The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 227

Chapter 227: Profit from the Nest

The slashing slime could not corrode the mechanical suit. Shadow Stalker Viper's carapace cracked all over its body, covered in blood and slime. Pressed on the floor by Han Xiao, its health decreased steadily.

The herd charged toward them one after another like they had lost their minds. Han Xiao used the Beast King's body as protection and dodged most of the attacks with his agility. The vision on the tactical display screen was jumping all over the place. Normal people would have a headache by looking at it for just a few seconds, but Han Xiao was completely used to it and was not affected at all.

Every punch, every kick, was sent out with incredible power that the surrounding terrain looked like it had been destroyed by a tornado.

With his basic combat skills all being at max level and the performance enhancement from Viper, Han Xiao's close-range combat ability was way above average, the Beast King's health very soon arrived at the killing line, as it was unable to eat waste materials and regenerate. Han Xiao's energy flew into Compounded Magnetic Chain Split Blades and formed a high speed spinning pointy cone around his arm like a drill, piercing right into the Beast King's head.

Ignoring the wail, Han Xiao grabbed onto the wound to not get dropped by the struggling Beast King, he then turned on the Sunworm and sprayed at the bloody brain of the Beast King. A smell of burnt meat spread in the air, the Beast King's body suddenly became stiff, like a fish out of water, giving his last struggle before death.


You have killed Shadow Stalker Viper Beast King (LV 53). You have received 132,000 Experience.


As soon as the Beast King died, the surrounding Shadow Stalker Vipers growled in agony and pounced toward Han Xiao dauntlessly, wanting to shatter this enemy that was harder than iron, submerging Han Xiao instantly.

But the next moment, a strong repel force pushed all of the Shadow Stalker Viper away at a speed even quicker than when they attacked. They hit against the wall of the nest as the Field Repulsive Machine on Viper's arms made a buzzing sound.


This repulsion force caused a chain reaction, and the nest started crumbling down piece by piece. The ground was shaking so rapidly that it was like an earthquake.

Han Xiao did not want to be buried alive, so he concentrated all the power in his legs and jumped up. The floor cracked open from the strength of his jump, and he flew up in the air. He then turned on the Mini Maneuvering Equipment to give him further boost in speed. With the combined forces of the jump and the Mini Maneuvering Equipment, he rocketed up and burst through the mud above his head.

The next second, the ground exploded, and a black figure bolted out of the ground. The vision became obstructed, and the night sky came into sight.

The West City Area collapsed. Cracks opened from the sunk ground, and dust splashed out from within. Some players got buried and died; some players escaped and watched the scene, stunned.

"The entire city collapsed because of the fight. Such strong destruction power!"

"Isn't that Black Phantom? Did he do it"

"He's got to be a max level BOSS with such strength!"

"All the Shadow Stalker Vipers are buried alive. Does that mean our mission is completed? There's no notification though."

The players were shocked and confused. They looked at Han Xiao at the side who was wearing the mechanical suit with fire in their eyes. They had seen the video of the mechanical suit in action on the forums, and now they had finally witnessed that themselves. It was even more impressive than in the videos.

Jade Green Sky trotted over after he revived and was shocked by the completely different scene than before. He hastily asked about the situation, then contemplated and said, "The mission is not completed yet. There are chances to make use of the situation."

At the same time, signs of life appeared within the ruins, Shadow Stalker Vipers that were still alive crawled out with struggle. Only a small half of the nest had collapsed, but all the tunnels were blocked, so all the beasts had nowhere to escape.

Seeing this, the players dashed over in a hurry to get the last hit.

Han Xiao was only responsible for dealing with the Beast Kingthe other small monsters were to be dealt with by the players. The sound of cracking came out of his neck as he twisted it to relieve his tight nerves.

Huang Yu brought some people over and waited on the side.

"When the Inhumans are done the cleaning, you guys go dig through the ruins. Bring the radiation crystals and the carcasses into the warehouses, especially the Beast King'sthat's rare material. Although I broke quite many parts of it, it should still be of some use," Han Xiao said casually.

Huang Yu took a look at the sunk ground, gulped, and nodded hastily.

Half an hour had yet to even pass since Black Phantom came, and he had already settled the problem. Even though the West City Area had almost been destroyed, this astonishing efficiency left Huang Yu in complete awe.

After returning to his room, Han Xiao took off Viper and repaired its damage.

At around midnight, Huang Yu finally came with the information that the cleaning of the ruins was completed.

"We have stored 846 Shadow Stalker Viper carcasses. 27 of them are mutated, and one is the Beast King. More than 300 undamaged eggs have all been stored in the frozen warehouse. Also, we have collected about two tons of radiation crystalsthe 300 pounds that were collected near the center of the nest seem to have a higher concentration.

"By the way, Coney Fury has discovered the source of the crystals. These Shadow Stalker Vipers have been consuming high energy waste as their food source. The slime secreted in their bodies has gone through special reactions, which caused them to harden and thus become crystals."

Han Xiao was stunned for a second. "So these radiation crystals are actually Shadow Stalker Vipers' feces?

"You could say that."

Han Xiao scratched his head and thought of Frenzied Sword.

Never mind. The truth is too cruel for me to tell him. I don't think he can take it.

As the nest was finally cleaned finish, the players felt relieved, they looked at their interface with anticipation.


[Clean the Nest] has been completed.

Current Prize-Pool Experience: 1,340,000


Damage ranking:

First: Jade Green Sky (Team)

Second: Red Carp (Team)

Third: No Sleep During the Day (Team)


The players on the leaderboard were delighted. Although it was unfortunate for those who did not make it, they did not make a lose anyway as the experience from killing the Shadow Stalker Viper was more than enough to cover the experience spent to take part.

"We're first!" Jade Green Sky and the people of the Sky Territory Core Team One were filled with joy. The players beside them looked over with envy, focusing their eyes on Jade Green Sky's Heavy Mechanical Arm.

"Sky Territory really is steady."

"What equipment is their guild leader wearing? Looks really powerful."

"I have a friend in their team. He said that equipment is a god-tier weapon for Pugilists. It can both tank and deal damage, but it is very expensive, and only Black Phantom sells it."

Seeing the effect of the Heavy Mechanical Arm, many players started to desire it. Desire would create demand, and demand meant potential customers.

The ruins needed reconstruction. The head of West City Area gave out more missions, and the players rested for a while before starting to help once again.

The next day, Han Xiao woke up to the construction noise surrounding him in all directions, and he rubbed his temples helplessly. It was indeed much quicker to have the players help to build the city, but there was one tiny flaw of that, the players didn't sleep or rest and worked throughout the daythis non-stop noise pollution almost made him mentally fatigued.

The secret base, however, had very good noise reduction measures, and it was in a rural area where no one had done any construction. Han Xiao had gone there secretly a few times and brought some supplies over for storage. He had also enhanced the security measures.

On the surface, Han Xiao did not work in the base.

Han Xiao came to the boisterous workshop then walked to his VIP room, which he had entered many times. Inside were many neatly arranged boxes emitting a magnificent, beautiful, but strange aura.

However, knowing that these are the feces of monsters, Han Xiao could not appreciate their beauty no matter how magnificent they were. He made sure his gloves were on tightly.

Radiation Crystalcan be turned into energy block after purification, non-elemental pure energy. Although it says these are of high concentration, these should be of the low tier in the standard of the universe. The conversion rate is roughly 100:1, so two tons of it should probably be able to produce 45 pounds of energy blocks. These can be used as emergency energy storage; it is a surprising but welcome income.

There were many types of energymagnetic, electrical, nuclear, light, planet, antimatter, dark, psionic, and many more. If these were psionic energy blocks, they would be as valuable as the entire Planet Aquamarine. However, only very advanced civilizations could acquire, convert, and make use of psionic energy; low-class civilizations would not be able to use it even if they were able to acquire psionic blocks. Those civilizations that had discovered psionic energy too early had all destroyed themselves. To research and experiment on psionic energy without the required technology was suicidethus, their entire planet was vaporized.

There were also 300 pounds of dark-blue crystals with higher concentration. Han Xiao guessed that it was the feces of the Beast King. The Beast King owned the most amount of high energy waste, so it produced crystals with the highest concentration compared to the others. It could barely be considered middle-tier concentration. The purification rate would be much higher, and they should be able to produce 10 pounds of energy blocks with higher Ona.

300 pounds this guy really can take sh*ts. Han Xiao shook his head.

Han Xiao's [Basic Extraction] was at max level. The knowledge from the energy brunch could be infused into the Energy Block Extraction Device, which was a rather precise device. Han Xiao contemplated for a while and remembered the knowledge combination. He had plenty of experience points, so he successfully gambled out the blueprint after a few infusions and started to build the device.

It was completed after two hours.


Basic Energy Block Extraction Device: Extracts energy blocks out of minerals or crystals containing radiation or energy. Ordinary conversion rate, a rather slow conversion speed.


This thing was very steampunk. The input port was in a funnel shape and could automatically take in original materials. Energy Block Extraction Devices were most common in crystal civilizations where magic and technology were both present, and energy blocks were the main energy resource. The headquarter of Japan, Planet Lonnie, was one of such civilizations. It was a unique kind of civilization, but anything was possible in the wide universe.

Han Xiao arranged the crystals nicely and activated the auto drop. The extraction process was fully automated.

It should take about half a day to extract everything. I shall just wait. Han Xiao patted his hands. All that was left were the carcasses and eggs in the frozen warehouses. These could be used to make drugs, but he was not a Pharmacist.

Louis Research Institution was in the Western Continentit was too far, and the transportation cost would be too high. Also, the time it would consume during transportation would cause the materials to lose their freshness.

Han Xiao pondered for a while and decided to hire a Pharmacist.

Suddenly, he had a flash of insight, and a name buried deep in his memories appeared in his mind.