The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 254

Chapter 254: Separation

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The night came, and two rays of light were moving around the plains. Han Xiao and his companions got away from the chase from the troops. The plains were quiet, and they could only hear the low humming sound of the exhausted engine.

“Pull over,” Han Xiao suddenly said.

Hila shook her head and disagreement. “We just got away from the troops. If we stop now, they will soon catch up.”

“We are heading into a trap. The path ahead has been closed off. There will be nowhere out.” Han Xiao shrugged.

Hila jumped. “What? How did you know?”

But she recalled hearing that Han Xiao could predict the future, so she took back her question. Both of them had forced their way out of the headquarters, and after the eventful and stressful days, she trusted Han Xiao with all her heart.

She stopped the jeep, and silence took over the scene.

“If the Germinal Organization has encircled the plains, they will for sure move inward and confine us in a smaller area. We now have two options. First, we fight our way through before they enclose their forces on us, or second, we wait for our opportunity.”

“If we drag this out for too long, our area for movement would be smaller, and our chance of surviving will be even slimmer,” Hila said hesitantly. “Will we have a chance if we break through the encirclement?”

“The trap they’ve set up this time is strong and secure. All the troops are close to each other, and there is no space or opportunity where we can sneak past them. Even if we head back the way we came, we still cannot escape.” Han Xiao shook his head—this was the analysis done by a player who had posted this information on the forums. [The Encirclement of the Plains] mission was the largest mission in the Germinal Organization, and it was a mission in the battle series, so more and more players came together.

“There is a chance that we can break through their trap, but the risk is too high, and we won’t be able to protect your sister. But what you said was right; waiting around is also bad for us.”

After Han Xiao analyzed the situation, Hila remained quiet and tried to think for a new method.

Even though Aurora could not understand what Han Xiao had said, she could tell that the atmosphere was serious and dense. She then grabbed Hila’s sleeve.

Hila’s serious face relaxed, and she patted Aurora on her head.

It was not the end. No matter how dangerous and challenging the circumstances were, she would never give up. When she had been the Germinal Organization, Hila was as cold as an iceberg. But after Han Xiao showed the hope that she could save her sister from imprisonment, he slowly chipped away at her cold personality and would occasionally show her care and kindness to others. Although, most of the time, she still wore an unemotional face.

Hila looked back and asked, “Do you have any idea?”

“I need to make a few calls.” Han Xiao had a plan slowly forming in his head.


The leader’s computer received a call. When he saw the notification, his pupils suddenly contracted. It was Zero.

Why is he calling me?

The leader was shocked and shouted at his assistant, “Track his location now!”

The assistant quickly called for communication technicians to track the communication system.

The leader then accepted the call. Han Xiao’s face appeared on the screen, and the leader showed a murderous intent in his eyes. Han Xiao also did not talk, and they stared at each other for a while. Even though they were looking through a screen, they could feel the intense hostility from each other.

After a while, Han Xiao started the conversation. “Long time no see.”

“Isn’t it too late for you to beg for mercy?” the leader replied coolly. He could tell that Han Xiao already knew that he was trapped in the encirclement and could not find a way to escape. That was why Han Xiao directly called his mortal enemy to try some petty trick.

From his understanding, there was nothing for them to talk about. The leader was the one in a better position, and Han Xiao was just a stray dog that he could catch whenever he wanted.

“Do you still remember our little secret, when I said I will destroy your organization?” Han Xiao asked in a slow, clear voice. “You were so arrogant, and I was never in your eyes. And now, I’ve single-handedly push your organization to the brink of destruction, and you can’t ignore me anymore. Now, you spend all your energy and resources trying to kill me. Don’t you regret it? Why don’t you try to persuade me with your little fancy ideology? Then, maybe, I will listen you and turn myself in.”

The leader took a deep breath as what Han Xiao had said stabbed right at his heart. The only thing that the leader wanted to do was punch Han Xiao right in the face. The Germinal Organization’s ideology was to overthrow the Six Nations, and the leader’s ultimate enemies were the regime and the country. Yet, all his ambition had been burned down by a mere traitor. The leader could not let go of this crying shame. “Save your breath. I know you can tell the situation you are in, and now you’ve decided to call and try some petty tricks, right?”

“Do you think you can stop me with only those few troops?”

The leader laughed in his heart. Han Xiao did realize that he was being surrounded. So, he believed that Han Xiao was just trying to act tough.

“With the power of predicting the future, you have been fooling us, but this time, your power won’t save you anymore.” The leader snorted. “When you have nowhere to run, I wonder if you will smile like you are now.”

The leader noticed the assistant on the side, hinting that the communication channel was secure, so there was no way to locate the precise location.

If that was the case, there was no need to waste time talking to Han Xiao.

Just as the leader decided to hang up the call, Han Xiao suddenly said, “So, why do you only send your men to kill me? Are you too scared to face me in person?”

The leader shivered and showed a wry smile. “You don’t want to live anymore, do you?”

“Still arrogant, aren’t you?” Han Xiao laughed. “Well, you only look powerful on the surface, but deep down in your heart, you are a coward, and you will never face me by yourself.”

“Want to fight with me, huh? You’ll die before you get a chance to see my face again.” The leader snorted and hung up the call.

“I didn’t get anything useful.” Han Xiao turned off the tablet computer and let out a sigh.

Other than trying to scout the intention of the leader, he also communicated with the Six Nations’ escort team.

The good news was that the backup from the Six Nation had arrived on the east side of the plains. They had infiltrated the defense line of the Germinal Organization without being detected. They would arrive at the encirclement by the next day to provide combat support for Han Xiao.

Han Xiao suddenly regained confidence and scheduled a time to meet up. With the reinforcements as the ace up his sleeve, the operation became much safer.

Even if he and Hila failed to escape the encirclement, at least they would receive support. So, it would not be a waste of time and resources.

The reinforcements consisted of superhumans who were the best of the best in the Six Nations. One could not underestimate their capabilities.

“We will start the operation tomorrow afternoon, but we cannot bring your sister along with us. We won’t have the energy and awareness to protect her safety. If we can hide her in the encirclement, we can fight without worrying about Aurora,” Han Xiao said.

Surprisingly, Hila agreed. Bringing Aurora along would only increase unnecessary risk, and the encirclement could actually be a temporary safe space without any battles.

If they could break through the encirclement, then they could attract all the attention.

Of course, they had to find a way to bring Aurora back, and it would pose a lot of trouble in the future, but under these circumstances, Aurora would only hold them back, and this was the best option they could go for.

“Sister, am I to stay here?” Aurora looked up and her big eyes looking at Hila.

“We are only leaving you for a moment. This is safer for you.” Even though it hurt Hila to leave Aurora alone, she knew that this was the only way to keep her safe.

Aurora looked down and covered her eyes. “I’ll do what you say.”

“I’m sorry.” Hila felt a needle pierce through her heart, and she pulled Aurora into her hug.

After searching for a while, they found a natural cave. Han Xiao dug out the dirt to create a bigger space and fortified the structure. Then he covered the cave with camouflaged material and closed off the entrance to the cave, leaving eighty percent of the food and resources with Aurora.