durability, harder to wear out.

Special Feature: Can be disassembled.

Remarks: This huge fist will bash your skull!


Since he was acting alone, Han Xiao had brought along all his ace cards along in his equipment bag. The heavy mechanical arm had been disassembled into parts to become more portable, and the assembly process was easy and quick, capable of being performed during the battle in a short time.

Vanessa was raging as she saw Luann pressed against the floor. She dashed forward hastily. Han Xiao did not dodge or back up. He battled Vanessa in close range. His fists and legs contained a huge amount of power, and the floor split open inch by inch.

Shockwave Blast was a mid-range ability that hardly dealt any damage to the mechanical suit as it lacked power. Viper's enhanced mode steadily gained the upper hand.

The two of them were extremely agile, so their fight looked like two blurry shadows in the eyes of the others. Only the constant explosions and destruction showed how dangerous these two were.

The black fists hit Vanessa's face multiple times; her nose was bleeding.

At the same time, Luann finally pulled himself up off the ground, his head bleeding all over. He growled and pounced over. However, when he was halfway there, Han Xiao suddenly swung his fists and pushed Vanessa to the side. His right hand pulled out the folded the Ghost sniper rifle behind his back and aimed at Luann.

The black muzzle gave an even more dangerous feeling than earlier on.

Luann's hair stood up all over the body.

Han Xiao pulled the trigger.

[Flaming Will]!

[Lethal Critical Hit]!


This shot was his ever strongest shot!

It was not just the active abilitiesthe passive abilities had also made the firing power, critical chance, and machinery affinity much higher, and the firearms were also enhanced as much as he could. Everything was on a higher level than before!

This was the strength of every ability being at max level!


A huge hole appeared on Luann's chest, and blood spurted out like a fountain.


After damage reduction, you have dealt 1,942 Damage to Luann (LV 58).


Extremely close to 2,000 points of damage!

Luann health was only between 4,000 to 5,000!

One shot, almost half of his health!

Luann kneeled on the floor, his entire body twitching. He raised his head and looked straight at Han Xiao with disbelief.

"Didn't you say that you were going to wipe the floor with my brain juice?" An emotionless mechanical voice came from under the cold mask.

Han Xiao pressed Luann on the floor with his right hand. His left hand bashed Luann's head, again and again. Luann was paralyzed by the shot and did not have his energy protective layer. Metal continuously kissed his skill, his flesh was torn open, and his bones were scattered into pieces.

The splashing blood colored the floor and the mechanical arm red.

Han Xiao's jumped up high into the air with his mechanical arm and dropped straight down. The ground shook with a loud noise, and dust shot up into the sky. The ground was filled with white and red, and Luann's eyes slowly lost their gleam.


You have killed Luann (LV 58). You received 175,000 experience!

[Lethal Shot]: Unlock Progress 43/50


"Luann!" Vanessa screamed in sorrow, rage, and hatred. Then she turned and started fleeing.

Black Phantom was much stronger than expected. She did not want to die for nothing. She only had a chance to revenge if she stayed alive.

"That's why I said, isn't it good to be alive?" Han Xiao shook his head. He unbuttoned the heavy mechanical arm, and the enormous metal arm fell onto the ground with a thump. He then gave a command. The armor slid open on both sides of the ribs, and a row of concentrated small holes appeared. Dozens of arrow-shaped shadows shot out and landed around Vanessa, which then exploded and created a high-pitched sound wave.

These were all mini sonic bombs. Han Xiao had made them into even smaller arrow shapes and added a simple ejecting module onto Viper, which allowed it to shoot this kind of simple and portable disabling weapon.

The determining attribute for the sonic bomb was Endurance. Although Vanessa was a pugilist, she still could not endure dozens of sonic bombs. Thus, she fell to the ground in agony.

Han Xiao jumped over in a few steps then activated the Thermo-electrical Incisor Gloves and grabbed Vanessa's eyes. He then turned on Sunworm flamethrower. With screams of pain and the smell of burning flesh, Vanessa turned into a piece of charcoal in no time. Vanessa's struggling before death was all blocked by Viper.

Han Xiao let go of the body and let it fall onto the ground. He then activated all kinds of scanning modules. Through analyzing his smell, the scanning module highlighted Invisible Demon's position. He was in the area where the sonic bombs exploded, trembling in pain.

Invisible Demon was absolutely terrified by Han Xiao. It had only been a few months since they fought, and Black Phantom had reached a height that stunned him. He deeply regretted accepting this mission and very soon had the thoughts of backing off. But unfortunately for him, he had been blasted away by the explosion just as he was secretly escaping.

"Saved me some effort." Han Xiao broke Invisible Demon's arms and legs then took out a mini GPS and injected it into Invisible Demon's body roughly. He slapped him into unconsciousness and nodded in satisfaction. "I won't lose him this way."

The area became ruins. A large number of Alumera spectators had gathered, and their faces were filled with shock. They were all horrified by Han Xiao's actions.

The revived players stood far away with their throat feeling dry.

"This So strong!" Bamboo Rain Xuan exclaimed. She had recorded the entire fight, and she had a feeling it would definitely go viral.

Black Phantom had never shown the mechanical suit. The already high strength that they had seen before was just the tip of the icebergthis was his true strength!

No, maybe Black Phantom was still hiding more.

Bamboo Rain Guild was excited. They realized that they had discovered information that others did not know about. They were the only ones that met this unexpected plotline out of all the players.

Lagos' expression was terrified. His teeth were shaking, and his legs were trembling. The three people that he had high hopes for had been killed easily. They would most likely have been able to defeat Black Phantom if it was just his original strength, but who knew he hid such a horrifying ace card!

"How is this possible? All three of them were among the strongest superhumans and long renowned legends. I have consulted the experts. How did Black Phantom kill them so easily!" Lagos could not believe it.

Without anything to rely on one, Lagos entire body trembled as he faced Black Phantom with a strong murderous intent. 'Filled with regret' could not even begin to describe his emotions.

Han Xiao walked toward Lagos and tapped him on the shoulder. He said softly, "I have already given you a chance."

"You can't kill me!" Lagos looked fierce on the outside but was horrified on the inside. "I'm the person in charge of the Home Faction. If you kill me, Home Faction will"

Before he even finished his sentence.


The blade cut across his throat, and blood splashed slowly.

No hesitation.

Lagos's eyes widened. He held his neck and fell down. His body temperature lowered as blood escaped from his body, and he looked at Han Xiao in disbelief.

Han Xiao looked at the high ranked officials of the Home Faction. He played with the blade covered in blood and said calmly, "Do you have any problems?"