The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 278

Chapter 278: Black Phantom's Machinery Box (3)

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Some people drew once, some people drew ten consecutive times, but there was no difference. Han Xiao only controlled the overall cost of the boxes and did not bother when selling them off. It all depended on the players’ luck. There was no manipulation behind the scenes—he wanted the players to feel the warmth of being home.

If there was a guaranteed prize every ten consecutive draws, it indeed would attract more people to make consecutive draws, but he was using the limited selling mode. There were only so many boxes every time he sold them, so they would definitely be sold out. Not only would guaranteeing a prize every ten consecutive draws not give him a higher profit, but it would also increase his costs.

If there was a guaranteed prize every ten consecutive draws in combination with the limited purchases, there might be some rich guilds that would bulk purchase, suppressing the normal players with their resources, and that would not be good.

There was only one purple equipment in the first batch of boxes, the one Jade Green Sky got, and only this one had been given out purposely by Han Xiao to grab the players’ interest. The rest of the boxes had a few blue pieces of equipment, about a dozen green pieces of equipment, and some useful parts and materials.

This rarity chance was acceptable to the players for the most part.

The first batch had more than seven hundred boxes, but only a small group of the players out of tens of thousands of player bought one. The rest were watching on the sides.

“This batch of backlog is finished. There will be scheduled backlog cleaning in the future,” Han Xiao said.

“Ah, that’s it?”

Players had not gotten enough yet—they were still tempted for more.

However, they could not do anything about it no matter how much they wanted more; the players could only watch as Han Xiao drove away.

The players who benefitted from it were content. Half A Cigarette When Lonely was jealous, and he touched his wallet. 3,000 for one box, so expensive. I definitely can’t get anything good with my luck, should I buy it?

3,000 per box. I sold more than 700 boxes this time, so it’s roughly… a lot of money.Han Xiao calculated as he drove.

After deduction of cost, the net profit was tens of thousands. His funds formed a cycle, supporting his expenses in buying materials to build machinery with ease. It was even more stable than selling items and more profitable. He placed suitable high-quality items in the boxes that suited the player levels, not giving anything that was too strong.

The players in the sanctuary discussed a lot about the first loot box event; their interest was sparked. Han Xiao grabbed the opportunity and started the next loot box event a few days later.

After four times, finally, all the players in the sanctuary got used to this recurring event. At fixed intervals, the players would wait for Han Xiao in the square in advance, rubbing their hands in anticipation.

Every batch had hundreds of boxes. It took twenty minutes to be sold out at the start, and by the fourth time, it only took six minutes. This clearly reflected the player’s acceptance and passion for this event.

Han Xiao’s initial goal of hosting this event was achieved.

The message spread out from the Planet Aquamarine panel in the forums. The players had almost never seen a purple equipment before, and they did not know where to get them. At this time, Han Xiao’s loot box event appeared out of nowhere, being the only way to acquire purple equipment at the moment. It received well-deserved attention, and the influence was growing.

Han Xiao saw how rowdy the forums were. The few players who had won the purple equipment made posts to show off, with a lot of envious and jealous comments below.

“Here to see the purple equipment boss.”


“Another round of ten draws! Don’t hold me back. I didn’t lose my mind! I will definitely see purple this time! My intuition is never wrong!”

“I thought this game is different from the other lustful sluts, but you betrayed me!”

“The content has made me uncomfortable, reported!”

“Music lyrics: we are different, different—”

“No guarantee in ten consecutive draws, a miracle in a single draw—I’ve learned something new.”

“Guild of Gods buying purple equipment, negotiable price, private message if interested.”

“Sky Territory buying purple equipment, a higher price than Guild of Gods, private message if interested.”

“Got trash for all nine draws, watching post owner show off.”

“Passing by with trash in all thirteen draws.”

“Trash in all eighteen draws. Damn, I’m going to rob Black Phantom’s warehouse tomorrow!”

“You have my admiration. I will take care of your wife and daughter. Rest in peace. Salute!”

“Salute +1! keep the formation.”

“Salute +2!”

“Salute +2333!”

All sorts of comments came from the players. They gave Han Xiao’s loot boxes a name.

Black Phantom’s Machinery Box!

Always leading the trends, never to be surpassed.

A large amount of funds had come into his pocket, so Han Xiao bulk purchased materials and parts without caring about the price at all. He spent most of the time in the workshop and built machinery continuously, turning Aquamarine Dollars into valuable materials and machinery, at the same time acquiring quite a lot of EXP. Also, he built low-level purple equipment as prizes for the loot boxes. He was way ahead of the players, and the machinery that he did not need was rare equipment to the players. Finally, all the time that he had spent growing himself now was paying off.

The sanctuary was on the right path. Huang Yu took care of the cumbersome and small issues, and Han Xiao just had to sign the documents.

Hila was accompanying Aurora for her recovery exercises. Frenzied Sword, Maple Moon, Bun-hit-dog, and Hao Tian all received missions to play with Aurora with rather generous rewards. Han Xiao was currently giving them space to grow themselves.

At the same time, Han Xiao did not forget to look at the war’s situation. The Six Nations had the complete upper hand. The Germinal Organization was basically at the breaking point, and he estimated that the Germinal Organization would soon be defeated, ending the war completely and liberating the entire Planet Aquamarine from the shadows of war.

The last time that he had browsed intelligence on the Dark Net, the number of wanderers had reduced by thirty percent compared to before the war—they had joined organizations for protection. Han Xiao felt weird about this; it was like people gave up their freedom due to fear in exchange for safety.

The situation was getting better as time passed, but Han Xiao believed in Murphy’s Law. He did not want to pay too much attention to the battlefield before things were settled. In case, there might be an accident.

However, he had done whatever he needed to do. He had given the Six Nations all the intelligence and killed a few Germinal Organization’s Executive Officers. The Six Nations had the upper hand in military power, intelligence, and almost everything. If they could not even win, they might as well eat sh*t.

Thus, Han Xiao was temporarily focused on the players’ main city plan.

This day, Han Xiao drove another truck of boxes, and the players swarmed in.

Every [Black Phantom’s Machinery Box], King Of Single Draw didn’t buy anything. He was patient, and he observed like a hunter, recording the results of other players, calculating the rarity chance. Some players were influenced by him. They sat beside him and tried to do the same thing.

At this time, a voice full of confidence appeared within the crowd.

“Give me a hundred boxes!”

The people were shocked. They followed the voice and looked over as a player with the ID ‘So Poor I Only Have Money Left’ walked out swaggering.

‘So Poor I Only Have Money Left, is this a true rich person‽”

“A hundred boxes, that’s 300,000 Aquamarine Dollars. Good god!”

“He really is a truly rich person! Can we be friends?”

“Indeed, only the large guilds have done consecutive draws before, and the highest was only fifteen boxes at once. A hundred is way too much, I have never seen anything like this before!”

Han Xiao raised his eyebrows. Such a boastful ID… it was like a pile of large leeks walking in front of him.