The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 287

Chapter 287: Stable Period in Planet Aquamarine

After Han Xiao finished arranging the rewards, Bennett, who was walking back of forth, sat down, too. "A war of this scale will not happen again any time soon, but when the Six Nations recover, they might start to clear out other organizations to strengthen their dominance. Now that the Germinal Organization has been defeated, Dark Net is one of the biggest organizations left, so they will come for us sooner or later."

Han Xiao put away his excitement and put on a pondering face. "Before having authority, anyone would think themselves a good person. The Six Nations still need to deal with the upcoming disasters brought by the nuclear blast, and they won't have time for other things for a short period. Talking about the disaster, your sanctuary plan can now be put to use."

"I'd rather it never be…" Bennett sighed. "After the war, more wanderers will look for protection, so I plan to speed the plan up, build sanctuaries in Western Continent and Northern Continent as well. The refugees of Andrea need to be migrated, so I will send people to fetch them. The Six Nations are very willing to throw this matter to us."

There were two large main storylines on Planet Aquamarine—one of them was the Germinal Organization, which he already destroyed, and this was the main storyline of conflict. The other was the construction of sanctuaries. Compared to the Germinal Organization war, the sanctuary main storyline would not be so intense. The whole of Planet Aquamarine would become stable period next. There would most likely not be any more large conflicts in Version 1.0. Han Xiao's strength was at the peak of the planet, and he was responsible for the end of the Germinal Organization. Therefore, he basically did not have any enemies and could steadily grow.

The Germinal Organization main storyline was supposed to be a large event that would happen throughout the Version 1.0, but now, it had ended in the early stages. Players that preferred the chaos, of course, would not like this peace, but this was a good thing for Han Xiao since he had just received the dungeon creation right for the Germinal Organization main storyline. He could divide the war into dungeons and fulfill the players' everlasting desire for battle. More players would be attracted to him, and his position would continue to grow.

The Germinal Organization is dead, and I have no enemies in Planet Aquamarine anymore. I can now prepare for the galaxy peacefully. The opportunity to leave Planet Aquamarine is around the pro league, in about one year. This period will be very peaceful, so I need to get more EXP while I can as there will not be many players in the galaxy for me to interact with.

The enemy was gone, and Han Xiao suddenly felt like he was finally relieved.

Version 1.0 would last for about three and a half years. He could totally wait for more than a year. The Six Nations were enjoying the victory at the moment, not knowing that a disaster would soon arrive. The nuclear blast might strengthen the power of the Mutation Disaster, and if so, Han Xiao could only mourn for them.

In the next few days, Han Xiao joined the Dark Net high-rank meetings to discuss the future.

Most of the time, he was just watching and hardly gave any suggestions, but everyone in the meeting took him very seriously. As the strongest person in the Dark Net, the mastermind behind the fall of Germinal Organization, Han Xiao's name and position were above all others. With his achievements, Han Xiao would receive the same treatment anywhere he went.

In the player forums, the ending of this large main storyline attracted a lot of attention. It was the first time for the players to take part in something of such a large scale, so they were very excited. There were some players who saw the nuclear explosion with their own eyes and uploaded the recording. And the cause of all this, Han Xiao, had his share of the attention, too. The players made guesses on Han Xiao's experiences and increased Han Xiao's fame once again.

With the end of the war, Germinal Organization players lost their organization and had a chance to choose again. They left Andrea together with the refugees and could choose which continent to go to. Without any prior agreement, almost seventy percent of the ex-Germinal Organization players chose to go to the Southern Continent.

"Black Phantom, we are coming!"

The ex-Germinal Organization player almost cried tears of joy, after having a tough time for so long, they finally saw the light. Who could understand how bitter they felt when they saw the other players show off the benefits from Han Xiao?

Why not all ex-Germinal Organization players?

Of the other thirty percent, most of them had participated in the Germinal Organization headquarters mission, so their relationship points with Han Xiao were less than -10.

Piece of sh*t Germinal Organization, give me back my future!

The plane landed in Sanctuary Three. Just as Han Xiao alighted from the plane, Huang Yu approached him like he had something to say.

"What is it?" Han Xiao noticed Huang Yu's hesitation.

Huang Yu cleared his throat and said, "Your excellency, your family member is here to visit you."

My family? Han Xiao was stunned for a while, then he realized it was the Alumera family.

With some thinking, after the war ended, he was someone outside Alumera but a member of Alumera, and he was also the person with the highest position in the entire planet. Of course, Alumera would be curious of his standpoint, and they wanted to rely on him by using this relationship that they had.

Han Xiao raised his eyebrows and said, "Tell him to come and see me."

Ten minutes later, Xiao Quan followed Huang Yu into the guest hall. He was the messenger sent by Alumera to visit Han Xiao and one of Xiao Jin's foster children. Technically, he was Han Xiao's body's brother—they were so-called 'family'.

Xiao Quan was excellent compared to the other foster kids, and he had been chosen as the messenger this time because he knew how to read the situation. When Han Xiao's true identity was exposed, many brothers and sisters in the family could not believe it. Some had even been furious upon realizing that Han Xiao became their elder. However, Xiao Quan did not dare to have that kind of emotion—he was very aware of the current situation. They could not look at 'Han Xiao' the way they used to, and seeing how furious his siblings were, Xiao Quan only felt they did not know what death was.

Black Phantom alone was far superior to the entire Alumera, and he did not dare show any disrespect.

Xiao Quan used his eloquence to chat with Huang Yu, wanting to get hints from Huang Yu about Han Xiao's standpoint but was completely unable to. As Huang Yu did not care much about him, Xiao Quan became even more nervous.

"We're here, go in."

The door of the guest hall opened, and Xiao Quan saw Han Xiao sitting on the sofa with crossed logs right away, staring at him faintly. Xiao Quan could not help but hold his breath.

"Xia—Han Xiao, it's been a long time." Xiao Quan braced himself and greeted him, wanting to ease the atmosphere.

"Call me Han Xiao," Han Xiao said coldly.

That was not a good sign, Xiao Quan was terrified but had to follow.

"Only you?" Han Xiao raised his brows and said, "What does Alumera want me for?"

Xiao Quan found the words carefully and said, "Han Xiao, Father has always been thinking of you. He has been wanting to see you and hopes you can return. As for all the unhappiness before, he can explain."

Han Xiao kept silent and stared at Xiao Quan unwaveringly. Xiao Quan felt the pressure from Han Xiao's eyes and looked down, beads of sweat rolling down his forehead.

"He wants me to go over there?" Han Xiao stood up and walked up to Xiao Quan with wide strides as if he was going to strike. Xiao Quan was completely suppressed by the aura. Thinking of the things that Han Xiao had done, a sense of horror filled his heart. He stepped back and bumped into the chair, lost his balance, and fell to the ground. He hastily wanted to stand up, but a shadow suddenly shrouded him. Han Xiao looked down on him with his hands in his pocket. Han Xiao's eyes were like needles that made Xiao Quan tremble. He half kneeled on the ground, looked up horrified, and did not dare to move.

"You guys can't seem to understand the situation. If Xiao Jin wants to see me, he'd better get over here himself," Han Xiao said coldly as he suddenly reached out his hands toward Xiao Quan.

I'm done for… he wants to kill me! Xiao Quan's face was completely terrified, his brain went blank.

Suddenly, he felt a force on his shoulder from a hand, pulling him up.

Xiao Quan was pulled up, and Han Xiao patted his shoulder lightly like he was brushing off dust for him. "Tell them what I said the exact way I said it."

Huang Yu, who waited by the side, opened the door, pointed with his arms, and said expressionlessly, "This way please."

Xiao Quan regained his focus. He did not dare stay any longer and left like he was running away.

Han Xiao sat back on the sofa and pondered. Alumera visited because they want my help using the 'family' relationship, but I just have the right thing I need them to do. If I can get Alumera to move to Sanctuary Three, the NPC resources here will be even greater…

On the other side, after Xiao Quan left, he reported the situation to Xiao Jin while shivering.

"H—he wants you to come here yourself."

Xiao Jin's expression kept changing, and he let out a long sigh. "Prepare to pay the price…"

Back then Han Xiao wore a mask, they did not know his real identity. There had still been space to negotiate. Now that his real identity was exposed, it meant that every problem between them was placed on the table and had to be solved, and Alumera was the weaker one, so they had to keep stepping back.

Xiao Jin looked at Xiao Hai, who was beside him, and said in a low voice, "Prepare to apologize and make up yourself!"

Xiao Jin then slammed the door on the way out, leaving Xiao Hai alone in the room with a terrified face.