The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 267

Chapter 267: Exposed Intel, Turning Point of The War

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It was dark and damp.

The rotten smell filled the air. The dark and cold air pierced into the bones.

In a pitch-black cave, a petite person cowered and shivered.

Aurora carefully tore open a bag of military use biscuits slowly, stopping after every bit of tearing, worried that the sound might attract enemies. After opening the packaging, she took small bites on the hard biscuits and took her time finishing them.

These sounds actually would not get out of the cave, but she kept Han Xiao’s reminder in mind and did not dare to make any noise.

This is already the thirteenth meal, Aurora thought.

The passing of time could not be felt in the cave. She ate as soon as she was hungry and calculated the time based on the number of meals she had.

A pair of bright eyes hid in the shadow, always looking toward the cave entrance.

In the cave, there was only a pile of resources, the sound of breathing and her beating heart, and the wait in complete darkness.

A few days later, in the front lines of Stardragon camp on the South Battlefield of Andrea.

The convoy stopped inside the camp, and people waited in boredom.

Diana played with the fire sparks between her fingers for a while, then asked impatiently, “We have waited for twenty-two hours, how much longer are we going to wait?”

“Be patient. Probably not much longer,” Han Xiao said with a cigarette in his mouth.

After breaking through the leader’s ambush, they went smoothly through the Germinal Organization’s territory and came to the Six Nations’ territory. Their original destination had been a temporary base on the southern battlefield, but Han Xiao had suddenly requested to stop at this place, saying that he had to wait for someone.

Since they were already safe, the people of the Six Nations did not have any objections. They did not leave because they had a mission, which was to monitor Han Xiao and give the intel to the Six Nations. Since it was a very important matter, the Six Nations had to make sure of it.

At the side, Hila walked back and forth anxiously, continuously glancing at the entrance of the camp.

The soldiers passing by looked at them with admiration. They usually did not have the chance to see so many high ranked people.

Suddenly, there was a commotion at the entrance of the camp.

Hila stopped in place and looked over nervously.

The guards opened the gate, and man in a hoodie held the hand of a little girl and walked in slowly. The face of the little girl was pale and filled with curiosity. She looked left and right, and when she saw Hila, she could not take her eyes away.

It was Dion and Aurora.

Hila walked forward with wide strides, hugged Aurora tightly in her arms, and only let go when Aurora almost could not catch her breath. She squatted down, touched Aurora’s face, and looked at her carefully. Seeing that Aurora was unhurt, she felt relieved immediately. Then she looked at Aurora’s pale face and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, I will never leave you again.”

Aurora wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and smiled brightly.

The smile seemed to have lit up the entire world.

“I knew you would come to fetch me.”

Seeing that her younger sister was safe, Hila was so relieved that she suddenly felt that the wind was so gentle and the sunlight was so warm.

It was the feeling of freedom.

At the other side, Dion looked for Han Xiao and said, “I didn’t disappoint.”

Dion’s invisibility ability was most suitable for sneaking into all sorts of dangerous places. He had found Aurora with the coordinates that Han Xiao had given and brought her out. Ever since the ambush for Han Xiao failed, the alert level of the Germinal Organization had dropped tremendously, so they had escaped safely.

“Thanks.” Han Xiao nodded and smiled. “Sorry to let you take the risk, I owe you one for this.”

“Don’t have to. You saved me once—count this as my payback. It was not a big deal.” Dion waved his hands. “Compared to you infiltrating the Germinal Organization’s headquarters, this is not considered a risk at all.”

Han Xiao chatted for a while and started to get down to business. “Have you prepared the things I asked for?”

“I have already ordered my subordinates to withdraw them from the warehouse according to your request. They will be directly shipped to the Southern Continent. You can get them as soon as you go back there.”

“Okay. I will pay you whatever’s needed by then.”

After they chatted for a while, Dion left. Diana said impatiently, “Can we go now?”

“In a bit.” Han Xiao walked toward Hila and Aurora. They were still talking. After he got closer, he heard Aurora ask a question.

“Sis, where do we go now?” Aurora asked with anticipation on her face.

Hila suddenly paused.

That was right; they were free. Where should they go?

They did not have to work for anyone anymore. Where should they go in this big world?

Hila was lost.

“If you have nowhere to go, how about you come with me? My territory is very safe.” Han Xiao walked over.

“With you?” Hila hesitated. She touched Aurora’s head.

She wanted to bring her sister to explore the world.

“Your sister was imprisoned for so long; her health is in very bad condition,” Han Xiao said. “Even if you want to take her to places, at least her health condition needs to improve first.”

“You’re right.” Hila’s face tightened. She agreed with Han Xiao’s point immediately. The priority now was to improve her younger sister’s condition. She felt heartache every time she looked at how weak and skinny Aurora was. Although she still had immeasurable hatred toward the Germinal Organization, she was now focused on her younger sister and did not have any thought of taking revenge. She just wanted to settle down with Aurora first.

She respected her younger sister’s opinion and asked Aurora, “What do you think?”

“Sounds great,” Aurora replied joyfully. After such a long time being imprisoned, everything in the outside world was new and exciting to her.

Aurora suddenly thought of something. She said to Han Xiao timidly, “Thank you for saving me.”

Han Xiao smiled and did not say anything. He reached out his hands and pinched Aurora’s face, and Aurora did not resist.

Hila looked at Han Xiao complicatedly.

Never had she thought that her younger sister would be saved by him. She did not know how she could pay back for something so huge.

We’ll follow him for now then…

After a few days, they passed through a few camps and came to the temporary base in the southern battlefield. The representatives of the Six Nations gathered in the meeting room and waited for Han Xiao’s arrival.

After he settled Hila and Aurora down, the guards led Han Xiao into the meeting room. The focus immediately turned to him as he entered.

The guards closed the gate.

These representatives were mostly strangers. Han Xiao only knew the Stardragon representative—Gu Hui.

“Yo, everyone is here.” Han Xiao greeted casually. He pulled a chair with his leg and sat down casually like he knew everyone.

The people present could not help but size him up. This was the first time that many of them had seen Han Xiao with their own eyes. Thinking of the things that he had done, many felt admiration and fear.

The person in front of them was the one who had provided intel secretly all along. He had used the hostility between the Six Nations and the Germinal Organization, rode along the waves, and become the mastermind behind everything.

People like this were very dangerous.

Furthermore, according to the latest reports, Han Xiao had broken through the power ceiling and should now be the strongest superhuman on the entire planet. From the Six Nations’ viewpoint, they definitely feared someone so strong that belonged to another organization.

Dark Net had both Bennett, who was previously the strongest, and Han Xiao, who was now the strongest. They had become a worrying organization no matter how the Six Nations looked at it.

Luckily, the Dark Net had always stayed neutral. At least that was good news.

Gu Hui knocked the table and said seriously, “Han Xiao, we fulfilled our side of the deal. It’s now your turn.”

“Come on, don’t we know each other? What’s with the formal tone?” Han Xiao said jokingly. “We haven’t met in a long time. How have you been recently? Have you been promoted? Although it is easier for you to be demoted rather than promoted in your position…”

Veins appeared on Gu Hui’s forehead. He knocked the table heavily. “Get! Down! To! Business!”

“Sigh, people nowadays don’t even want to chat. All they have in mind is serious talk—business, work, and the future.” Han Xiao shook his head. “Life is about more than that.”

“That’s not the point. Why do you have so many things to talk about?” Gu Hui was frustrated.

Please respect the formal occasion!

The representatives of the nations’ mouths twitched. Han Xiao gave them a completely different feeling compared to what they had imagined.

Shouldn’t the mastermind be ferocious, mysterious, and a man of a few words? What’s with the chitchat with the Director-general of Division 13? What kind of mastermind is so friendly?

They could not see through him.

As they talked nonsense, Han Xiao was secretly observing the structure of the room. After he confirmed there was no ambush or bug, he stopped talking nonsense immediately, took out a portable hard drive, connected it to the computer, and showed the image on the big screen in the meeting room.

The secrets of the Germinal Organization were exposed one after another. All of their plans, deployments, military power, and trump cards were exposed.