The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 233

Chapter 233: Level 60!

The impact that the war had was very huge. Other than Andrea being in the flames of war, organizations all over Planet Aquamarine had their own reactions, and most of the civilians were terrified.

As Han Xiao had said in the speech that he stole from Bennett, the scars of the old era had yet to heal, but they were torn open with blood and awakened the lingering fear within people's mind. All the high-positioned people of the society were paying a lot of attention to the war, and the lower-class people were affected as well. The goal that the Germinal Organization was promoting was to overthrow the Six Nations, and there were many remnants of dead countries all over the world that had mixed feelings.

At the same time, the brutality of war seemed infectious. Violence occurred more often everywhere around the world; robbers in the wild became more active due to the chaotic situation of the world, forcing wanderers to mass migrate. However, this was rather beneficial to the Dark Net. The sanctuary plan proved its useall of the sanctuaries attracted a wave of residents.

Other than the Southern Continent, the players in the Western Continent and the Sanctuary that did not join the sanctuary missions had also acquired other benefits. Missions were plenty in the chaotic world, which satisfied the players' needs.


[Fall of the Germinal] current progress: 27.1%.


The entire world was paying attention to the battle, and the Dark Net was no exception. Han Xiao, who was in Sanctuary Three, far away from the battle, was also paying attention to the information continuously. He had two sources of intelligence, one being the battle situation intelligence collected by the Dark Net, the other being the battle videos on the forums shared by the players.

It had been more than ten days since the war started. The situation kept changing. The progress of Han Xiao's Germinal Organization main storyline that had been stagnant for a very long time suddenly shot up five percent, and it was still growing.

He shared intelligence with the Six Nations, which meant that he had contributed indirectly to the Six Nations' achievements. Therefore, he could share a part of the overall progress.

Flames of the war filled the skies far away. Han Xiao watched the flames from Sanctuary Three, and the basic layout of Sanctuary Three was also being completed in the meantime.

The players were joyful. They were filled with pride and a sense of achievement. This was a city that they had built, and they felt a sense of belonging toward it.

Compared to the joyful players, the residents in the sanctuary were feeling down because of the atmosphere of the war. The sanctuary reaching its completion brought them some safety, but they were still mostly worried and afraid of the future.

The war affected everyone around the world; only players were unaffected.

That was because they did not have to consider the future at all.

The more chaotic the world was, the happier the players were.

Han Xiao received the short-term reward for achieving the requirements of the sanctuary main storyline. It was completed 61 days in advance; thus, he received a bonus 610% experience, totaling to 568,000,000 experience. This was the mission that had given him the most experience up till now.

There was also the reward of relationship points with the Dark Net increasing by 1,250, achieving the relationship tier of [Respect].

The overall grading of [Sanctuary Three] has also jumped from D to B, which showed that the plan had been carried out perfectly this time.

The short-term requirements did not update, which meant that there would not be any guidelines after this. In order to complete the [Sanctuary Three] mission, the entire sanctuary had to be completed. The more mission requirements that were completed, the higher the final overall grading would be.

The construction of the sanctuary was on the right track already, so Han Xiao did not have to worry about it at all. He just needed to leave it to continue the construction.


Bennett called with a surprising tone. "The early stages of construction for Sanctuary Three is already completed"

Han Xiao laughed faintly and said, "Compliment me."

Bennett was speechless. After a long pause, he finally said, "On a serious note, the progress of Sanctuary Three is already ahead of Sanctuary One. You have help from the Inhumans, so Sanctuary Three might be the first to be completed. Keep this up, I have a lot of hope for Sanctuary Three. As you know, the wilderness has not been safe since the war broke out. Wanderers have migrated in mass. Our sanctuary can be of use right now, so try to bring as many people in as possible."

Han Xiao wrote this down on a paper and planned to give it to Huang Yu to take care of.

The high ranked officials within the Dark Net could not believe this result, saying that the progress of Sanctuary Three had already exceeded Sanctuary One, how could it make sense?

The use of Inhumans was clearly shown. The people of Dark Net received insights from Han Xiao. They planned to also hire some Inhumans as workersthis would be beneficial to the entire sanctuary plan.

Bennett said a little more before hanging up the call. He was also paying attention to the war, but he did not mention much about that topic. That was because the Dark Net was considered a neutral partythere was no need for them to join in this storm.

However, he did not know Han Xiao's plans.

As the war breaks out, the Germinal Organization will have a hard time to even take care of themselves. I could pay them a visit. The thought flashed through Han Xiao's mind; he had been waiting for this opportunity for a very long time.

He had three goalsone was to receive direct progress of the mission [Fall of the Germinal] and increase its completion percentage.

Another goal was to save Aurora, free Hila who would be extremely strong in the future, and hopefully create a positive relationship with Hila. He had wanted to do this for a very long time and had only been waiting for a suitable opportunity. Now was no doubt the best time to save them.

The guarding power of the Germinal Organization's headquarters should be very low at the moment.

His third goal was related to his own growth, which also had to be completed in the Germinal Organization's headquarters.

Han Xiao was planning to act alone, only then would it be stealthy enough. Andrea had become a battlefield now, so it would only be easy for him alone to cross the battlefield and the Germinal Organization's security, then head to their headquarters.

His confidence came from his strength that had improved once again.

Five pieces of purple equipment lay in front of him. He had completed the class advancement mission in this month. With the first success he had, the rest had followed easily.


Class Advancement Requirement: Build 5 Purple Equipment above level 60. Progress: 5 / 5

Class Advancement Succeed!

You have received a new class [Magnetic Ring Mechanic Lv. 1], +70 Energy, +2 DEX, +1 END, +4 INT

- You have received 4 Free Attribute points

- You have received 1 Potential points

- You have learned [Advanced Machinery Affinity]!

- You have learned [Surging Mechanical Force]!

- You have learned [Electromagnetic Energy Extraction]!

- You have learned talent [Energy Modification]!


Magnetic Ring Mechanic, also called Basic Mechanic, was where one graduated from being a trainee and pushed open the doors of the superhuman Mechanic class, looking into the beautiful scenery behind these doors.

The Magnetic Ring Mechanic's specialty was utilizing the electromagnetic element energy into building machinery and increasing its affinity, thus improving its efficiency and quality. It was more superhuman-like.

After becoming a Magnetic Ring Mechanic, the energy of the Mechanic class would be called [Mechanical Force] and could be used in many aspects of the machinery. The newly awakened ability [Surging Mechanical Force] allowed the user to use energy to increase the power of machinery, similar to Overload, but this was a continuous ability that causes very little damage to the machinery. It was a basic use of the Mechanical Force and also a prior requirement to many advanced abilities.

[Electromagnetic Energy Extraction] was the same as [Energy Training Technique]. It was a growth ability that could increase energy. Its effect was based on the INT attribute, and the only difference between them was that this skill was unique to Mechanics.

[Energy Modification] was a talent whose introduction was 'You have discovered the key to building machineryfuse your energy into the various building steps.' Its effect was to increase the quality and efficiency of the machinery built based on the energy level. It was one of the specialties of Magnetic Ring Mechanics and a core talent of the Mechanic class. As an example, Han Xiao currently had a little more than 1,600 energy, which would increase his efficiency in building machinery by about 20 to 25%.

A breeze of freshness could be felt in Han Xiao's brain, extending all over his body. A large amount of new knowledge appeared in his head. Han Xiao squinted his eyes in comfort. He could feel the clear changes of class advancement, and his control of machinery had improved once again.

New class, stronger power!

I have finally advanced class. Han Xiao clenched his fists. Excitement filled his heart. The enormous amount of experience on his interface could finally be used again.

[Magnetic Ring Mechanic] needed 3,650,000 experience to level up from Lv.1 to Lv.2, three times what was needed when leveling up [Trainee Mechanic] from Lv.14 to Lv.15. The higher the tier of the class, the more experience was needed to level up.

Without hesitation, Han Xiao immediately leveled [Magnetic Ring Mechanic] to Lv.5, spending 20,000,000 experience without blinking!


His overall level reached 60!

One year and more than two months after he joined Galaxy, Han Xiao finally reached max level in version 1.0!


LV 60 class advancement mission [The Ultimate Trial]: Push one's limits during battle. Find and ascend the hierarchy of life.

Mission Requirements: Acquire 2,000 Trial Points. Current progress: 0/2000

Trial Points are gained through killing enemies. The stronger the enemies are, the more Trial Points. The harder the victory (calculated by the amount of health lost), the more the Trial Points.


As expected, the version has no restriction on me because I'm not a player. Han Xiao had expected this long ago, but he still could not hold back his happiness.

What this meant was that as long as he completed the class advancement mission, he could become the only one on this planet to break through level 60!

He would stand on the peak of Planet Aquamarine, a place that no one could reach!

Just thinking about it made Han Xiao very excited.

His eyes looked beyond planets; it was the entire universe of Galaxy.

This type of class advancement mission requires a large amount of combat and killing. I have to first see what kind of enemies give me Trial Points. Low-level ones are out for sure. It has to be high-level strong enemies, Han Xiao thought.

Since he was going to Andrea, he could try to complete the class advancement on the way. Only the battlefield would be filled with strong enemies, and only then could he go all out.

He could damage the Germinal Organization at the same time. It was a steady but a little playful plan, just as how Han Xiao had always been.

Putting this matter aside, Han Xiao assigned the Free Attribute points, which all went to INT as usual.

Afterward, he spent 25,000,000 experience to max the level of the newly acquired [Advanced Machinery Affinity] and [Surging Mechanical Force].

The tons of experience that he had stored could finally be spent on something.

Seeing the experience turning into his strength step by step, Han Xiao felt a sense of fulfillment.

Looking at the interface, his Combat Power Level grading had exceeded 2,000. He was at grade C!