The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 277

Chapter 277: Black Phantom's Machinery Box (2)

"Isn't this a loot box?"

This idea was contagious like a virus, and the players became interested straight away. Some gambling passionate players were already trembling in excitement and could not wait to do a 'Ten Draws of Faith'—buying ten loot boxes at once and opening them consecutively.

Loot boxes, also known as the Sinister Path of Cashing In or Ultimate Hand Chopping Method, are a classic move for the game developers to earn money. Han Xiao, of course, was very familiar with this. Not only could it awaken the players' inner gambler and suck them into an inescapable hole, but he could also make a profit from it.

And he had just the right resources and demand to do it; he could make it into one of the recurring events to attract players.

Every planet had their own currency, and after the three largest Universal Civilizations created regulations, to improve convenience for the communication between civilizations, they invented the general culture, general currency, and general language. The Galactic Civilizations' unique currencies could be exchanged into the general currency. However, a planet civilization like Planet Aquamarine of course did not receive such treatment—the Aquamarine Dollars had almost zero purchasing power and could not be used in the galaxy at all. In fact, it was even too rough to use as toilet papers.

Therefore, if he wanted to go into the galaxy, he first had to turn this money into resources and make those resources into machinery. Resources had different values in different civilizations, and it could be considered a currency in the galaxy. Even in the worst case, it definitely had a much higher value than Aquamarine Dollars. In Version 2.0 [Mutation Disaster], the novice planets would come into contact with the galactic civilizations in different ways. The local currencies would then be able to be exchanged into other currencies, and the players would not have to worry about this problem. However, Han Xiao wanted to leave the novice planet in Version 1.0, so he had to consider the difference in currency, language, culture, and many other things.

All of his assets were in Aquamarine Dollars, which was as good as scrap paper outside Planet Aquamarine, so he spent all of it to buy materials and build machinery, and building machinery gave him EXP as well, which also aided in his growth.

Because of that, he had piled up a lot of useless machinery; using them as prizes for loot boxes would be a great way of waste utilization. The rarity chance of the loot boxes was completely under his control. Most of them were filled with waste parts and trash; only a few had very good items. It was impossible to incur a higher cost than profit, which meant it would definitely be profitable.

He claimed that he was getting rid of backlog and that there was no guarantee they had good things in them, but although the players knew that there was a chance their money would go to waste, they would still spend the money and bet on their future. Everyone felt lucky before they saw a pile of trash.

Even the players who did not have much money would clench their teeth and buy one to try their luck. If they did not get lucky, after some time, they would convince themselves that they would definitely get lucky the next time, and the cycle would repeat itself.

Most of the players like this kind of lucky draw event. There is a small chance of gaining huge profit with a very small cost, similar to the lottery. At the moment, there's no lucky draw anywhere else. There are two types of lucky draws—one is the official game store, and the lucky draw in the game store has yet to happen. This type of lucky draw consists mostly of special VR items, like Dungeon Crystals, Genetic Healing Agents, health and mana potions, EXP potions, cosmetic items, and others. There is no equipment—it is a supplementary type of lucky draw.

The other type of lucky draw is between the organizations and characters. This then is the right path to gain benefits directly. For example, some organizations and groups have a contribution points system that can be used to lucky draw strong items or equipment. Some mysterious sellers have gambling games, and some organizations make the players buy off their old inventory. When the organizations and civilizations understand the players more and use them as mercenaries, only then will some characters have lucky draws. This could be considered the organizations trying new ways to motivate 'Inhuman mercenaries', with profit.

The players' impression of me is most likely around the lines of 'planet main character', 'Mechanic Mentor and businessman', 'handsome', and 'important legendary NPC'. The players will be more accepting if I'm the one doing the lucky draw event. Furthermore, the first lucky draw event should be able to attract the most attention.

3,000 for one box was not cheap, but the players had some spare cash at their current level. Thus, it should not be a big issue to buy one or two. Furthermore, if they got purple equipment, they would become extremely rich. There was no purple equipment on the market at all, which meant that the seller would be able to set the price. What's scarce is precious, so it would definitely have an outrageous price.

All the eyes were focused on the truck full of boxes. The players' eyes were flashing with all sorts of different meanings, and when they saw Han Xiao standing to the side, all of their tiny malicious thoughts extinguished.

It was better to be honest and pay the price. No point looking for a horrible death.

In the ten boxes, nine were trash, and only one had a piece of purple equipment. It was unclear whether Jade Green Sky was lucky or the ratio was this high.

The players started to buy the loot boxes. The boxes were opened one after another; some were content, and some were upset. Other than trash, there were also other things, such as some useful materials and some green or blue equipment. Overall, the response was quite positive; however, there was not a second piece of second purple equipment.

"Could it be that the purple equipment only appears with ten consecutive draws‽" a player said, all fired up and unable to control himself.

"Not likely. I feel that the rarity chance is a little weird and cannot be looked at with common sense. Firstly, we have to understand one thing, which is whether this action of Black Phantom introducing loot boxes is part of the storyline. 'Galaxy' is extremely realistic, and every character seems to have an individual mind, almost like the real world. A character's actions definitely have its unique reason or motivation. So, is this lucky draw an official function from the game developers, or is he really cleaning his warehouse?" A guy at the side pushed his glasses, and a glint of wisdom flashed in his eyes. "If he really is cleaning his warehouse, why didn't he just throw away the backlog but sold it to us instead?"

"Yo, you're quite familiar with this brother." The people's attention was attracted by this guy's speech, and they looked at him. Then, they saw this guy's ID—King Of Single Draw.

The surrounding players' mouths twitched.

No wonder he made so much sense; he clearly was experienced, given that ID.

"That makes some sense, so how can we know?" someone asked.

The inventory in the heavy truck became lesser and lesser. King Of Single Draw's eyes sparkled. He shouted across the crowd and asked, "How many more boxes are inside?"

Han Xiao waved his hand and said, "There is a total of 786 boxes, 530 left now."

The players were stunned and surprised. They had thought that the boxes were unlimited, but that was not the case. Now, some spectating players could not wait anymore. They held onto their money and joined the queue.

King Of Single Draw changed his style. With one arm around his chest and one arm holding his chin, like a contemplating detective. "That's right. Since it's limited, it's impossible for it to be an official function. Black Phantom really is clearing his backlog. However, he chose to pack it into boxes and sell them instead of just throwing them away. Hmm… also, there was even an undamaged rare purple equipment in the backlogs. This wouldn't make sense for it to be waste utilization. Therefore, the only explanation for this would be that this isn't really backlog clearing! Black Phantom is actually giving out benefits by doing this. That's right, we 'Inhumans' helped him to build the sanctuary, so he wanted to reward us!"

King Of Single Draw concluded his thoughts quite loudly, and the players in the square heard and understood instantly.

It sounded logical and was quite believable.

"If it is an official loot box function, the chances would be announced for sure, but if it's part of the storyline, then us players will have to experience it ourselves and conclude the hidden rarity chance…"

King Of Single Draw's eyes kept sparkling.

"The game developer will make sure you never win anything too strong from a lucky draw for balance purposes, but Black Phantom's rewarding lucky draw is a different case. There might really be something good, which means these machinery boxes might really have some god equipment that will make the entire world tremble!"

The crowd turned wild upon hearing that—they were extremely excited.

Han Xiao was stunned as he listened from the side, and he was very confused.

I don't remember hiring an actor. Where did this guy come from?