The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 249

Chapter 249: Shocking the World (2)

The first idea that popped out was to engineer an anti-missile device, and he just so happened to know a basic blueprint for a pure defensive device, which was called expandable light fortress. It could suddenly form a golden shield that protected the target and blocked the explosion and shockwave.

There were a variety of blueprints for defensive machinery, and the most common one was the energy shield. However, knowledge on those shields required class advancement in energy studies, and this type of light fortress did not require a high level of skill. One only need the blueprint and some basic understanding to create the design in the blueprint, and the defensive durability would be dependent on the materials used.

But Han Xiao quickly dismissed the idea. There was no way he could create any complicated machinery without a lathe. The only thing he could do was modify and improve the vehicle by taking some parts out of the enemy's equipment. Creating a light fortress simply would take too much work.

After eliminating the option, Han Xiao had another idea.

Anti-missile defense We'll have to get professionals.

Right after Han Xiao escaped the headquarters, the Germinal Organization responded without any delay. Under the command of the leader, countless troops of the Germinal Organization started scouring the areas that they had control of. The air force and the ground troops were employed at the same time. The scale of this operation was similar to that of a proper battlefield.

An hour later, the Six Nations picked up the movement of the Germinal Organization. Without any intel, they had to prepare for possible attacks, so they increased their security and defense order to prevent any tactics of the Germinal Organization. Then, on the same night, the Six Nations conducted an emergency meeting to analyze the current battle and try to understand the reason behind the military movement of the Germinal Organization.

After half an hour of intense discussion, from the evidence that they had, they finally came to the conclusion that baffled their minds.

Who are they trying to hunt down

The Six Nations had already pushed their military right in front of the base of the Germinal Organization, and they still had the time to waste their resources to hunt down someone. That man had to be very special.

The situation was not ideal, and the Six Nations were still debating whether they should stop the Germinal Organization's operation. While the enemy of an enemy was often a friend, Raylen, Theseus, and Ordina opposed the idea of intervention in case it was a trap, and they suggested that the Six Nations should keep on following the original strategic plan to ensure a predictable battle.

While the commanders were discussing, Stardragon's commander suddenly received a message from Division 13. His face was shocked as he said, "Everyone please wait, my troops just received important information. The man who is being hunted down contacted my communication division. Please allow me to pass on his message to the main channel.

Everyone was surprised.

The monitor blinked, and Han Xiao's face started to surface. He used his original appearance, and the commanders quickly recognized that he was Zero, one of the most wanted man of the Germinal Organization. The man who kept on providing intel to the Six Nations appeared right in front of their eyes. The commanders around the table were shocked.

"Are you the one being hunted down by the Germinal Organization?"

"Why are you in the territory of the Germinal Organization?"

"I infiltrated the headquarters and retrieved key information from the mainframe of the system," Han Xiao replied. "All their information on their troops, strategies, and missile distribution are now in my hands. That's why the Germinal Organization are using everything they have to kill me. And now, I want to make a deal with you."

The commanders looked at each other. None of them had told Zero to steal intel on the Germinal Organization, but he did it anyway all by himself. How much hatred does Zero against the Germinal Organization? He probably wants to destroy them more than we do.

"Go on."

"Send out your troops, interfere with the enemy troops, and ensure my safety. Once I am safe, the intel will be yours."

Han Xiao prepared to use the intel as a bargaining chip for an exchange of the Six Nations assistance. The intel was originally going to be sent to the Six Nations, and now they would have to fight for this information.

In the beginning, Han Xiao's plan had been to steal the intel and get out without getting found out. However, Destiny's Child's foresight had allowed the leader to set ambush, which disrupted Han Xiao's plan. So, he could only adjust accordingly.

Han Xiao did not anticipate the appearance of Destiny's Child, but he was not frustrated since not everything would always go according to plan. He was not afraid of accidents as long as he could adapt to the new situations.

An officer said coldly, "You can't prove that you have the intel unless you tell us right now. If you do so, we will consider protecting you."

"This intel can burn the Germinal Organization down to the ground, and this is essential for victory of the battle," Han Xiao replied. "If you do not accept my terms, this intel will be buried with my dead body. No not only me, but all of your soldiers will die too. If the Germinal Organization admits defeat, they might trigger all their nuclear weapons and wipe out everyone. And then, you will question yourselfwhy didn't you simply accept my offer?"

The commanders were anxious as Han Xiao pointed out their main concern. They did not know the quantity or the location of the nuclear bombs that the Germinal Organization had. If they could get information on this matter, then they could send out all the agents, elites, and strong soldiers to eliminate this greatest threat.

"How can we trust you?"

"To show my gratitude, I just send out the first documents on the 'Hands of Death' system to Stardragon's troops. I used to work for Stardragon's communication agency, and Stardragon can testify."

Stardragon was pushed to the front of attention. Everyone looked over at Gu Hui, and Gu Hui looked dismal. With an annoyed expression, he nodded, which meant that it did happen.

"The Germinal Organization has a strong security system in place. Even our most elite agents could not infiltrate the headquarters. How did you get through?" another officer asked.

Han Xiao tapped his cheek, and his appearance slowly changed.

After looking at his face, the commanders of the Six Nation all stood up with chairs rolling away. Everyone froze.

This is the face of the Black Phantom!

"Are are you" Gu Hui, who almost fell, stammered with disbelief, "Black Phantom"

Han Xiao adjusted the image and showed the Viper next to his body. "Zero, Black Phantom, they are both identities of mine. You can call me Han Xiao."

Gu Hui's breath quickened. Division 13 did try to send people to track down Zero. The targets were all the homeless migrants as they thought that Zero could only hide around such groups of people. As it turned out, they had searched in the wrong direction. Han Xiao had never tried to hide, but instead, he had become the legendary killer in the Dark Net.

The commanders could not believe the truth. The Black Phantom was considered an extreme threat in most countries, and no one could find out his true identity. And now, he had just showed up as Zero, the most wanted traitor of the Germinal Organization.

The mask allowed its user to change appearances in an instant, which left the commanders in awe. They were just glad that Han Xiao was on their side.

Han Xiao took off his mask, and his face was calm. He stood straight and looked powerful. Han Xiao no longer needed to hide his true identity. Sooner or later, the Germinal Organization would spread this news, so Han Xiao might as well just reveal the secret by himself, and this would make it easier to get Legendary Points.

The meeting room was dead silent. No one was able to speak a word. After a while, the commanders finally started to accept the truth.

"We accept the deal. We will send our troops to face them head on. Natural Satellite security and anti-missile device will be activated, so there will be no way the Germinal Organization and land a missile on the ground. The escort troops might take a while. We do not have any permission in air, so the air force might not be able to directly escort you away from the battle. After we finish discussing, we will tell you the extraction point."

Han Xiao smiled. "Okay."

After he turned off the communication device, Han Xiao let out a long sigh. The negotiation was successful, and the troops of the Six Nations would push forward on the side and intervene with the Germinal troops. This was the biggest ally that Han Xiao could get.

At this point, there was no need for Han Xiao to wear his mask. The cool wind blew on his cheeks. He closed his eyes as if tasting the feeling of freedom.

He could finally take off his mask after wearing it for more than six months. There was no reason to hide anymore.

From that night onward, the world would know his true identity. He was Zero. He was Black Phantom.

Legendary Points would flood in like water after the organizations on Planet Aquamarine accepted this truth.

And now, what he had to do was break through the lock on the ground and meet up with the escort team of the Six Nations. For Han Xiao, this battle had already ended.

Hila looked back at the sleeping Aurora as her icy expression slowly melted.

"Since you've convinced the Six Nation, with their help, we are now in safe hands."

"Don't let your guard down. Even if we have allies, we have to make it until they can find us." Han Xiao did not think twice before killing Hila's enthusiasm.

The sky slowly brightened, and the long night came to an end.

The battle would begin after sunrise.

That very night, the true identity of Han Xiao spread like wildfire to the organizations all around the world.

Every organization was shocked.

The whole world was shocked.