The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 272

Chapter 272: Unknown Potential

"You have been losing blood very frequently, causing your body to be weak, stunted, and your organs recessed. Optimistically, you have three years left to live…"

In the medical room, Emerald Grass wore a pair of rimless glasses and checked Aurora's body like a doctor, coming up with this pessimistic result.

Without waiting for the expressions of the people present to change, Emerald Grass then said, "Of course, that's the case for a normal person. Although your body is weak, your cell activity level is something I have never seen before."

As she was speaking, Emerald Grass took out a few microscope photos, then said excitedly, "Usually, the self-healing of a human body is very slow. Undamaged cells slowly split into new cells to repair damage. In comparison, superhumans have stronger self-healing abilities. Energy or other sources of energy can be used to seal-heal, I, for one, can extract life forces from plants to recover from injuries. Whether it is a normal person or superhuman, self-healing requires energy and nutrition.

"However, your cell is like a drop of extremely concentrated life energy. It could multiply one's self-healing ability by hundreds and even thousands of times. Your hair, blood, and all your body structures are like extremely strong potions, and to give you an idea of how strong your level of cell activity is… For example, let's say the cell of a normal person is a bowl of water, the cell of a superhuman is a flame, and your cell is the sun. It's completely incomparable!

"There are even self-reaction signs inside your cells. Every cell is like a concentrated mature Fixed Star, increasing in activity level automatically every second, yet such a horrifying level of cell activity has no corrosive property at all, only giving life forms a positive impact. Unbelievable…"

Emerald Grass was very tempted. She looked at Aurora with sparkles in her eyes.

The passion in her eyes made Aurora shrink toward Hila.

She knew that look. All of the people wearing white coats in the Germinal Organization had looked at her this way.

"I want to acquire some of your blood as an experiment material. Is it possible that…"

"No!" Hila rejected without hesitation. She looked at Emerald Grass hostilely and seemed like she was going to act at any moment.

Aurora was her sensitive spot; she would not allow anyone to violate her.

Han Xiao crossed his arms and sat on the table to the side. He cut in the conversation and said, "I admire your attitude. Science is all about non-stop improvements and the everlasting ambition of wanting to know the core technology… However, this is a sick person, not your test subject. Also, I guess you can't beat the redhead."

Emerald Grass curled her lips, turned away to keep her diagnosis tools, and said casually, "She didn't need to be diagnosed at all. Her power has just been suppressed for too long and can't fully take effect. As long as she doesn't die, her power will slowly recover, and so will she. It might even… Never mind. Anyway, she just needs to rest for a while, then her body will recover, and her scars will disappear."

Han Xiao raised his eyebrows. He understood what Emerald Grass did not say, and it made him think.

Aurora became a liquid in his previous life. There had not been a chance to see the exact effect of her power, so he wondered what it would be like once it got stronger.

Since she's the younger sister of Hila, Aurora will definitely not be much weaker. Could it be controlling life forms? Han Xiao guessed randomly.

For him to know Aurora's status, he had to get in combat with Aurora, and the bottom line of that would be to slap this pitiful little girl. With his power, the result would not be very optimistic. Of course, Han Xiao would not do that, and Hila would definitely fight him with her life.

Hila heaved a long sigh of relieving. She stood behind Aurora, placed her hands on Aurora's shoulder, and pinched lightly.

As long as her sister was okay.

"By the way, she was brainwashed once, and another personality was created. She will become a puppet that only follows orders once it's triggered by the keyword. Do you have a way to solve that?" Han Xiao repeated what Cyberlos said.

"I'm a Pharmacist, not a Psychiatrist—you should find a professional," Emerald Grass said casually without even turning around. "However, from my experience, if it was just a normal brainwash method, as long as it is not triggered and strengthened for a long time, the effect of the brainwashing will gradually fade as time passes till it disappears. Therefore, the guards in Bell of Death Island would mass brainwash the prisoners every once in a while. However, as you know, the people in that place are all very strong, so the brainwash didn't have much effect. Instead, there were always some prisoners that killed a few guards in such occasions."

A professional? Han Xiao contemplated while touching his chin. Suddenly, he looked at Hila. Aren't things about the mind Hila's strong point?

Upon noticing his sight, Hila waved her hands and frowned. "My power is too invasive. I'm scared of making mistakes, and the risk is too high."

"Then you'd better discover and enhance your power more." Han Xiao felt helpless. In his mind, Hila at her peak could play with the soul of a life form like playing with plasticine without hurting the fragile soul.

"Leave if there's nothing else. I've asked a few Inhumans to test my drugs, don't disturb me."

They looked at her. Emerald Grass took out a transparent container filled with a weird and dark green liquid that was still bubbling, holding a syringe and flicking the tip of the needle.

Emerald Grass was what was known as a Pharmacist in technological civilizations.

In magical civilizations, Pharmacists were called Witches.

Han Xiao paid a silent tribute for three seconds for these players testing the drugs.

To sacrifice themselves for technological advancement, how noble.

They left the pharmacy room and walked slowly on the street. Suddenly, Hila turned to him and asked seriously, "What are your thoughts about this?"

Hila only showed interest for things that involved Aurora and did not have the cold face like she always did. She only asked for an opinion from Han Xiao because she trusted him. Han Xiao had saved Aurora from the sea of pain, and they had no friends or family in the world, so only Han Xiao was trustworthy.

Han Xiao pinched his chin and said in a low voice, "It's best to rest more. I will build a special wheelchair for her. Also, your sister was imprisoned for so long, so it's better to let her connect with the outside world, make some new friends. If you are worried, I can introduce a few lawfully good teenagers."

Hila nodded solemnly. "I owe you one."

"You already owe me." Han Xiao picked his ears.

Hila was struck speechless. She shook her head and remembered.

Her personality was indifferent. She was a cold and proud person in her blood, so she did not like to accept friendliness; she did not like accepting pitiful help that felt like charity. However, once she owed a favor, she would never forget it. She was a doer, and she would not say too many words of appreciation. She only remembered the kindness she received when things seemed hopeless, waiting for the day when she could pay Han Xiao back.

After a period of silence, Hila asked the question she had been wanting to ask. "Why did you save my sister?"

"Foresight, of course." Han Xiao gave the mighty reason.

"So, what did you foresee?" Hila frowned.

Han Xiao bullsh*tted and said, "I saw that your sister's power will save my life once in the future, do you believe that?"

"That would make sense." Hila understood.

At this time, a small hand pulled his shirt. Han Xiao looked down and saw Aurora was looking up at him with a serious face.

"Uncle Zero, I will definitely save you."

Aurora took what he said seriously.

Han Xiao pinched her face and laughed. "Zero is in the past. Just call me Han Xiao."

"Okay, Uncle Han."

"You can use a younger name…"

"Understood, Uncle Han."

Han Xiao rolled his eyes.

I still dislike kids!

The next day, Han Xiao built a wheelchair and gave it to Aurora.

"Real leather armrest and seat with stretch cotton inside, giving you comfort like your mother's embrace, and the best part is…" Han Xiao flipped open the anti-dust cloth and said, "This wheelchair is powered by a foot pedal, but inside is a mini engine, and there is a gearshift beside the armrest. It can go up to 40 km per hour!"

"I just wanted a normal wheelchair…" Hila's eye corner twitched.

She had never heard of a wheelchair powered by a foot pedal, then what is the wheelchair even for!

40 km per hour? Are you hosting a wheelchair race‽ Are you crazy‽

"What kind of Mechanic am I if I didn't make any modifications?" Han Xiao picked his nose and glanced at Hila. Hila felt the look known as 'despise from a professional' from Han Xiao's eyes.

Aurora, however, quite liked the wheelchair; it was like getting a new toy. At this time, Frenzied Sword and the other three approached. Han Xiao called them over to play with Aurora and gave the four of them a pile of missions.

He was just worried about not having suitable missions to give them. He could not have all of them dance and sing like Frenzied Sword. It was better to make them play with a little girl.

The four players felt novel for these missions. The rewards were unbelievably high. They thought that this was some sort of hidden mission and did it with joy. Aurora connected with Maple Moon the best, and not long after, Bear Cub was on Aurora's legs with its belly facing up and rolling around, making Aurora laugh.

The scene was filled with warmth.

Hila's eyes became gentle. She stepped back to the side and watched her sister play with her new friends.

For many days, Aurora smiled brighter, and her health improved at an obvious rate.

Hila and Aurora settled down. The situation of the expedition war was getting better, and the arena in the sanctuary was also completed. Han Xiao immediately focused on important matters.

He had set two focus points for the things that he was going to do. One was to make early-stage preparations for leaving the planet, getting resources continuously.

Another was to improve the 'Players' Main City' plan, strengthening his impression for players and indirectly increasing his influence. The plans that he had for the pro league was a huge business opportunity in his eyes.

What these two focus points had in common was to gain benefit from the players.

"He he he…" Creepy laughter echoed in the closed room.

It has been so long!