The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 234

Chapter 234: Hiring Path

A Grade C superhuman was at the peak of Planet Aquamarine. They had stronger resistance and destructive power, and they were considered to be 'Basic Planet Explorer Standard' in the universe.

Achieving LV 60 would not guarantee a C grade. It also took into consideration the standard of abilities, talents, and attributes. Most of those who were level 60 in Planet Aquamarine were just at grade D+; only those like Bennett were at grade C. There were only about twenty grade C superhumans across the whole of Planet Aquamarine.

Han Xiao now stood among the very top.

He was more confident.

Since he had decided to go to the battlefield, he had to prepare for it.

After advancing his class to [Magnetic Ring Mechanic], his mechanical skills had improved another level. Han Xiao spent a few days enhancing his equipment once again and built some new machinery that might be of use.

However, he did not delay for too long as the Germinal Organization was in a dire situation and might turn Aurora into drugs any time; he had to save her as soon as possible.

After he finished his preparation, Han Xiao called Huang Yu over in the evening and said, "I have to leave for some time, about half a month most likely. You will take care of the matters in the sanctuary during this time."

I was already the one doing that Huang Yu did not say this sentence that he wanted to. Instead, he asked, "Your Excellency, where are you going?"

"Don't ask what you shouldn't ask." Han Xiao carried his equipment bag and said, "The construction of the sanctuary is on the right track. Make sure it stays that way, or you know the consequences."

Huang Yu hastily nodded.

Han Xiao walked out of the room and toward the helipad; the helicopter was already waiting.

He observed the current situation of the sanctuary on the way. There were a lot of players, and it looked very lively. Other than the construction, the newly joined wanderer residents also hired players to do some simple jobs. The outline of the players' main city that he had imagined could already be seen.

Han Xiao planned to act only for this rescue operation.

The Six Nations had locked down the Andrea Battlefield. If he approached as a third party he would be taken as an enemy and attacked. It was not easy to get close to the battlefield, and Han Xiao could not just close in while taking a plane like beforehe had to go through the official procedures to enter the battlefield.

On the coastline of the Southern Continent was Stardragon Stone Port Base. Three heavy cargo planes were being checked before taking off. They had the mission of carrying important resources over the sea. In the small square beside the plane, hundreds of people in various clothing were either standing or sitting. They did not wear the uniform of Stardragon military, but they shared the same aura that they were not to be messed with. They stood in distinct groups and sized each other up.

These people were mercenaries belonging to different organizations. Mercenaries were not rare in such large-scale wars, and the Six Nations did not have any problems with hiring them.

Mercenaries were like hounds searching for the smell of blood, taking part in wars to earn themselves a fortune.

As the saying goes, people are gathered by profit and separated by profit.

Even some contract killers in Blood Pact Society wanted to be part of it. Most of the contract killers just had their names associated with the Dark Net; they were not technically subordinates and were not under Dark Net's command.

There were many superhumans among mercenaries. These were the power that the Six Nations needed; there was no such thing as too many superhumans. The party taking the lead in the war would receive help from all over the world, and using this help effectively could further expand one's advantages. The situation of the ground combat between the Six Nations and the Germinal Organization was rigid. A large number of super soldiers that the Germinal Organization had produced gave quite some trouble to the ground troops of the Six Nations, so this was the time when they needed more manpower.

There were thousands of battlefields of various scales across Andrea. The places where the mercenaries would be most useful was in comparatively smaller battles as well as in carrying out strategic missions. Quality was more important than quantity.

These mercenaries were taking the cargo plane toward Andrea. They were chatting among themselves at the moment. Most of them were undisciplined, rough men who were acting rowdily. The Stardragon soldiers standing in their guarding positions on the side were annoyed by this behavior, but they were not allowed to scold these mercenaries as an order from above.

Surrounded in a noisy environment, Qin Yuan crossed his arms and looked at the surroundings.

The Blades, Goats, and Ice Sculpture Mercenary Organizations Tsk tsk, seems like quite a number of people came, all wanting to earn a fortune during the war. Even the killers are here, and the most renowned ones here are Crowell from the Wasps and Ghost-level killer 'Scattered Shadow' from the Blood Pact Society, Qin Yuan thought mockingly.

Qin Yuan was a small time famous mercenary. The mercenaries organization that he belonged to was also the top among the others. He received a lot of attention, and there were a few others that received the same treatment as well, including Crowell and Scattered Shadowthese two killers had also proved themselves with their battle results.

Everyone in the circle knew that the Wasps Organization and the Blood Pact Society were competitors and enemies. Therefore, these two killers received the most attention. Many mercenaries wanted to watch them put on a show, but they stood in the corner and did not have any conflict at the moment.

Scattered Shadow sized Crowell up occasionally with dread in his eyes because Crowell had a bigger name. Staying cautious, Scattered Shadow was wary of Crowell.

In comparison, Crowell seemed very casual and relaxed. He closed his eyes and rested calmly, looking very confident. He ignored Scattered Shadow and felt he was above all.

Qin Yuan sized Crowell up with interest. Suddenly, he saw the Stardragon soldiers far away split open a path and allow one person in.

Another new guy. Qin Yuan looked over, but his ridiculing eyes froze and turned into shock very quickly. His mouth widened, and he became speechless for the moment.

The others looked over as well. The scene that had been noisy just a moment ago suddenly turned silent as shock appeared in everyone's faces.

A man in black clothes slowly approached and stopped at the edges of the team, causing everyone watching to avert their gaze. Chatter filled with shock soon rippled through the crowd.

"Why is someone like him here"

"Black Phantom can be said to represent the Dark Netis the Dark Net not on neutral ground anymore?"

Han Xiao stood quietly unaffected and did not say a word.

Black Phantom was a legend in the Dark Net. He immediately became the center of attention because they did not think that someone of this level would be acting together with them.

They were of totally different levels. Just by standing there, Han Xiao made these mercenaries shut their mouths in fear. The Stardragon soldiers on the side were surprised and contented to see this. Finally, they could give their eyes a break. They looked over at these mercenaries that had been lawless just moments ago.

Who told you guys to be so full of yourselves, finally learned your lesson?

Qin Yuan suddenly noticed something. He subconsciously looked at Scattered Shadow. The others have also noticed and looked over as well.

Blood Pact Society was also a member of the Dark Net.

Scattered Shadow did not think that he would meet a legend from the same organization here. He wanted to approach Han Xiao and strike up a conversation, but he was afraid of being despised. His eyes were filled with a mix of respect and hesitation. Nonetheless, the arrival of Han Xiao made him feel much safer and more confident. He stared at Crowell with taunting in his eyes like he was going to look for trouble.

Damn it, why is he here too? Crowell's back was completely soaked in cold sweat. The calmness he had earlier on was long gone. Seeing the provocative look in Scattered Shadow's eyes, he immediately turned away and did not look back. He then walked into the crowd and decided to be a coward.

Scattered Shadow felt very relieved and relaxed; it was the first time he had felt so good by making use of the fear others had for someone other than himself.

Under the strange atmosphere, seconds felt like years to everyone present. Then, finally, the plane was ready, and the Stardragon soldiers announced that it was time to start boarding. The next moment, like everyone had made an agreement, they split open a path, and at the end of it was the confused Han Xiao.

Qin Yuan coughed and said respectfully, "Please please go first."

Well, this is quite a good treatment. Am I that scary? Han Xiao shook his head, carried his equipment bag, and boarded the plane before anyone else. He casually found a seat and sat down. The others only then heaved a sigh of relief and boarded the plane respectively.


After some turbulence, the plane took off.

The official path to go to Andrea for Han Xiao was to become a mercenary of Stardragon; this was the easiest way. The reason he had chosen to use Black Phantom's identity and not change his face was, although the Six Nations accepted mercenaries into the war, they still would go through their records and did not allow anyone that was not trustworthy.

This Black Phantom identity of his not only did help to fight the Germinal Organization before but also belonged to the Dark Net; it was a very trustworthy identity and was approved easily. Of course, using the identity of Black Phantom would impact the Dark Net's firm neutral ground negatively, but these were all small problems in Han Xiao's eyes.

He actually had another choice, which was to change face and replace another mercenary then board the plane secretly, but he felt that he did not need to go against the rules if he could enter through an official channel.

The phone in his pocket started vibrating. Han Xiao took it out, and it was a call from Bennett.

He picked up the call, and the next moment, Bennett's scream almost broke his eye drums.

"Come back now!"