The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 269

Chapter 269: The Players Here Are Super Welcoming

It was ten minutes past the planned time, but the power plant still did not explode, so the robbers were getting anxious.

"Did the guy bombing the power plant get caught? It's been so long, and there's no update." The crooked mouth man called many times, but no one picked up.

The others wanted to back away.

"The plan is exposed. We should quickly leave. If the guy bombing the power plant got caught, he will give us up."

The crooked mouth man's eyes were vicious. "What are you panicking for? We have to take risks if we want to be rich. We can't come here for nothing!"

These robbers were obviously very weak yet daring… in short, suicidal.

They waited a while more and finally found an opportunity when there was only one patrolling guard at this side of the gate.

The crooked mouth man pointed at one of his subordinates and said, "You, go assassinate that guard!"

The guy who got pointed at stepped forward unwillingly and approached the guard cautiously on tiptoes. His hands held onto the handle of the dagger at the back of his waist, shivering nervously and sweating continuously.

Although the enemy was just one patrol guard, he was armed.

The guard turned and saw a shadow sneaking into within twenty meters. He immediately yelled, "Who's there!"

The subordinate was shocked. He hastily stood up straight and nervously stammered, "I—I'm just passing by!"

He then ran back and said sadly, "Boss, I was discovered."

"Useless!" the crooked mouth man angrily said. He pulled out a self-made humble handgun from his waist, passed it to another subordinate, and yelled, "You go! The effective range of this handgun is twenty-five meters. Kill that guard!"

The subordinate swallowed his saliva and headed over sneakily with the handgun.

When he was at about twenty meters away, the guard discovered a shadow again.

"Who's there this time‽"

The subordinate was shocked. "I—I'm out for a walk!"

The guard saw the outline of the handgun and, alarmed, asked, "What's that in your hand?"


The subordinate suddenly had an idea. He looked up and put the handgun near his eyes then said with panic, "This is a pair of binoculars fo—for me to watch the moon."

Then he ran back, too.

On the other side, Frenzied Sword and the others were confused. What were these people going back and forth for?

The crooked mouth man was furious. "Useless! All of you are useless! Give me the gun. I will do it myself!"

The crooked mouth man snatched the handgun and walked quickly toward the guard. The guard was already alert because of what had happened. He immediately yelled, but when he had only said one word, the crooked mouth man fired. The bullet hit the guard's shoulder. The guard yelled in agony and fell back onto the ground. The crooked mouth man fired two more times. The guard was severely injured and had no ability to fight anymore.

"Quickly, go in and take the things," the crooked mouth man said. The subordinates all rushed over. This time, the names of these robbers became red in the eyes of Frenzied Sword and the rest. The mission requirement changed to catching these robbers alive and giving them to the guards of the sanctuary.

It was easy to deal with now that they were enemies—players were most familiar with fighting.

Hao Tian led the way, Frenzied Sword was right behind, and the other two followed—the four of them all dashed out. The robbers were all shocked. They hastily wanted to take out their weapons to fight back, but half of them were defeated in an instant.

"Inhumans, they are all Inhuman!"

The four of them defeated those robbers with ease. The crooked mouth man was the last one left. He held his handgun, shivering, and acted tough. "Don't come here, or I will shoot… I really will shoot!"

Suddenly, the ground started shaking. More than ten red dots appeared in the dark and closed in quickly, showing themselves. It was six Generation 2.5 Rangers. They surrounded the scene, their black muzzles locked onto the people present.

In important locations like warehouses and power plants, the true protection was the Rangers that Han Xiao had built, which were on standby at all times. As soon as they detect a gunshot or anyone unauthorized entering the area, they would activate combat mode, striking instantly like awakened beasts.

Sanctuary Three was Han Xiao's territory, so it was heavily guarded, not a place that just anyone could mess with!

The change was sudden, and the people were stunned.

Frenzied Sword recognized that the Rangers had been built by Han Xiao, and Bun-hit-dog said hurriedly, "Don't shoot, we are allies…"

However, as soon as the Rangers were activated, they would kill everyone within the area. Furthermore, the Rangers did not have a voice recognition function.

The next second, bullets rained upon them, and all of them were killed in an instant.

The chips of the Rangers were connected to the alarm system of the sanctuary. A patrolling team arrived at the scene shortly after the Rangers stopped firing. They cleaned up the scene and sent their injured ally to the hospital.

Frenzied Sword and the others revived at the square and looked at each other, upset.

Not only was the mission requirement of catching them alive failed, but they had also died.

The square was a lively area. The players set up stores and requested to team up, and tens of thousands of players gathered there, day or night.

"Sigh, there aren't any good missions to do. Han Xiao's not been here for so many days. I miss him." Frenzied Sword shook his head upset.

"Exactly," Bun-hit-dog said with a bitter face, "I don't even have any material for new episodes of my show and have been receiving tons of complaints on the forums. It would be even worse if not for you and God Hao being my guests."

Hao Tian was a man of few words; he nodded as a reply. Maple Moon had already gone to the fair to shop. The passion for shopping in women was the same even in the game.

This time, the four of them realized something and looked up at the same time.


The sound of a helicopter came from the sky far away, getting louder and louder. The searchlight showed the location of the helicopter, and it landed on the helipad in the sanctuary. Very soon, a commotion started in that area, and players headed over continuously.

The players in the square closed their stores one after another and rushed over in excitement.

The wave of people headed toward the helipad.

Black Phantom had returned!

As soon as he walked down the plane, Han Xiao noticed the countless players standing in the streets near the helipad, all looking at him with curiosity and welcoming him.

Wow, the treatment is not bad at all.

Han Xiao was surprised. He wondered if he should thank them for their efforts but decided not to.

The players were so welcoming it felt like he was back home, he really liked this place.

The heads of the sanctuary had all been notified of his return long ago. Huang Yu was waiting, and he immediately walked over to report the situation. "Following your plan, more areas of the sanctuary have finished their construction. The war made quite a number of wanderers join the sanctuary. There are now more than 23,000 residents."

"Tell me something that I don't already know." Han Xiao raised his palm and stopped him. He could see the construction progress in his mission log, so there was no need for any further elaboration.

"There were not any accident overall, but we just discovered a small group of thieves just now that seemed to want to rob our warehouse," Huang Yu immediately replied. "They were killed by the guard robots."

"Okay, strengthen the selection process of refugees. Don't let just anyone enter, anything else?"

Huang Yu hesitated and said, "One more thing, Inhumans have been fighting each other regularly, damaging public property. Shall we…"

Han Xiao's eyes sparkled.

What Huang Yu referred to was PVP (Player vs Player). This was something that the players loved to do, and it definitely could not be banned. The Great Mechanic Han had a flash of an inspiration.

"Get some men and build a large arena in the next few days."

Huang Yu was stunned.


This is a sanctuary. What's the use of an arena in a sanctuary? To have performances for the refugees? They might not even have a filling meal. Isn't that a waste of space and resources?

Huang Yu could only hold himself from giving his suggestion, but Han Xiao shook his head and said, "Your thought process is too rigid. The Inhumans have too much energy. The arena will give them a place to use that energy. We can sell tickets and earn back what we spent on it. Not only are we building the arena, but we are also going to encourage the Inhumans to fight in the arena, then create a fair betting system with our guarantee and earn handling fees. Won't that gain us profit?"

Huang Yu opened his mouth and said in confusion, "Then why don't we just dedicate an area for them to fight?"

Han Xiao's face turned serious. "Damn it, are you in charge or am I in charge? Trying to revolt on the first day I return? Tsk tsk, you'd better be careful, or I will…"

Huang Yu was covered in sweat

Okay, you're the boss, whatever you say.

Making profit was not the main reason to build the arena. What was more important was that it was another step toward the Players' Main City plan; it was a function that it must have. The more the players enjoyed PVP, the more they would like the arena. The players would also have a stronger sense of belonging to Sanctuary Three.

Furthermore, the long-term goal of this action was to host the future Galaxy Pro League!