The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 223

Chapter 223: Arrival of People From Everywhere! (Two)

The sanctuary construction was enormous, it has always been difficult to start from nothing, but Coney Fury was quite good in what he did, the plan was detailed, the construction was orderly, and the division of work between departments was clear.

The Sanctuary main storyline had created a storm in the forums, it was the first large main storyline mission since the expedition war was still in preparation, the attention of the players was immediately attracted to it, and with the thousands of players that were already part of it, it was proved to be a reliable piece of information.

Since this was a large main storyline mission, the number of players participating would never be too high, since the more players there was, the faster it would be completed.

The Sanctuary Three became lively all of a sudden, the players called their friends and headed towards Sanctuary Three in groups, it became a huge festival, the number of players in Sanctuary increased like a snowball.

There were hundred thousands of players in Planet Aquamarine at the moment, and more than a hundred thousand just in the Southern Continent. After only two days, more than 20,000 players came to Sanctuary Three from various places, the attractiveness of Han Xiao and the main storyline missions had exploded the amount of passion the players had.

The 1000 Dark Net people that were present since the start were all completely stunned, inhumans came to help continuously, they were all called by Han Xiao, it was like a dream.

Terrifyingly influential!

The work efficiency of one inhuman could match up to many workers since they don't sleep, these more than 20,000 inhumans could almost match up the manpower of 70,000 to 80,000 workers, and even more inhumans were coming.

Completing the basic layout of the sanctuary in one month didn't seem impossible anymore!

When the entire construction team realized this, they all became extremely motived and gave all of their effort in the construction.

If Sanctuary Three could be completed even before Sanctuary One, it would be a huge contribution that would shock the entire organization!

In only three days, the camp had a complete makeover, rough houses were built, all the people of Dark Net had a roof above their head.

Huang Yu loitered outside Han Xiao's house for quite a long time, then finally made a decision and knocked on the door.


The door opened, Han Xiao appeared in sight wearing a Mechanic working suit, the protective goggles were still on his face.

"Yes?" Han Xiao said coldly.

Huang Yu suddenly felt very unconfident when he heard that, he smiled awkwardly and said, "your excellency, I"

Before he could finish, Han Xiao turned around and walked back into the house, "talk inside," he said.

Huang Yu entered hastily, seeing Han Xiao pointed with his fingers, he found a place and sat down with his butt only occupying a small fraction at the front of the seat, with a fawning expression, he said, "your excellency, I wish to help you take care of some matters, I'm your assistant after all"

As players became more and more, Huang Yu shockingly realized the one month plan really had a chance to succeed, and once it does, Sanctuary Three would be the first completed sample, this contribution would be extremely huge, and even as an assistant, he could be written in the Dark Net's book of merit.

Huang Yu couldn't sit still anymore, he would regret his entire life if he let this credit slip pass, he felt that he's already offended Han Xiao because of his perfunctory attitude earlier since Han Xiao didn't assign any mission for him, if Han Xiao rants even a few words to Bennett about him, this credit would have completely nothing to do him any more. He was originally happy that he had nothing to do, but now he was in total panic and couldn't wait to join the construction, which was why he came to Han Xiao's doors and fawned over Han Xiao, wanting to make up for his disrespect back then.

Han Xiao left Huang Yu and didn't bother about him, seeing that Huang Yu was very nervous and fidgety, he finally said in a slow tone, "didn't you not want to do anything, I understand my and gave you a holiday, are you not satisfied with it?"

"youryour excellency, I'm your assistant, I could contribute something as well." Huang Yu wiped his sweat and said sincerely.

Han Xiao folded his arms and looked at Huang Yu meaningfully, but didn't say anything. Seeing this, Huang Yu's heart kept sinking, he felt that this credit would probably have nothing to do with him anymore.

Unexpectedly, Han Xiao turned around, took a stack of documents and threw it to him then said, "these are the construction progress of the sanctuary, go through and arrange them, report to me if there's anything."

Huang Yu held the documents and immediately felt more energetic, he stood up hastily and said, "I will ensure these are well taken care of."

"Go," Han Xiao waved his hands and went back to work.

Huang Yu walked out of the house filled with excitement, he breathed a sigh of relief, Black Phantom definitely knew the potential of Sanctuary Three, but he didn't hold any grudges and gave him a chance to join in and share the credit, for this he was very thankful to Black Phantom.

Compared to his perfunctory attitude earlier, Huang Yu felt ashamed, Han Xiao was now fully respected by him.

Han Xiao thought of it clearly, there was no need to have a bad relationship with his assistant, what was between them was hardly even a disagreement, seeing that Huang Yu had put down his pride, Han Xiao didn't want to ruin his future on purpose, and he did indeed need an assistant to take care of the construction matters of the sanctuary, these were complicated and cumbersome, which he wasn't fond of.

Now he truly had nothing to do and could do his own stuff all day long.

Only three days had passed since the construction started, its progress was already like a horse out of its leash, completely unstoppable. The energy of the players had far exceeded The Great Technician Han's expectations, they were working even harder than migrant workers that they could all be considered as labor role models.

In Han Xiao's previous life, the early stages of the game had already ended when the players came in touch with the sanctuary main storyline and Dark Net approached and hired players, back then many sanctuaries were being built at the same time, the players had choices so their numbers were dispersed.

And for now, the players also noticed Han Xiao was in Sanctuary Three, which means there have to be other sanctuaries that need to be constructed, but the information regarding Sanctuary One and Sanctuary Two was way too vague, as there were very few information sources. On the contrary, Sanctuary Three had the well known familiar face "Black Phantom", it was an easy choice.

The majority of people followed with the trends, as the players in Sanctuary Three became more and more, other players were attracted too, the number of people grew like a snowball. The future of the "players' main city" plan Han Xiao had was looking really great.

Sanctuary Three was filled with all sorts of yelling, the players created fairs and areas one after another, some were for selling items, some fore friendly PKs, the lively look did indeed feel like a "main city".

Even the players belonging to the Six Nations had left the expedition gathering call and came to build the city.

The expedition mission had a level requirement and had yet to start, some players chose the more relaxed sanctuary missions.

Han Xiao had a sense of achievement that felt like people came from everywhere to respond to his summon!

"Seems like my image building plan is going very successfully." Han Xiao was satisfied with the players' response, at the same time paying attention to the respond of the forums and Dark Net.

Sanctuary Three didn't only make an impact within the players, it was also a shocking view in the eyes of the organizations of Planet Aquamarine.

The problem of inhuman has always been focused highly on, the Six Nations were very confused when they investigated the situation after noticing a large number of inhuman gathering in the Southern Continent.

Why is Black Phantom so influential amongst inhumans? Why can he command the inhumans? What is the relationship between them?

The organizations raised their alert, the danger level of Black Phantom increased another level.

Dark Net was the first to receive this intelligence, even Bennett was stunned, thinking back of when Han Xiao said he wanted to exceed the progress of Sanctuary One in a month, he realized it was actually not a joke.

Seeing its current progress speed, that could really be done.

Bennett was not shocked but surprised, as long as sanctuary could be built successfully, it didn't matter which one was first, it would all be a contribution. He only entrusted those who he had trust in, so he didn't ask Han Xiao anything about how he got help from the inhumans.

The directors of Dark Net, on the other hand, felt chills up their spines, having a colleague like this, they didn't know whether it was fortune or disaster.

Sanctuary Three, West, Clock Tower Area.

The signature building of this area is an enormous clock tower covered in vines, it had now become a base for the players, nearby was a large square, a dried river with a broken bridge that separated the East and the South, and a little bit further was an area filled with factory buildings, this area was originally a mix of residential area and factories.

A factory outline had already been built around the clock tower, inside was large amounts of construction materials and electricity generators, the terrain here was unobstructed which was suitable for a power station that would provide energy for the sanctuary.

There were hundreds of players in this area cleaning the ruins and evicting the beasts.

A team with five players was walking in the drainage pipes of the river, it was pitch black, the only light was from the flashlight.

"It's quite smelly here," a player held his nose and said.

"They said the electricity network will be planted here, so they needed people to scout the area to see if there's any danger," another guy said.

"No wonder no one wants to do this mission, it's too dirty" this guy seemed like he had mysophobia, he was walking very carefully.

Even after decades, this drainage pipe was still damp, the floor was very sticky, almost like rotten mud.

The team of players took a few more steps forward, suddenly an inhale that sounded like a wind tunnel appeared from deep within the dark.


"Something's wrong!"

The player was shocked, just as they were about to move, they realized they were unable to, a notification showed on their interfaces.

[You are affected by the intimidation aura of a high-level beast and entered "Fear" state!]

"What is this?" The expression on their faces changed.


The ground shook vigorously, a black shadow that filled the entire tunnel dashed towards them in an extremely high speed.

With a loud "bang", the team of players flew away like they were hit by a train, they bashed against the wall and died instantly. They were not the first batch of players, but they were level 15 and yet they died with just one hit, which means the damage was at least 200 to 300!

There was more than one shadow, a string of shadows of the same size followed behind, not making any stop and dashed out of the tunnel straight away and were exposed under the sun. Like furious tanks, they bolted up the ground and headed towards the most conspicuous building, the clock tower.

The players resting in the clock tower were met with a sudden situation, they all stood up and tried to stop the shadows but anyone who did it ended up flying away and dying.


A large number of shadows scraped through the players and destroyed the unfinished power generator, it exploded with a lout "boom" and fire broke out. These shadows didn't stop and plunged into the clock tower.

The ground shook!

A large amount of dust burst out of the clock tower, with a loud squeak sounding like the last scream of a dying person who had lost all hopes, it collapsed.

The movements here shocked the entire city!

Loud and fearsome roar also came out of the mouth of these black shadows, quaking the entire sky!