The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 236

Chapter 236: Infiltration (2)

Ta, ta, ta!

With the sound of footsteps, a pair of people headed upstairs. Han Xiao could see through the bullet holes in the walls that these people had IDs hovering above their heads.

"Unlucky, it's a group of players."

He was wearing his Smart Meta-Optical Mask, but although the players could not know his real identity, they could at least see that his attributes were all question marks and would immediately be cautious.

As these Germinal Organization players approached, their conversation could also be heard.

"What's your contribution points?"


"I have 95. There are no contribution points to killing refugees, how annoying."

Both players of the Six Nations and Germinal Organization received battlefield missions. Killing enemies would grant them contribution points. The war between organizations should not have opened at this stage, but because of Han Xiao's effect on the storyline, the players joined the war at a very low level, and their impact on the war was minimized.

With a loud thud, the door was kicked open. The two players walked in and saw Han Xiao in the corner.

"F*ck, another refugee." One of them raised the gun immediately and prepared to fire. His attitude was like the person before him was equal to an ant.


A few blades flew out near the ground and slashed through the two players' necks in a flash. Blood shot out as they turned into white light and disappeared; they were killed in an instant.

These players were at around LV 20 and had about 300 HP. With Han Xiao's abilities and talents, the damage of his purple Compounded Magnetic Chain Split Blades was between 45 and 112, but he could deal about three times what was shown on the interface. Taking into consideration the enemies' damage resistance and reduction, it was still a piece of cake to instantly kill the players around this level.

There were a few more players outside. Han Xiao wore his Electromagnetic Scanning Goggles and looked through the wall for their locations. He controlled the hovering blades to penetrate the wall and slash open the throat of these players. No one could react. The last thing they saw was a flash of light.

After killing all the enemies, Han Xiao returned the Compounded Magnetic Chain Split Blades to his sleeve.

Then, Han Xiao changed to another face and left the building with a low profile. He hid in the ruins and avoided the Germinal Organization troops before finding a new house and observing the situation, waiting for an opportunity.

"Hope it's not players again," Han Xiao mumbled.

Flashes of white light appeared one after another. These players revived at the Germinal Organization battlefield revival point. They still had not realized what had happened, and their faces were filled with confusion.

"How did I die?"

"Was there a bug"

They looked at the combat information on their interfaces hastily


??? has dealt 275 damage to you.

??? has dealt 267 damage to you.

You were killed by ???.


The players were all confused

What was this '???'?

Tuk tuk tuk!

A string of bullets was being fired at a super soldier of the Germinal Organization, hitting his exoskeleton.

"These monsters are too tough." Fang Yun threw the firearm aside and waved his fists, launching a punch. It clashed with the exoskeleton fist of the super soldier and left a dent.

Super soldiers were not as strong as normal superhumans, but the Germinal Organization had improved this technology through many experiments and were able to mass produce the super soldiers. It was quite a headache in the battlefield for the Six Nations.

Fang Yun and his team worked together and defeated this super soldier very quickly. However, the sound of battle attracted other superhumans of the Germinal Organization, and a siege battle started. It was bloody and merciless.

Fang Yun's team members fell one after another. Fang Yun was besieged by the super soldiers. He was wounded all everywhere, and blood spilled out of his mouth as he was moving.

A team member sacrificed himself and opened up a gap in the siege. Fang Yun dashed out without hesitation and ran with all his might with people chasing behind him.

Fang Yun could not remember if he ran for ten or twenty minutes. The exhaustion and injuries were too much for him to endure. His legs softened, and he fell onto the ground. He had no strength left to even stand up, but he continued struggling and crawled forward.

Two Germinal Organization superhumans caught up. They rubbed their fists and walked toward Fang Yun with a ferocious smile on their faces.

Fang Yun clenched his teeth. These two people were the ones who had killed his team member earlier.

Both sides were building ruins, and there was nowhere to escape. Fang Yun stopped crawling and stared at the duo, squeezing every last bit of strength he had left, wanting to muster some energy and give the duo a surprise attack before he died.

They walked closer and closer, and when they were only ten meters away, a shadow appeared behind them. However, they did not notice at all and continued walking forward.

Fang Yun was stunned. The person was dressed like a refugee.

"What the"

Blades hovered beside the refugee. With a flash of light, they penetrated these two from behind and went back and forth several times within a blink of an eye.

The faces of these two people froze. More than ten wounds appeared on their bodies the next second, and blood shot out like a fountain.

Fang Yun was completely shocked.

Two Germinal Organization superhumans had been killed instantly by a refugee!


Before he finished his sentence, that shadow appeared in front of him, and the next moment his, vision became dark as he was knocked unconscious.

Both at about level 30.

After seeing the combat information on the interface, Han Xiao felt a sense of lamentation. Level 30 had once been a chasm that he had never been able to cross, but now, he could kill them easily.

Han Xiao avoided the face so that he could still change into their face. He first took out the items on these two people's body, including any identification, then looked at their names and held onto them.

He pressed on his cheeks. A triangular scanning beam shot out from in between his brows and scanned the face of one of the corpses. The following moment, Han Xiao's face became exactly the same.

He removed the clothes on the corpse and put them on. He then listened to the internal communication of the Germinal Organization troops through the headphones. They were sweeping up the rest of the Stardragon soldiers. Han Xiao pondered for a while before setting the two corpses on fire and throwing them aside. He left the Stardragon soldier alone.

Han Xiao had yet to leave when he heard a new message from the headphones.

"Attention, the enemies' backup has arrived. There are superhumans from Division 13."

"The enemies are too strong, fall back immediately."

"I need backup. I'm at the West side of fizz"

Han Xiao's eyes twinkled. This was just the right situation for him to infiltrate.

Following the sound of cannons and guns, Han Xiao came to the battlefield. He realized that the Germinal Organization troops had been intercepted by the backup team of Stardragon. The superhumans of both sides were clashing with each other. The agents of Division 13 had a steady upper hand. The targets hit by their bullets were covered in flames and burntit was a huge threat that made the people of the Germinal Organization wary.

High-explosive rounds? Han Xiao's eyes twinkled. Had the high-explosive rounds that he had given Stardragon before he left still not been finished?

What he did not know was, after he left, Division 13 collected all the leftover high-explosive rounds, and after they burned three workshops trying to figure out its blueprint, they sealed them up as important resources, only giving them to their agents during very important missions.

There was not anyone that he knew among these Division 13 agents, but there were a few he might have seen once or twice. He was reminded of Li Yalin and the team. They had definitely been sent somewhere in the battlefield for missions. He wondered if they were still alive

A Germinal Organization superhuman saw Han Xiao and yelled, "Karius, quickly come over and help!"

The unlucky guy that Han Xiao had changed into was called Karius.

This yell also made the Stardragon people notice Han Xiao and fired at him. With his fast reactions, Han Xiao hastily dodged and left a burning trail on the ground behind him.

He rarely used high-explosive rounds anymore, and he did not expect the Division 13 to still be using them. After all, they were just his leftovers.

Han Xiao did not want to be stalled, but trouble came looking for him. A Stardragon agent turned and headed his way. He dashed over, covered in flames, and took out a knife handle. It was the retractable knife that Han Xiao had built before.

"Hello Pugilist." Han Xiao hooked his fingers. Compounded Magnetic Chain Split Blades flew out low on the ground and immediately slashed open the flesh of this Pugilist. He fell onto the ground the next moment while he was still charging toward Han Xiao. Han Xiao bolted over and sent him flying with a kick. He hit an SUV and the entire vehicle was turned over. This guy would probably spend half a year in bed for that injury.

The Germinal Organization soldier that had called Han Xiao's name was stunned.

Since when was Karius so strong

Just as he wanted to call Han Xiao for help, he saw that Han Xiao had knocked over the people obstructing the way and hopped into a car, immediately escaping.

The people of the Germinal Organization were stunned. Then they realized what had happened and all hastily jumped up the cars to escape. They were in an extremely disadvantageous position anyway. As soon as someone started something like this, there would be people that followed.

The troops escaped back to the temporary base. The commander immediately yelled and questioned them. The Germinal Organization soldiers hastily explained the situation. Han Xiao also said a few words to add on. No one suspected him, or rather, they did not have the time to suspect him. This temporary base was very hectic, so after the commander finished listening to the explanation, he immediately sent the troops for other missions.

After infiltrating the camp, Han Xiao collected intelligence incautiously. His plan was to get closer to the headquarters by continuously changing his identity. The most direct targets were those troops that headed in the direction of the headquarters.