The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 291

Chapter 291: Four Blueprints

Ever since what happened in Green Valley Ville, Lu Cheng and Alumera had been in a bad relationship with each other. Lu Cheng's Black Pine Colony received numerous attacks and suffered quite some damage. Since Alumera had joined Han Xiao, Han Xiao wanted to settle this problem for Lu Cheng, so he called.

"It's you." Lu Cheng was cautious on the call. He had also received the intelligence that Han Xiao came from Alumera, so this raised his alertness and made him doubt Han Xiao's motive in contacting him before.

"Don't worry, Alumera won't look for your trouble anymore." Han Xiao was straight forward and expressed his standpoint.

Lu Cheng did not understand. "What do you mean?"

"I'm not on Alumera's side, at least I was not. Now, they have joined me, and I have settled your conflict with them." Han Xiao laughed. "Friends should help each other."

"… Okay." Lu Cheng's tone softened a little. Thinking of their relationship before, he felt Han Xiao would not lie to him, and he did not need to. He was just a small warlord, and Han Xiao was now a legend.

"After the war, the Six Nations will be the only large organization, and there will be fewer wanderers. Warlords will definitely be cleared out in the future…" Han Xiao repeated Xiao Jin's words. Basically, what he meant was—The business you're doing now has no future, my brother. You will definitely lose everything in the future, but my business has potential. Don't say I didn't remind you. Now there's an opportunity, and I want you. Don't let my kindness go to waste.

Lu Cheng was a little tempted. "Let me consider."

After they finished talking about business matters, Han Xiao asked if Le Zhenyu was still in Black Pine Colony, and to that, Lu Cheng's answer was he had already left. Han Xiao had some thoughts.

Lei Zhenyu was the mechanic that built PE-0 Nanotechnology Muscle Fiber, and Old Man Lu had entrusted him to help Lu Cheng. Once Lei Zhenyu left, it would be the chance to get the four blueprints that Old Man Lu had left behind. Old Man Lu would try to pass the message to Lu Cheng, who would then send someone back to the repair shop back in Stardragon to retrieve the blueprints.

Although their father and son relationship was very rigid, Old Man Lu's still had a lot of love as a father. Han Xiao shook his head discreetly. This reminded him of his dad… oh, he was not talking about Xiao Jin.

Old Man Lu's four blueprints were very rare items. They had very unique styles and could be considered a set of godly equipment in the early stages of a mechanic. The chance to get those through knowledge fusion was extremely low, so Han Xiao was tempted. He now had three fighting styles—ranged kiting style with the Ghost sniper rifle and Electromagnetic Hover-boots, all-round style with his Amphiptere mechanical suit, and Mechanical Pugilist style with Compounded Magnetic Chain Split Blades and Thermo-Electrical Incisor Gloves. These three styles made up his current combat style.

The other machinery was not counted as part of his usual tactics—such as the 'Rush' style with Gen 2.5 Rangers and batteries or the pure machinery style with a large number of firearms—as these were rarely used. Ever since the creation of the snake series mechanical suits, Han Xiao had rarely gambled for new blueprints. He knew the knowledge fusion combination needed for the blueprints. Other than trying his luck occasionally, he only spent EXP to fuse specific blueprints when he needed them.

Old Man Lu's four blueprints belonged to a new standalone tactical combat style. It was equal to being free. Of course, Han Xiao would not miss it.

The sun slowly moved closer to the horizon, dyeing Stardragon Western Capital in a dusk glow. The people on the streets were in a hurry as if the night was a monster and they wanted to be back home before it came.

Han Xiao walked on the streets slowly. It had been close to a year since he left, and now that he had returned, the feeling that the city gave him was slightly different. For one, there were more people. The remains of the paint from the anti-war protests could still be seen on the corners of the walls, and the large screen on the building far away played the news about their victory in the war and the upcoming climate deterioration. The city was covered in a heavy-hearted air, and the residents were worried and lost about their fate in the future.

Han Xiao was wearing the Facial Simulator and had a different appearance, wearing a wool coat. It was already winter, and these clothes were very low profile and ordinary.

Back at the repair shop that he had left long ago, it still had the same structure. Even his workshop remained beside the shop. Han Xiao walked into the shop, and a buzzing sound came from the workstation. Lu Qian was focusing on assembling machinery. She was alone—Old Man Lu, who usually sat at the door, was missing.

Lu Qian turned around. Seeing that a customer was there, she hastily put down her work and approached him with a smile. "Hello, what do you need?"

Lu Qian still had the familiar look, gentle and dedicated, like a spring breeze. Han Xiao sized her up and said without changing his expression, "I would like to customize something small."

"Customize what?" Lu Qian blinked.

Han Xiao took out a blueprint and passed it to Lu Qian—it was a mini metal statue drawing, not very technical, just needed welding and grinding. Any machinery assembly shop could complete it. Lu Qian looked at it for a while and said while nodding, "No problem, come to take tomorrow."

Han Xiao shook his head. "I'm leaving the city tomorrow; I need it tonight."

With a troubled expression, Lu Qian said, "It takes about two hours to build this statue, and I'll close the shop when it gets dark."

"Then I can only go to another shop." Han Xiao acted upset and mumbled, "Which repair shop take 30,000 dollars jobs around here?"

Lu Qian's eyes sparkled instantly, and she changed her response immediately. "Today's closing time is delayed; you can wait in the shop and receive the product as soon as it's finished."

Han Xiao laughed discreetly. He knew Lu Qian too well—this method worked every time.

There was only a chance to find Old Man Lu's box if he stayed in the shop. Of course, he could not ask Lu Qian directly as it would raise caution.

At this time, a new customer entered, it was a short hair man, he said, "I want to buy some household machinery. Do you have any?"

"Yes." Lu Qian pointed toward the metal shelf on the side and said, "Everything on that is for sale. Sorry, I currently am doing something, so you can look at the products yourself."

Han Xiao casually pulled a chair and sat down. Suddenly, he sensed something and looked to the side. He saw that the man who walked in was sizing up the items on the shelf while discreetly sizing him up and observing him. Old Man Lu's identity was special, so he had entrusted Division 13 to take care of Lu Qian before leaving. There was always someone that monitored the place nearby, preventing anyone from harming Lu Qian. This new customer was one of the regular field agents, and he had come to observe Han Xiao.

"Division 13's man?" Han Xiao's senses at LV 70 were very sharp, so he noticed this man's footsteps showed unique signs of having trained in the military. He could guess it easily with just a little bit of thinking. His expression did not change, and he watched quietly. He was not afraid of getting recognized as he had changed his face for the time being.

It got dark, and Lu Qian was focused. Han Xiao sat on the other side, and that man was still looking at the shelf and monitoring him.

Han Xiao's brows rose. He could not move freely when under surveillance. He shook his leg, and a mini spider detector crawled out his pocket, moving stealthily following the shadows. Han Xiao took out his laptop while blocking the vision of the other man with his body. He looked down and opened the controlling panel for the spider detector, then switched it to manual control.

The visual image of the mini spider detector showed on the bottom right of the screen, moving close to the ground. The detector was equipped with a metal detection device, and the pipes hidden under the walls and the ground were all reflected. He remembered Old Man Lu's safe was metal, so he used metal detection.

Half an hour later, the spider detector found the target in Lu Qian's room on the second floor. A suitcase-style safe was under the bed. Han Xiao's eyes spun. He stood up immediately and asked, "Is there a toilet here?"

Lu Qian looked up and wiped her sweat. "It's upstairs. I can bring you."

"No need to, you do your stuff. I can go myself." Han Xiao rejected her and walked upstairs. After a few steps, he suddenly heard that field agent following him up with the excuse of wanting to go to the toilet as well.

Han Xiao felt a little troubled. It was not easy to act when he was being monitored by someone. Suddenly, he had an evil idea. Coming to the toilet on the second floor, he suddenly turned around and punched the field agent in his face. The field agent had no time to react at all and could only feel his vision getting blurry and his nose being in extreme pain. Then, he fainted.

Han Xiao held onto him and laid him down on the ground slowly. He walked into Lu Qian's room, pulled out the safe from under the bed, and keyed in the password he remembered.


The cover opened. Han Xiao gave it a scan, and the interface notified him that he had received four rare blueprints, so it was confirmed. He was delighted, rolled the blueprints up, and placed them into his bag. Then he took out the substitutes from his back and placed them into the box, restoring it back to its place.

The substitutes were also machinery blueprints, but they were just normal blueprints. There would be players in the future who would go through countless hardships to complete this mission. Thus, by putting something inside, the player who completed the mission would at least get something. Han Xiao felt that he had such a kind heart, almost so touching it could move the whole of 'Galaxy'.

He carried the field agent down. Lu Qian was shocked and asked, "What happened to him?"

Han Xiao purposely put on a face of disgust and said, "This guy wanted to use the toilet together with me. It was a disgusting idea, so I knocked him out."

Lu Qian's expression became weird. Her eyes looked around on the field agent's body then mumbled, "So exciting…"

Han Xiao sat down peacefully. He did not panic after knocking a person from Division 13 out. This was because of his strength. Plus, Lu Qian and he knew each other quite some time ago, so he did not want to disappear for nothing and make Lu Qian scared.

He chatted with Lu Qian to fill the silence.

"C156 please respond… C156 please respond!"

In a large room of a building a few hundred meters away, a team of field agents to protect Lu Qian was on standby. The captain kept repeating the same line into the walkie talkie, trying to reach the field agent in the repair shop.

After not getting a response at all, their faces started to get serious.

"Sh*t, he's lost contact. There must be an accident in the shop. Let's move now!"

The captain stood up immediately, changed into a bulletproof vest, brought along an ammunition belt, and burst through the door with the team in tow.