The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 247

Chapter 247: The Real Deal

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Han Xiao tore through the enemy formations like a hot knife through butter. There was a constant stream of clinking noises as the bullets that were shot at him got reflected by his high-level armor.

He kicked away a Germinal soldier, stole his machine gun, and opened fire at the others around him as the gun was surrounded by a faint blue light that greatly boosted its power and rate of fire. The barrage of shots was also triggering the effects of Lethal Shot one after another. Kill confirmation messages flooded through his interface as the Germinal soldiers fell in swaths.

The nearby troops quickly filled in the gaps and tried to surround Han Xiao. A dozen or so grenade-launchers were fired and drew parabolas across the battlefield toward Han Xiao.

Yet, before the shots even reached him, Han Xiao stepped to the side, leaped into the air, and took off with the reaction force from the blasts.


All kinds of tanks and artilleries fired at Han Xiao, and explosions roared through the night as the smell of gunpowder permeated the battlefield. It was as if a small-scale war was being waged against Germinal, but Han Xiao was their only opponent.

Viper’s upgrades along with his skills and talents made Han Xiao unstoppable as he ran straight through explosions. Not even the heavily armored vehicles were spared from his rampage. A few unlucky tanks got flattened to the ground after being run over by Han Xiao. It was a complete massacre, and soon, the Germinal forces were breaking apart.


Two attack helicopters rushed to the scene and immediately opened fire on Han Xiao, and a stream of high caliber bullets trailed after him. Han Xiao’s eye flashed, and in a split second, he calculated the helicopter’s speed and flight path with his helmet interface, retrieved the Ghost sniper rifle from his back, and took a shot. It was as if he did not even have to aim.

The electromagnetic projectile zoomed past the battlefield before it went clean through the helicopter and flew off into the night sky.

The pilot was killed instantly, and the helicopter spiraled out of control and crashed into the hillside below and tumbled down the hill with the centripetal force from the rotors. It kept on rolling until it eventually destroyed the fence in its way and tore through dozens of Germinal soldiers before crashing into and collapsing a defensive structure, causing dust to fill the air. The helicopter had cleared a bloody path through the swarms of soldiers.

One of the rotor blades broke off and flew through the air and landed right in front of a group of stunned players. They were already flabbergasted since the moment it was revealed the Han Xiao was Black Phantom.

The source of all these legendary achievements was the same person, so he was basically the main protagonist on their planet!

The players were all very familiar with Black Phantom since they heard about him pretty much every day. Now that the mystery of his identity had been revealed, the players were extremely excited, as if they had just discovered a new continent.

The quick ones immediately turned on the camera function and started streaming the event to the world.

“Wait a second, if he’s Black Phantom”

Some players finally realized the gravity of the situation and turned their attention to their reputation points on their interface. Instantly, they felt like a gust of north had just blew past them, freezing their excitement.

This can’t be real! A -30 reputation with Black Phantom? How long will it take to even reset it back to zero?

The Germinal players felt like their hearts were crushed.

We haven’t even enjoyed Black Phantom’s benefits, yet we just lost all our hope after waiting for so long!

The players present looked frozen ducks. All color drained from their faces.

Screw you Germinal. Give me back my youth!

When Han Xiao saw this, the corner of his mouth perked up.

This group of players was essential in his plan. They played the role of the ‘reporter’ and were responsible for spreading tonight’s events out far and wide. The big reveal of his double identity would surely rock the player community and become a hot topic for the time to come.

Currently, there were not very many NPCs that had made a deep impression on the players. So, making big news himself would be the best way of ensuring his spot in the community. Now that his popularity was sure to be on the rise, the benefits would also roll in one after another.

By showing of his capability at the Germinal headquarters, it would seem completely natural story-wise. There was not a better moment than this. His new legendary ranking was basically set in stone.

With Han Xiao loaded in his new gear, the mechanic’s strengths were on full display. He did not even need to keep his distance, and instead, he began a one-man massacre amid enemy forces.

Dragging this out will do more harm than good. Viper’s energy levels are going doing very fast. I need to clear out an area and find an escape vehicle,Han Xiao thought.

“Kill him!”

Suddenly, a powerful force approached as Kedor roared and led a group of executives straight for Han Xiao.

Han Xiao frowned, and the Field Repulsive Machine on his wrist began to store up energy. He raised his right fist, ready to attack at any moment, as energy waves started to pulse out of him.

The next second, as if pulling a trigger, Han Xiao released his fist and punched at the air in front of him.


A condensed wave of energy exploded out of his fist and crashed into the group approaching him like a tsunami. Like bowling pins, the executives were all knocked away. This attack was just like the Shockwave Blast used by Pugilists, and Kedor’s group was instantly broken out of formation.

Using this chance, Han Xiao locked onto the person with the strongest life force, Kedor, and rushed him. The disoriented Kedor did not even have time to dodge before he was tackled to the ground. Viper’s muscle fibers pulsed and bulged, and attacks with the Thermo-Electrical Incisor Gloves with +80 Strength landed on Kedor’s body one after another. Blood spurted out everywhere.

After a dozen or so hits, Kedor, with his face was full of blood, was furious. He released his energy and pushed Han Xiao high into the air.

Han Xiao pulled out the Ghost sniper rifle mid-flight and activated Burning Will.

The rifle’s muzzle that started to glow was giving Kedor all sorts of warning signals and made all his hair stand on end.


The shot dealt explosive damage and instantly emptied Kedor’s remaining health bar.

The shot left a faint trail of blue light in the air before it left a hole between Kedor’s eyebrows and a shocked expression on his face.


You have killed Kedor (LV 55). You have earned 142,000 experience.

You have earned 25 trial points.


Level 55 enemies actually drop so many trial points!Han Xiao was overjoyed.

For the half minute or so after eliminating the strongest Germinal member in the area, it was as if Han Xiao turned on his grass-cutter modehe just mowed through the rest of the enemy forces. Like a human bomb, he obliterated anyone who stood in his way. A C-class superhuman was enough to go against armies on their own.

Only by demonstrating overwhelming strength could he rise up in popularity and fame.

Han Xiao cleared out a large patch of ground, and it was as if there was a hole in the middle of the Germinal base.

He really went and rushed them!Hila was shocked, but she still did not forget Han Xiao’s instructions and followed behind, carrying Aurora.

After stealing and boarding an armored SUV. Han Xiao smashed his foot onto the gas, and trio drove off into the night after smashing past the roadblocks.

The players received mission failure notifications, yet no one care anymore. They were still trying to process the fact that Black Phantom was Zero.

The control room back in headquarters was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop. Everyone had witnessed the chaos from the screens. The leader’s chest rose and fell rapidly, and even though he was putting on a poker face, everyone present knew that he was enraged.

“I kept sending people to search for him. Yet, I never thought that he never tried to hide.” The leader felt a suffocating feeling and felt like he had been played like a fool.

His assistant to the side asked warily, “Do do we chase?”

“We chase. Summon back all the executives still out on the field, the organization’s strongest military force, and all the reserve forces. Lock down all areas and kill on sight. Short range missiles are authorized.”

At around the same time, the videos that were posted by the Germinal players were starting to cause waves on the forums.