The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 258

Chapter 258: Breaking out (3)

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On the horizon, the reinforcements from the Germinal Organization quickly approached and surrounded Han Xiao. The situation turned south as a number of military helicopters hovered around the battlefield. The longer the fight dragged on, the more enemies would show up. Han Xiao had to fight while diverting his focus to look for any signals of the Six Nations reinforcement. His anxiety grew every second he waited for the signal.

Bang bang bang!

Han Xiao took three hits from the attacks from the pugilists, and bursts of energy exploded on Han Xiao suit. The platinum alloy armor started to show some dents and cracks. The energy of a pugilist had an armor penetration buff, but Han Xiao’s armor level was on par with that of a boss. If Han Xiao was a pugilist on the same level, under the continuous heavy attacks, he would have at least received some light injuries. However, Han Xiao acted like nothing had happened, and his movement was as agile as before.

The five senior executive officers’ jaws dropped as Han Xiao handled their attacks with ease. They thought that they could take Han Xiao’s life if it was a five versus one, and yet the battle was still in a stalemate.

“Even if we are on the same level, Han Xiao is too strong.”

Han Xiao fired back and pulled out compounded magnetic chain split blades with the skill [Revolving Slashes]. However, Han Xiao maneuvered the skill into [Blade Hurricane], as if a hedgehog protecting himself with the spikes. The pugilist would only inflict damage on himself as he punched Han Xiao.

The battle information flooded Han Xiao as the battle went on. He quickly observed the situation and thought, Ingris’ Esper power that can control earth and mud poses the most trouble to me even though it does not inflict much damage. Her health is the lowest out of everyone else, so I can use that as the opportunity to break the encirclement. If I use the Flaming Will and get a critical hit, he will at least be out of the fight. However, it will be hard to get rid of Jeross’ forcefield to attack him.

He contacted Hila using the earpieces and asked, “Do you have skills that are lethal? Only your power can get through the forcefield without much effect. I just need you to stop Jeross from using his Esper power for a second, just one second!”

“Give me two seconds,” Hila replied and stood still. Her body slowly sent out a dark red light, and she trusted Han Xiao to provide the two-second opening.

The five officers instantly noticed the action of Hila. They knew that Hila had been a powerful soldier in the Germinal Organization until recently, so even though they did not know what she was doing, they quickly switched target and threw attacks toward Hila.

Han Xiao jumped in front of Hila without hesitation. He reached out one arm, created the repulsive field, and blocked off the hail of bullets and two pugilists, and then he blocked the rest of the attacks with his mechanical suit.

After two seconds, Hila’s eyes looked like two dark red suns, she pointed her arm toward Ingris, ready to fire. Jeross quickly reacted and created an invisible force field around Ingris.

The next second, with Hila still pointing her arm toward Ingris, a red visible storm was sweeping toward Jeross, and he took a direct hit!

Jeross did not expected this. Blood shoot through his nose as he blacked out while falling on his back.

The psychic attack that Hila had released had never been directed with her hand. She could easily attack in whichever direction she wanted. Moreover, Hila’s fighting sense was sharp, and seeing that everyone was focusing on protecting Ingris, she tricked Jeross by reaching her hand out toward Ingris and inflicted great damage onto Jeross.

Now’s my chance!

Han Xiao used Moving Snipe and got away from the pugilists. With the Ghost sniper rifle in his hand, he fired a shot at Ingris while activating all his buffs.


You used [Flaming Will]. The attack damage is amplified by 512%.


At this moment, Han Xiao almost cried.

Oh, the lord has answered my prayers! I’ve had this skill for almost a year, and this is the first time I’ve gotten the maximum critical damage!


A thin and straight pierce right through three walls and shield Ingris tried to create, and her chest exploded with blood like a rose blossom.


From your skill [Lethal Critical Hits], damage increased by 250%.

[Lethal Shot] activated, the damage is turned into true damage!

You dealt 4,346 points of critical damage!

You’ve killed Ingris (LV 58). You’ve gained 175,000 experience.

You’ve gained 32 Trial Points.


“Holy sh*t, that damage!” Han Xiao shouted with surprise!

From LV 60 onward, one-shotting an enemy on the same level was much more difficult when Han Xiao was at lower level. If he had not seen it with his own eyes, Han Xiao never would have believed that his explosive power was that strong.

All his abilities and skills made his buff higher than anyone had expected, including the preposterous skill [Flaming Will] that he had learned from Bennett. This was the first time that his own damage had scared Han Xiao himself.

Ingris collapsed and did not make a sound.

The remaining four people was stunned, and everyone’s face turned green.

They had never heard of someone who could one-shot a superhuman at this level. After witnessing the death of Ingris, fear that they had never felt before quickly swallowed their hearts.

Han Xiao pressed on while their morale was low. However, the helicopters and tanks suddenly fired at Han Xiao, providing support for the executive officers.

Bullets and bombs exploded right where Han Xiao was standing as dust and smoke filled the air. Han Xiao tried to dodge the bullets, but an armor penetrating tank shell directly hit Han Xiao, and his body flew back under the impact and rolled on the ground. The side of the suit was smoking and shattered. The durability of the suit dropped a few hundred points after that hit, and the microchip system was temporarily unresponsive.

After taking a direct hit from a powerful shell, even a Class-C superhuman would suffer injury, while a Class-D superhuman would be in a critical condition. If one were a Class-E superhuman, one’s body would be shattered into pieces, and there’s no need to talk about average human being.

Han Xiao’s enemies were not only the five senior executive officers in front of him but also the entire fleet backing them up!

“God damn it…” Han Xiao struggled to get up. Suddenly, he felt strangled around his arms and legs. Jeross snared and limited his movement. Han Xiao suddenly felt a cold shiver through her spine. He was in danger!

The three pugilist executive officers charged toward Han Xiao, and their energy was at its peak. Because of their fear of death, they used all their hidden potential and power to defeat Han Xiao.

Hila stood in front of the three officers, and her enemy blew her hair up. She bit her tongue and forcefully released the Necromastery shock blast. However, all pugilists had strong endurance, and they easily blocked off the mental shock of Hila’s power. The fists and kicks covered in energy quickly landed on Hila’s body. The sound of cracking bone pierced through Han Xiao’s ears as if it was a firecracker.

Without any delay, a dense forcefield in the shape of a spear pierced through Hila’s stomach and left a bloody wound that was as large as two fists—her organs were all destroyed.

The impact of the force field made Hila fly away a dozen meters and land on the ground. Her hair was scattered like flower blossom, covered in a pool of reddish blood.

In Han Xiao’s mind, there was no way for a LV 40 Esper to survive under that attack.

“One down, one more to go!” Jeross said with his deadly eyes.

The dark blue force exploded, and Han Xiao got away from the force field. He quickly ran next to Hila and checked her condition. After a single touch, he knew that Hila’s arms, ribs, and spine were shattered to dust. A huge hole was in the middle of the body, and all her organs were mashed together like jam.

Han Xiao took out Adrenaline and stabbed it into Hila, but as he looked at her body, Hila’s kidneys also turned into mush.

Hila closed her eyes and stopped breathing.

“Hey, you’re not just gonna die, right‽” Han Xiao could not react. Hila was going to be a superhuman capable of planetary destruction and single handedly wiping out starship fleet. How could a huge talent die here without making history?

Or did he take the battle too far?

As more and more enemies showed up, Han Xiao frowned.

During a battle, rage could never overtake his mind. He would never get overheated since he knew that he did not have that kind of personality. He quickly analyzed the situations on the battlefield, and the best option was to run away by himself.

Han Xiao glanced at the corpse of Hila, and his face froze.

Hesitation only leads to trouble…