The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 239

Chapter 239: Nerve Connection (2)

The central computer room was located at the core area of the headquarters. It stored a large amount of confidential information. Cyberlos had the necessary authority, so he turned off the defense measures and brought Han Xiao into the central computer room.

Rows of large hard drives were placed neatly like a bookshelf. Indicator lights flashed continuously, and at the end of the central computer room was the monitor and the controls. The room was simpler than the underground central computer room of Stardragon Division 13.

Cyberlos turned on the central computer, keyed in the password, then identified his fingerprint and scanned his retinas. There was actually a secret alarm measure in this step, where one set of passwords would activate the alarm in the event that a high-ranked official was threatened. However, Cyberlos did not plan to do such thing for the sake of his own safety.

He believed that Han Xiao could kill him easily before being caught, and he did not want to take the risk.

Thus, this alarm measure was useless to him.

Cyberlos was lawless and extremely daring when doing experiments, but when something concerned his life, he was a total coward.

"What do you want to see?" Cyberlos asked.

"Full map of the headquarters," Han Xiao said.

Cyberlos controlled the computer, and the construction map of the headquarters showed up on the screen.

Han Xiao took out Viper's helmet from his equipment bag, took a photo of the map, and stored it into the database to create a 3D model automatically. At the same time, he was also memorizing the map, quickly locating where Aurora was imprisoned.

Thinking about the Destiny's Child mentioned earlier, Han Xiao was a little tempted to see what that was about, but Cyberlos said that only the leader had the authority to open the gate toward the Destiny's Child. Thus, Han Xiao had to let go of that idea.

"Open your confidential intelligence database," Han Xiao said.

Cyberlos did as he was told. The secrets were laid out right in front of Han Xiao.

Gathering this intelligence was the other reason he had come to the Germinal Organization headquarters. He had changed the original storyline, so it was only natural that there would be secrets that he did not know. Furthermore, he had just been a player in his previous life, so he did not have information on things like experiment stats, deployment plans, and such.

Han Xiao saw the exoskeleton structure of the super soldiers, it did indeed use the technology from the light mechanical arm he once had left behind, they were basically just using his leftovers.

Han Xiao recorded all the intelligence, especially the detailed information regarding the Hand of Death system. Giving all this to the Six Nations could create incomparable advantages for them and eliminate the Germinal Organization's last resort. The more useful the intel he contributed, the more progress he would made in his mission.

That was not all.

The Six Nations and the Germinal Organization both had a part of the class advancement knowledgeopportunities like this did not come very often.

His target was indeed the class advancement knowledge!

Han Xiao always like to maximize his benefits. Saving Aurora was not his only goal; intel and class advancement knowledge were, too.

"Open the knowledge database," Han Xiao said.

Class advancement knowledge of Pugilist, Esper, and Mechanic showed up on the screen. Han Xiao let out a long exhale upon seeing that class knowledge. He was excited deep downhe could finally gain new class advancement knowledge after so many months.

The Mechanic class advancement knowledge the Germinal Organization had was [Nerves Connection] of the 'control' branch.


Mechanic class advancement knowledge detected: [Nerves Connection].

Spend 2 potential points to learn?




Learning in progress. Do not cancel.

5%. 43% 78%

Successfully learned! You have learned [Nerves Connection]!


Han Xiao closed his eyes and felt the new knowledge appeared in his mind.

Like the name suggested, [Nerves Connection] was an important technology related to biological machinery. By reading the nerve signal from a life form, machinery could be controlled with one's mind, increasing the reaction speed several levels. Having new advanced class knowledge meant that the number of possible knowledge combinations increased, and he could fuse many more blueprints. It was a direct benefit to him.

Finally, I have the second class advancement knowledge after the one from Stardragon about a year ago.

Han Xiao did not stop there. He also recorded the class advancement knowledges for Pugilist and Esper. Although he could not use them, he could sell them to the players in the future and profit a lot from it.

Controlling the source would give him a monopoly over the technology and attract the players. Furthermore, these were the core abilities for the players, so selling them would not be a problem.

When the level of the players was higher, they would start to need class advancement knowledge, and when they realized that they could buy from Han Xiao

Han Xiao started to worry if he could take that level of popularity.

Intel and knowledge, it was a lot of profit.

Cyberlos was watching from the side all the time. Suddenly, he felt a chill and asked while shivering, "You are you an Inhuman?"

Through their research, the organizations had realized that the Inhuman had the ability to learn things very quickly, and Han Xiao's actions earlier were a little suspicious, so Cyberlos suddenly thought of this possibility.

Han Xiao had an evil idea. He laughed and misleadingly said, "What do you think?"

Cyberlos suddenly felt a chill around his hands and feet.

The arch enemy of the organization was an undead Inhuman, then what was the point of opposing him?


What the hell!

Damn it!

"But you appeared much earlier than the Inhumans" Before Cyberlos finished his sentence, he became extremely shocked and looked at Han Xiao as if he was looking at a ghost.

Is Zero actually the first Inhuman Was the Inhuman phenomenon actually spread by Zero and his ability

Not bothering about Cyberlos, whose thoughts diverged further and further from the truth, Han Xiao checked the intelligence and made sure it was correct before asking, "Is there a self-destruction program in your central computer?"

"Who would be so stupid to set a self-destruction function in the headquarters? That's crazy" Cyberlos wiped away his sweat.

Viper completed the 3D map at that moment, so everything was ready. Han Xiao pulled Cyberlos up and yelled, "Turn off all the defense measures of area A-4. Freeze all the surveillance cameras."

Cyberlos did as he was told hastily, then it occurred to him Area A-4, isn't that where the little girl with the vital power ability is imprisoned?

"What do you want to do?"

"I want that little girl. Let's go." Han Xiao left the central computer room while pushing Cyberlos.

Cyberlos was stunned. He could understand why Han Xiao wanted the intel, but Aurora was the organization's top secret. Han Xiao had not looked into details of the intelligence he just received, so it was like he knew it all along.

Was the reason that Han Xiao chose him to be the hostage also because he knew that he would cooperate?

Cyberlos felt a chill up his spine.

The feeling of being completely exposed was a fear that deeply penetrated into his bones, devouring his mind.

Cyberlos was very good cover. They came to area A-4 without any problem. After walking past the twisted corridors, they finally came to the tunnel toward the prison Aurora was in. The defense measures had already been turned off.

The duo arrived at the gate, and the guards stopped them.

"Open the gate." Cyberlos tried to be as calm as possible.

"Cyberlos, I didn't receive any authorization," the guards said with confusion.

"Just the routine blood draw."

"But someone is already drawing the blood" the guards said hesitantly. However, when they saw that Cyberlos was losing his patience, they still opened the gate.

Walking into the room, Han Xiao finally saw Aurora. She was petite and skinny. Her skin was the kind of pale that had not been under the sun for years. She was locked in the room with glass walls, like an animal in a zoo.

The little girl was cowering in the corner and hugging her knees. She looked at the people in white coats outside with fear. These people were pushing a small trolley full of tools and preparing for the blood draw.

Aurora vividly remembered the pain of the blood draw, and it was going to happen again today. She bit her lips and hoped that the waiting could last forever. However, she knew that these people would enter the room sooner or later and insert a needle into her blood vessels and bones while she helplessly watched her life force turn into a red torrent and leave her body in a tube.

Aurora had fantasized that her older sister would save her from this fate, but she knew that was too much to ask. She did not want her sister to be in danger just to save her, so all she could do was look happy and optimistic in front of Hilaonly then would Hila not feel even worse and feel less stressed.

At this time, she saw the gate open once again. Two people walked in. Then she could only see a few white lights flashing before she saw the people in white coat and the guards fall onto the floor with blood spurting out from their bodies.

Aurora blinked with confusion. She stared blankly as the glass wall that stood between her and freedom was opened easily.

A ferocious looking weird uncle walked in and reached out toward her.

"I'm here to save you, follow me."

Aurora froze in place. She had fantasized and dreamed of this moment, but when freedom finally came, she was lost.