The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 261

Chapter 261: Evolution

The shockwave created by the clashes blew sands up drifting in the sky. After the view cleared, the battle ring sank down in the ground and formed a perfect bowl shape. Bennett's critical hit that quintupled the normal damage. However, none of them got any advantage after that exchange!

The two men danced with their punches and kicks that no one could follow, as if it was a violent battle between a snow-white dragon and a violet python, biting and tearing each other. Everyone backed off, Germinal and Six Nations alike, afraid that they would be sucked and torn in the battle.

What the hell! These two are wild beasts. Han Xiao could not take his eyes off the fight. Both of them were Pugilists with all sorts of ability and skills, making their energy as dense as concrete. Each of them followed different disciplines of the Pugilist class. Bennett was tactical as his power was an accumulation battle experience. Every move had a purpose and was used at the perfect time.

On the other hand, the leader's style was savage, barbaric, and unpredictable, just like the color of his energy.

The two beasts were clearly stronger than other high-level superhumans. With multiple special Molding Abilities and high attributes compared to the characters on the same level, they were both boss-level superhumans.

No wonder they are the stars of this planet. Han Xiao's eyes suddenly widened. Bennett just used Flaming Will and increased his damage by five times; the leader must have a skill that is as strong as Flaming Will to block the damage.

Remembering the reward of the mission [The Traitor's Ambush], Han Xiao was excited. He knew that a lot of hidden missions could give out powerful skill and abilities, and this mission was simple and straightforward. As long as they won the fight, he would have the chance to get a luxurious reward without spending too much time and thought.

Han Xiao and his teammates were fighting off the enemy on the side, and he was calculating the difference between him and the leader. In the end, Han Xiao concluded that the discrepancies between their power were too high. First of all, Han Xiao had already been in many battles, and he was not in his best form. With only Viper left, Han Xiao did not have enough equipment and weapons to survive a head-on fight against the leader.

With the number of weapons I have, I can at most get an even trade between me and the leader even if I perform well. Bennett will not allow me to do that… Han Xiao sighed. Then if I try to help Bennett and get in a two versus one situation, I can't surpass Bennett's damage. Bennett also has Flaming Will, and the damage is more disgusting than mine…

Han Xiao thought for a second and decided that the current situation was the best position that could be. If he let Bennett and the leader continue to fight each other, even though their fight was intense, they were not losing much health since both of them could parry or block each other's damage. It would take time to find out who the victor of the battle was, and no one on either side had the intention of intervening with this battle between Bennett and the leader.

"At the end of the day, legends are still legends. The leader is stronger than any one of us here, and only Bennett can stop him. There's no way we can help Bennett in that battle." Tang Tang talked through the earpiece as he controlled the battlefield with the sandstorm.

Bennett was the strongest man in the era, and no one could deny the fact, even if they were arrogant and prideful on their own abilities.

"This is a war of attrition. We are in a stalemate right now, and the most powerful fighters are fighting each other. The outcome of this battle will change the course of the war," Fazzad said as he released an energy shield, and everyone else agreed in silence.

Han Xiao heard the words and suddenly realized that this was the best change for him to finish the other mission. If the current battle is a stalemate, then it means that they are squeezing time for me to finish [The Ultimate Trial]! As long as I get a class advancement, I will have the power to take down the leader!

With so many helpers around and even more enemies, this was the perfect chance to earn Trial Points!

Moreover, Han Xiao had found the right way to handle the battle. The bonus Trial Points were calculated after one went out of combat. From previous experience and calculation, Han Xiao could estimate the amount of bonus Trial Points he would get by looking at the number of enemies and allies. Then if he got a chance to go out of combat after killing sufficient enemies, he could reach the two-thousand-point mark with the bonus Trial Points!

The main mission was to defeat the leader and break out of the encirclement, yet it was not in conflict with finishing [The Ultimate Trial]. Han Xiao took the opportunity and executed his plan.

The battle was intense, and Han Xiao's allies suppressed the Germinal Organization with their higher battle power. There were often executive officers that would get injured, and through the battle information on the interface, Han Xiao spotted the executive officers that were low on health and get the last hits on those enemies, even stealing kills from his own teammate at times. Earning Trial Points had never been so easy before, and the rate quickly stacked up.

If there were players witnessing this scene, they could tell that Han Xiao was just last hitting all the kills with only one eye open. However, the teammates were not players. Seeing that Han Xiao was only shooting some bullets on the side, they thought that Han Xiao was exhausted and in a bad shape.

They originally thought that that Han Xiao was a powerful assistant, but it turned out that he had no place to be there. The reinforcements felt like they were babysitting Han Xiao. Diana, whose temper was as explosive as her Esper power, shouted at Han Xiao, "Hey, Black Phantom, you are not doing anything here. Just leave the superhumans to us and go fight off the normal troops."

If Black Phantom was in poor condition, the obvious solution was to let Han Xiao handle the minions. Diana's suggestion seemed fine in front of everyone's eyes, but Han Xiao ignored her command and continued his mission.

Everyone's face switched. Their role in the battle suddenly changed from that statement. If Han Xiao disobeyed the commands, did that mean that he wanted to see the others fight with everything they had just to protect him?

We should be teammates and stand side by side to fight the battle. Moreover, we are your reinforcements, yet you act like this is a game…

All the team seemed annoyed at Han Xiao, and Diana was about to reproach Han Xiao before she was interrupted by an enemy's attack. She grumbled in her heart, He was a traitor of the Germinal Organization to begin with. All he knows is to run around and hide, setting things up in the dark to trigger the war. He indeed is a slippery and treacherous man.

At the same time, Han Xiao could not explain anything. He had to kill superhumans to get Trail Points, and this was the only change to turn the tide of the battle. To fight off minions was just a waste of talent, yet his allies did not know what he was happening. So, he could only remain silent, focus on his mission, and take all the complaints that his teammates had.

The war slowly approached the most heated stage. Time slowly became vague in the intense battle, and additional reinforcements arrived at the stage. Jaross and the other three executive officers joined the team fight, and Han Xiao and his team felt a sudden increase in pressure from the enemy. They tried to break through the encirclement, yet the enemy's disgusting tactics denied them to chance do so. In the end, his team was trapped in the fishnet. However, the Germinal Organization also had to sacrifice uncountable soldiers and weapons to keep holding them back. Corpses and metal scraps were lying on the sand, slowly being covered up as wind and sand blew by.

Although the enemy troops could not deal a devastating blow to the superhumans to win the war, their firepower was as annoying as a flying bug, slowly chips away at the stamina and energy of the superhumans. Water droplets could wear away stone; many a little makes a mickle. In the end, injuries started to surface on Han Xiao's allies, and everyone soon felt worn out.

Tang Tang and a summoner Esper were the target of the enemy. One had the power to control sandstorms, while the other could summon desert bugs and beasts—both of them were excellent at providing crowd control to the battle. The Germinal Organization's executive officers successfully separated the summoner out of the team. They broke through Fazzad's energy shield and took him down with a round of focus fire. The summoner had broken limbs, and blood spilled everywhere. The beasts who were no longer under control quickly ran away from the battle.

Everyone was alarmed. Once fatal injuries and deaths started to occur, it meant that the momentum of the battle slowly shifted to the other side. It was extremely likely for the enemy to snowball the lead.

Han Xiao quickly calculated his Trial Points in his heart.

At first there was around fifty executive officers, and an additional twenty showed up. I've killed around thirty people, and from the difference between our force and their force, I just need another twenty Trial Points along with the bonus I gain once I get out of combat to reach the two thousands mark!

At the same time, Tang Tang, who was right beside him, got hit by a force field attack from Jeross. Tang Tang kneeled down and pressed his chest. All the other executive officers charged toward him and attacked.

Seeing the deadly energy that would soon consume Tang Tang, Han Xiao used his field repulsion to push away Tang Tang, and the attacks flew past his shoulder.

Tang Tang escaped from the death as he shivered out of fear. He quickly turned around and thanked Han Xiao. "Thank you for saving me."

Han Xiao nodded and looked around to find any other target. Suddenly, he saw the man wearing full plate armor with a large mechanical hammer in his hand, charging toward a pugilist like a rhino and swashing the hammer onto his head. At the same time, the executive officer returned some punches and shattered his chest armor. Both of them fell down and spat out blood at the same time.


Han Xiao's calm heart was suddenly excited. He instantly sniped the pugilist with [Flaming Will] and ended his life.


You dealt 964 damage to Tayron (LV 54).

You have slain Tayron. You gained 136,000 experience.

You received 23 Trial Points.


I finally got it! Han Xiao tried to suppress his thrill and use all the energy on to the Electromagnetic Hover-boots and the mini maneuvering equipment. Without a second thought, he ran toward where the enemies were coming from, which was actually the weakest and safest area, without looking back.

No one would expect one would go toward the enemy reinforcements, which was why it was the most defenseless area.

Han Xiao quickly left his teammates and instantly got out of combat.

Everyone was stunned!

"Is he trying to escape by himself while leaving us to fight off the enemies?" Diana raged.

The leader was still being tied down by Bennett and could not get away from the fight. Seeing that his prey was getting away, he was pissed and shouted, "Chase after him!"

Jaross led some troops and chased after Han Xiao, and the pressure on the Six Nations' superhuman lessened.

"Wait, maybe he is trying to divert the enemy's forces and create an opening," Tang Tang said quietly. "But if this fails, this will be the end of us. This is too reckless… he should have discussed with us beforehand."

After getting away from the battlefield, the enemies were still close behind Han Xiao. Han Xiao was zooming forward like lighting while counting down the time before his status was out of combat. After running away for five minutes, he saw another wave of reinforcements in front.

He was trapped, and there was no escape.

But Han Xiao smiled with his mouth wide open. The time wasted while he was escaping finally got him out of combat status, and the interface updated the bonus Trial Points that he had earned.


[The Ultimate Trial]: Progress 2000/2000

LV 60 Ranked class advancement mission! END increase, 1 END = 30 Health = 40 Stamina]

You obtained new life form evolution. Detected race: [Human/Carbon-based (Yellow)].

Proceeding to random evolution path… Complete.

Please choose one of the five options as your evolution species. Warning! The action cannot be reverted. Please choose carefully! [Appendix - Evolvement Path Guide]

- [Yete] - 78% Compatibility

- [Manu Giants] - 64% Compatibility

- [Magicka] - 81% Compatibility

- [Type-i Space Humans] - 97% Compatibility

- [Elementary Energized Life] - 31% Compatibility

Choice received… Proceeding… Evolution complete.

You gained a Race Specialty, [Adaptive Herd].

You learned a skill, [Machinery: Last Stance].