The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 257

Chapter 257: Breaking Out (2)

Viper worn by him was the true Black Phantom!

The drastic change in their opponent's strength caused the Germinal forces to sink into temporary chaos. Han Xiao took this chance and jumped onto the car, and Hila immediately stepped on the gas and took off. The car was like an unleashed bull, and it just slammed its way out of the encirclement.

The Germinal soldiers were still wary of their leader's orders and tried to give chase. However, Han Xiao had already armed the car with long range weaponry, and they were able to shoot off all the pursuers.

As most of the vehicles had been blown up by his explosives, there were only a few who managed to give chase while the rest were all soon left behind.

The journey ahead was smooth, and this raised Hila's spirits despite her fatigue.

"We made it out!"

The moment Han Xiao heard that sentence, he knew that something was up.

Just as he thought, just as Hila finished the sentence, three black hawk helicopters appeared on the horizon and made a beeline for them.

"This is Germinal's instant response taskforce!" Hila's expression became grave. "Thankfully, there are only three of the helicopters. With their limited firepower, we can get close enough for me to take care of the pilots directly with my powers!"


Viper's built in radar suddenly sounded an alarm as it picked up five extremely strong life signals in the helicopters. These individuals were all well over LV 50 and were Germinal's strongest military force. All three of these helicopters were built to carry combat personnel, and now that they were being chased by the five similarly high-level people, there was no way that they were going to escape easily. Han Xiao suddenly felt depressed.

"Is something wrong with you? Please stop speaking already! Do you want to die that bad‽" Han Xiao shouted toward Hila, then without a single delay, pulled out his Ghost sniper rifle and took a shot at the closest helicopter.

A ray of faint blue accompanied the bullet as it shot out of the barrel and drew a line in the sky like a horizontal streak of lightning!

However, the always trusty sniper rifle did not find its mark this time!

The charged bullet was stopped short in front of the helicopter as if an invisible hand had grabbed it midair.

Force-field type. At least LV 50! Han Xiao's heart dropped as he knew that things were not looking good.

A middle-aged female soldier in combat uniform then poked her head out from one of the helicopters. Han Xiao zoomed using Viper's interface and saw that she had average looks, a nasty scar that cut through her lips, and short hair. She raised her hand and pointed it at the car on the ground.

Han Xiao then felt the car shake.

No, that was not right. It was the ground that was shaking!

The ground within fifty meters of the car started to vibrate as if waves on the ocean, and suddenly, a large chunk of ground rose up in front of the car, forming a ramp. Hila was not able to avoid it in time and drove right on top of it. The mini platform was too narrow for the car's wheels, and so the car was stuck upside-down as the wheels slowly stopped spinning. The two people in the car almost flew out from the sudden stop.

At the same time, the helicopters did a fly-by and released their missiles toward the stranded vehicle.

Han Xiao and Hila hurriedly abandoned the car.


Both the armored car and the surrounding rocks were blown to smithereens. Metal parts and dirt flew out in all directions.

Five people jumped down from the helicopters—the senior executives!

They instantly rushed toward the duo. Each of the five had a drastically different appearance, but all of them gave off an intense pressure.

Han Xiao and Hila went prone on the ground have just dodged the explosions, and Hila's eardrums were still ringing because of it. She struggled to get back up, glanced toward the five executives, and said through gritted teeth, "I can't believe that Germinal has sent them. They're the top fighting force in in the organization, and except for extremely urgent missions, not even one of them even show up. This time, all five came to stop us. We're in big trouble. There are two Espers, 'Soul Shield' Jeross and 'Earth Hand' Ingris. The three other pugilists…"

"Shut up and start running!"

Without waiting for her to finish, Han Xiao took off in the opposite direction while firing back at the executives. However, all the bullets were all stopped short by the force field executive.

Hila followed behind. Although she had a pair of long legs, she was still no match for Han Xiao's Electromagnetic Hover-boots. As he could not just leave her behind either, Han Xiao grabbed Hila's hand, increased the shoe's output, and dragged her across the landscape.

Helping Hila meant that he could not fire back at the executives as much, but since it was still able to slightly delay the executives, it was more than enough for Han Xiao.

"We have backup ahead. Just hold out for a bit longer and wait for their help," Han Xiao said with a low voice.

Although the enemy reinforcements would also soon arrive if they were to stall for too long, it was their only option as they had already lost their car and could no longer shake off the pursuers.

Hila turned her body and shot an arc of dark-red energy toward the executives, but doing this caused her to start coughing. Her condition was not looking good. If it was not for the dire situation, Han Xiao would have already tried to make fun of her.

"Leave me behind." Hila, with a blank expression on her face, suddenly spoke. "You have the suit and can surely outrun enemy transportation. Just escape without me. I'm only a burden to you at this point."

Han Xiao frowned and was enraged by what she had said. "Don't you give me that self-sacrificing bullsh*t. How long do you think you can even hold them back? Ten seconds? Twenty? What's the point‽ If you dare let go of my hand right now to stay back to fight, I won't even bother taking care of your sister after you've died!"

"You!" Hila got angry, too. Just then, she had started to loosen her grip on Han Xiao's hand. However, just when she had made up her mind to stay behind and buy time for Han Xiao, he had stopped her with her only weakness—her sister. Hila was troubled. Although she was trying to sacrifice herself for the sake of her sister, Han Xiao was actually threatening her with Aurora. "Do you not understand the situation? If you just leave me behind, your chance of escaping will rise above seventy percent. What're you not satisfied with‽"

"I don't need you to teach me that. Let me tell you something, you aren't worth that much. If things do get to that point, then I will leave you behind without a second thought. So, shut up and just follow me! I don't need no favors from you," Han Xiao replied without even turning his head.

Hila was dumbfounded. She gave a meaningful gaze to Han Xiao's back, and just let herself be dragged along without saying another word while occasionally shooting waves of red energy toward their pursuers.

The five senior executives were slightly faster than them and were able to catch up with the duo after a three-minute chase. Now that there was no point in running, Han Xiao turned back to fight. His Magnetic Chain Split Blades drew arcs in the air, his Thermo-Electrical Incisor Gloves gave out hissing sounds as it reached an extremely high temperature, and his Ghost sniper rifle shot out round after round. Han Xiao made no reserves.

The fierce battle between this group of high level superhumans destroyed the surroundings. Jeross' force field power was used to blast out constant cannon-like shockwaves that left craters on the ground. With him also supporting the other executives with defensive type forcefields, Han Xiao had a hard time trying to deal damage. Ingris formed the earth into numerous dragons that brutally clashed into Han Xiao and Hila, forming even more holes on the ground. The three pugilists fought as their fists were imbued with unspeakable strength, and their bodies were aflame with energy. The shockwaves from their punches were capable of doing massive damage.

Hila tried her best to muster her dwindling strength to cooperate with Han Xiao. Her unique Esper ability allowed her to directly attack her opponents' minds. Although she was not that powerful yet, with how tricky her powers were and her experience in combat, she was able to work with Han Xiao seamlessly and significantly lessened the pressure on him.

None of the five senior executives were mechanics. Up till this point, mechanics were among the rarest among the people with high levels due to the class's unimpressive early game attributes. Han Xiao was basically the strongest mechanic on the planet.

Fighting five people who were all approaching LV 60 simultaneously was taxing even for Han Xiao. The five worked together perfectly, and Han Xiao could barely go even with them, much less actually defeat them. Jeross' force field abilities were like a natural counter to Han Xiao, and he could not get anywhere with his attacks.

In the middle of the fight, Han Xiao caught a glimpse of the Germinal forces that he had previously left behind. However, there were even more Black Hawks flying over from the horizon.

It was like a huge net that was slowly closing in on Han Xiao and Hila.

The enemy reinforcements were here!