The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 226

Chapter 226: Demolition

The iron fist punched the chitin carapace. The skull of the Shadow Stalker Viper shattered, and its health reached zero. It screamed in agony and fell to the ground, dead. The air in its lungs came out of its mouth and nose, and its swollen body slowly deflated.

Jade Green Sky took a deep breath and looked at the damage rankinghe was unexpectedly first once again. The damage of the Heavy Mechanical Arm would not be exceeded easily by the players at the moment.

The Heavy Mechanical Arm also had very high armor statsit can even be used to withstand damage from the monster. Several times, they had been in danger of being wiped out, and it was Jade Green Sky who had saved the situation. While the other players got wiped out once in a while, they had not died once. Thus, their contribution points increased steadily, and they reached rank one.

Buying this weapon was more than worth it!

Black Phantom's products were expensive, but they were worth every penny. It was really a great dealJade Green Sky was very contented.

Vice Team Captain jokingly complained, "How old are you already Captain? Are you not ashamed when you yell out the name of the ability?"

"I like to do that. None of your business. Plus, why bother to play Pugilist if you're not going to yell out your ability names?" Jade Green Sky replied.

The carcass and eggs of Shadow Stalker Vipers were both contribution points. The team members started to clean up the battlefield.


Suddenly, the sound of a piercing wind echoed from further down in the tunnel. Something was approaching at very high speed!

A shadow passed by them in an instant and created a strong gust of wind that almost made everyone in Sky Territory lose their balance. It was so fast that they could not even capture it with their eyesno one could see what had passed them.

"What was that?"

"It disappeared in a flash!"

Jade Green Sky looked in the direction where the shadow disappeared and said with surprise, "That's probably toward the deeper part of the nest!"

Everyone exchanged looks of surprise.

"Let's follow and take a look."

The speed reducing slime was everywhere in the nest. They chased for a while, but that shadow was long gone. The players of Sky Territory felt a little beaten.

"Stop chasing, we can't catch up."

"Wait what's that?" Someone noticed something abnormal.

The flashlight shone over, and a pungent smell entered their nose as they saw the carcasses of Shadow Stalker Vipers all over the tunnel and extending all the way into the darkness. It was a shocking view.

The carapace that players tried so hard to penetrate looked as fragile as eggshells. The carcasses were still fresh, which meant the shadow had gotten rid of all the beasts obstructing his way within the short period of their chase. The LV 40 beast herd did not stop him for even a second.

Everyone instinctively thought of Han Xiao.

"It was Black Phantom that just passed by, right?"

"The monsters we took so long to beat were killed by him within seconds. He's definitely at max level."

When the players scanned Han Xiao, the information they got was always all question marks except the danger level being [Extremely Lethal]. People had tried guessing his level, and now that they had something to compare with, they had a more accurate deduction. Black Phantom was definitely one of the strongest in Planet Aquamarine.

Jade Green Sky suddenly became happy. "He opened up a path for us. We can follow along."

Han Xiao, who was covered in his black combat mechanical suit, dashed through the nest following the route from the tactical screen.


Two Shadow Stalker Viper pounced out of the darkness, where the human eyes could not reach. However, the mechanical suit radar had detected the vital signs and heat energy long ago. Without dodging, Han Xiao activated Enhanced Mode, and the biological muscles under the armor swelled up. Power surged from his fists and smashed straight at the Shadow Stalker Vipers!

Devastating strength difference!

Shattered carapaces, splashing slime, and screams of pain.

Claws hit on the mechanical suit and only left a string of sparks. Han Xiao passed the two beasts without pause and sent out several punches within an instant, killing these two beasts immediately. With the LV 55 attributes, Viper's advanced performance, and the difference in level, Han Xiao could kill those Shadow Stalker Vipers within a second easily.

He did not stop.

Wiping off the slime on the wall, the radiation crystals were becoming more concentrated.

"The core area should not be far awaymonsters are appearing at a higher rate," Han Xiao muttered as he casually killed a Shadow Stalker Viper. He looked at the map on the screen and confirmed that he was on the right route.

The screen showed that the temperature on the outside was increasing. The crystals contained heat, so the higher the temperature, the more likely it was that the Shadow Stalker Viper Beast King would be living nearby.

The high temperature from the crystals had turned the infrared and night vision images completely red. Han Xiao changed it back to normal vision, and it darkened immediately. However, a few seconds later, it was bright again. This was because of the [Night Stalker] class talent [Bat Habit], which provided vision in darkness and bonuses when fighting in the dark.

Passing through a cave, the space suddenly became much larger. A thick, pungent smell filled the place, and slime on the ground was thick and dense. This was an underground cave that looked like a honeycomb. The walls were embedded with large, dark-blue radiation crystals, surrounded by more than a dozen entrances of a tunnel that lead to many places. This was the center of the nest.

Dense red eyes blinked in the dark. Dozens of Shadow Stalker Vipers lay low on the floor and bared their teeth, demonstrating their authority over the unwanted guest. There were also a few more frightful looking elites in the herd.

The Shadow Stalker Viper Beast King was the most conspicuous one surrounded by the herd; it was three times larger than the others. It looked down on Han Xiao with condescension as the slime in its mouth dripped down onto the ground, corroding the floor and emitting a pungent odor.

It's so big. It has to be the Beast King, Han Xiao thought.

The Shadow Stalker Vipers pounced toward Han Xiao fearlessly. The Electromagnetic Hover-boots allowed Han Xiao to ignore the slimy terrain and move freely. He dodged the attack and took out the Ghost sniper rifle from his back, using it as an assault rifle. Blue flashes appeared on the muzzle as 'Needle' magnetic bullets were being shot out rapidly.

He changed targets continuouslydoing so was to keep triggering [Lethal Shot], which did not trigger on the same target within five minutes. This talent was more useful during group combat, and the right way to use it is to keep changing targets and maximizing the damage output.

Flesh exploded one after anotherthe Needle bullets penetrated the carapaces easily and slaughtered the herd at a very fast rate. An elite monster snuck behind Han Xiao and pounced toward Han Xiao, thinking that he would not notice. However, Han Xiao turned around and slammed his leg on the skull of this Shadow Stalker Viper like he had eyes behind his back. Its skull was flattened.

The herd charged toward Han Xiao one after another in waves, but Han Xiao was like a reefhe did not budge at all. The herd became less and less dense as they fell one by one around Han Xiao.

"Roar!" The Shadow Stalker Viper Beast King growled. The soundwaves echoed in the nest, summoning their own kind.

The players in other areas realized that the Shadow Stalker Vipers that were fighting them stopped simultaneously and dashed toward the center of the nest without looking back.

The tunnel rustled, and the ground shook. A large number of beasts were approaching. The longer the battle lasted, the more difficult it would be. Han Xiao's eyes focused. He activated [Overload], [Flaming Will], and [Lethal Critical Hits] at the same time and fired at the Beast King lingering at the edge of the battlefield.


The firing sound of the Ghost sniper rifle was a buzz made by its electrical circuits.

A flash of dark blue appeared and disappeared the next second, penetrating the carapace of the Beast King and exploding its empty cavities.

This shot also triggered the True Damage from [Lethal Shot]!

- 2853!

An astonishing damage number appeared. The health bar of the Beast King dropped a huge portion instantly, and it growled and rolled on the floor in agony. Han Xiao saw the attributes of the Beast King from the interface.

LV 53 BOSS, very high Dexterity and Endurance but only 9,000 Health Han Xiao was surprised. His shot just now had taken almost a third of its healththis health amount didn't match up to its BOSS status.

Is it one of those Dexterity-type Beast Kings that are more focused on attacking? But it doesn't look like it with such a huge size.

The Beast King rolled over, but unexpectedly, it did not pounce over immediately. Instead, it ran to a corner of the cave and took many large bites into something stiff. Han Xiao looked over through the gaps in the herd and was shocked when he saw it clearlythe Beast King was eating barrels of high energy waste marked with radiation symbols.

Beasts consuming wastes in long term would very likely induce mutation, or they would gain a special abilityhe realized that the Beast King's health was recovering at a remarkable speed, gaining back 1,000 HP within seconds. Clearly, consuming waste materials quickly recovered its health.

Then it occurred to Han Xiao that this Beast King was the type that stalled people to their death. This environment had put him at a very bad disadvantage. He took a deep breath and adjusted himself to his peak performance, before jumping up high into the air and flying over the herd in an arc, slamming on the back of the Beast King with a huge amount of energy. Upon impact, they both rolled over.

Before standing up, Han Xiao bent his fingers, and blades shot out. He stabbed them into the Beast King's carapace, and at the same time, he activated the Thermo-Electrical Incisor Gloves and burnt through the carapace.

Suddenly, the wind whistled. His back was hit by the Beast King's tail, and he almost flew out. He could feel the enormous power even through the mechanical suit, and the durability dropped a little.

Han Xiao was fully focused. The light from the Bonfire Reaction Furnace behind his back brightened, and with force from both his hands and legs, he pushed the Beast King to knock the wall.

The ground shook!

Pebbles fell down like rain!

The man and the beast collapsed the wall and fell onto the tunnel on the other side. The Beast King growled, wanting to recover health in its nest, but Han Xiao grabbed onto it tightly and pulled it outward. Energy flew into the Compounded Magnetic Chain Split Blades on the back of his hand. The blades hovered in the air, slashing open the carapace of the Beast King rapidly, showing its dark purple flesh.

It was like two beasts of the same size were clashingthey destroyed walls continuously, and the entire nest started to shake as if it was going to collapse.

The players were shocked and soon started to escape.

"Run, we are going to be buried alive!"

"What is this, demolition?"

Jade Green Sky also followed the crowd and ran for a while. Then he suddenly realized something. "Wait a minute, since we can revive, this is the best chance to kill already wounded monsters and gain contribution points!"

Just as he finished the sentence, the wall on his side exploded. Han Xiao pushed the Beast King in his direction. Jade Green Sky was in their way, and he was immediately squished.

The vice-captain of Team One held his head and yelled in shock, "Ah, you died so tragically captain!"