The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 238

Chapter 238: Nerve Connection (1)

Han Xiao knew about Cyberlos in his previous life.

A high rank researcher of the Germinal Organization, research fanatic, known by the players because he was the one in charge of the research that turned Aurora into Aurora Jam. To him, he could only do more experiments if he was alive, so he could betray any organization without any hesitation, loyalty was worthless in his eyes.

Han Xiao was very confident that if he threatened Cyberlos, he would compromise for his life, provided no one saw them.

There was a small problem, however; the headquarters were enormous, and Han Xiao had no idea where Cyberlos was at the moment.

At this time, a player with a hovering ID able his head walked past, so Han Xiao had an idea.

"There are players in the underground headquarter too, I can try to use them." Han Xiao thought.

Electrolux was on the way to submit a daily training mission. Suddenly, a Germinal Organization soldier appeared and stopped him. The soldier looked extremely ferocious yet was smiling friendly, like a crocodile laughing. The unlucky person that Han Xiao replaced looked too rough.

Electrolux shivered and said, "whatwhat do you want?"

Han Xiao laughed friendly but made Electrolux feel a chill up his spine. He paused and said, "Hey there, I have a small matter that I need your help with."

As he spoke, he set a mission and gave it out. The mission requirement was to find Cyberlos' location. He wrote in the mission introduction that he had something urgent to report as if he really did. Since the players would not normally doubt the mission introduction, they would not suspect anything.

Electrolux was pleasantly surprised. It was the first time that he had experienced a mission coming directly to him. Furthermore, the reward was quite rich, so he was tempted. Finding Cyberlos was very easyhe could only be in the lab.

"Ok, I'll be back very soon." Electrolux went to confirm.

Not long after, Han Xiao received the message that Cyberlos was browsing data in the experiment level.

Han Xiao's eyes twinkled. He gave another mission to Electrolux and asked him to get him the map for the headquarters. It was difficult for him to acquire such a thing, but it was easy for the players in the headquarters. Electrolux did not suspect anything; he passed the map that he had with him to Han Xiao.

Han Xiao looked at it in details and nodded. He had plans for the next step.

The experiment level occupied a very large area. Han Xiao came to the resting station of the researchers, used the Compounded Magnetic Chain Split Blades to block the camera in the corner temporarily, forced open the uniform box, took out a few white coats and masks, disguised himself as a research, and walked to the experiment level openly.

Cyberlos was in a large experiment lab at the time, ordering the others to test the performance of a group of super soldiers while he browsed the data on the computer. Seeing that there were many people there, Han Xiao pulled his mask, walked closer to Cyberlos discreetly, took out a simple detector, and scanned him roughly. The result was that he was not wearing a wire as expected. Cyberlos spent most of his time in the headquarters, so he was not very cautious and also did not have any guards following him.

Han Xiao turned around and turned his back on Cyberlos, acting like he was arranging the data. He bent his finger. A blade hovered very close to the ground and flew into Cyberlos' coat, touching against his heart.

Cyberlos felt something cold near his chest. He hastily reached out his hands to his chest and felt a piece of thin metal. Shocked, he immediately wanted to unbutton his collar to check. It was at this moment that he heard a clear whisper despite the noisy surroundings.

"Quiet, don't move, don't yell, or this piece of blade will slice open your heart. Now, act like nothing happened and listen to my orders. You don't listen, you die; you trigger the alarm, you also die."

Cyberlos looked around; everyone looked like enemy to him. He said softly, "Calm down, what do you want me to do?"

He did not dare fight back because he was worried for his life.

"Leave the lab, act normal."

"Ok, don't do anything to me." Cyberlos took a few deep breaths and said loudly, "You guys continue the experiment; I have something to attend to."

After he finished saying that, he walked to the door without raising the other researchers' suspicion. Han Xiao paused for a while and followed behind Cyberlos.

The two came to the corridor. Cyberlos saw Han Xiao behind him and knew that this was the person who threatened him. He sized him up and said softly, "What else do you want me to do?"

"Bring me to the central computer. I need your authorization. Don't try to pull of any tricks; I can penetrate your heart in less than 0.1 second if anything abnormal happens."

"I won't," Cyberlos said as he felt the coldness on his chest. Then he calmed his mind and lead the way. He was not a soldier; his life was more important than anything to him. He knew that he had no choice but to compromise, so he was not willing to take the risk of triggering the alarm.

They met quite many Germinal Organization members on the way, and Cyberlos acted very naturally, nodding as usual. Han Xiao followed behind. The others had no suspicion and thought that he was Cyberlos' assistant.

After entering an empty corridor, Cyberlos looked carefully at Han Xiao's face and suddenly said softly, "I see you had a surgery on your face, Zero."

Han Xiao was shocked. How did he figure out my identity?

"In order to catch you, the leader has planted an inescapable trap. Countless Executive Officers are on standby, ready to act anytime, and here you are as expected."

Han Xiao's expression changed a little in disbelief. The leader had set up an ambush and waited for him, which meant that he knew he would sneak in

How is this possible

I haven't told anyone about my plan!

Does the leader have someone who can predict the future? Does that mean I am already in siege at the moment?

Han Xiao was perplexed at the time, but he hastily calmed himself down. Then he noticed something wrong. If the leader really knew his goal, he could not have snuck in this easily. That meant that the leader had limited knowledge and did not even know he had the ability to infiltrate through changing his face, which explained why there were no preventive measures.

Han Xiao instantaneously thought of the gap between the deployment layout of the Germinal Organization and was now sure that it was a trap.

Although he had many questions, since Cyberlos had mentioned the matter, Han Xiao knew what he meant. Han Xiao suppressed his killing intent and said in a low voice, "Tell me everything you know. I will consider letting you live."

Feeling the cold and piercing murderous intent, Cyberlos' back was soaked in cold sweat. He forced himself to calm down and said, "This is all the prediction of Destiny's Child."

Destiny's Child? Han Xiao frowned. He had never heard of such a person in the Germinal Organization.

"Destiny's Child's ability might be foreseeing the future; it might also be deciding the future. We are unsure as well. He said you will walk into the trap yourself" Cyberlos described everything from the beginningDestiny's Child's ability, the prediction about Han Xiao, the leader's plans, and other things. For the sake of his own life, he poured out everything he knew.

There is someone like that hidden in the Germinal Organization? Han Xiao was shocked. There was no information about this person in his previous life. It seemed like this was the Germinal Organization's deepest secret. If Destiny's Child could influence the future, did that mean his thought of saving Aurora could have been forced upon him?

Suddenly, he felt a strong need to kill Destiny's Child.

The mind was one's palaceanyone would be extremely furious if it was invaded.

Many abilities could influence the mindpsychic, magic, Esperand there were even similar natural phenomenon in the universe. The Psychic Current, for one, was made up of thoughts, emitting waves that affected the mind, travelling in the universe unseen, causing any life form that passes by to hear 'voices' from the Psychic Current and thus get influenced.

However, after some pondering, Han Xiao felt this guess was way too unbelievable because he already had thought about saving Aurora when he first saw Hila more than one year ago, and he had analyzed the reasons for doing so, which were all beneficial to himself. It did not feel like he was influenced to do it at all; furthermore, saving Aurora was not the only motive he had for infiltrating the Germinal Organization headquarters.

There had to be limitations to Destiny's Child's abilities, or at least it had a limited effect on him. However, he did come to Germinal Organization headquarters alone as predicted, and that had him relieved and worried at the same time.

He finally understood how dreadful it was to have an enemy that might be able to predict the future. Suddenly, he felt the leader's pain.

I have made the Germinal Organization suffer so much; the leader probably wants to skin me alive.

From what Cyberlos had said, Han Xiao knew that there was a large number of Executive Officers and troops hidden in the headquarters at the moment, all waiting to ambush him, and as soon as anything happened, a siege could be formed any time. He was in a rather dire situation.

However, Han Xiao also noticed the huge advantage that he had, which was that the leader only knew he would come, not when he would come or what was his goal.

Seems like I still have the upper hand, but I can't drag this any longer. It'll be best to complete the goal and leave immediately.

If he could complete the mission and leave without raising the alarm, it would be the best result.

Also, he made a mental note of Destiny's Child.