The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 293

Chapter 293: Galaxy Pro League Season One, Commence!

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A period of stability arrived on Planet Aquamarine. Time passed by quick, and four months passed in a blink of an eye.

Sanctuary Three was completed with tall guarding walls, filtered air, self-sufficient greenhouse farms, and many more. The aim of the sanctuary was to protect humans in times of disaster or even protect the tinder of mankind. In the last four months, Bennett had built more sanctuaries, but none of them could match up to the size of Black Phantom Sanctuary Three.

Alumera and Lu Cheng had already migrated their people over, built the guarding city surrounding Sanctuary Three, paid the money, and provided the manpower to build the transportation network, which spread all over the sanctuary. Han Xiao’s sanctuary could be considered a large city.

The rewards of this main storyline mission were calculated and given. Han Xiao had almost finished most of the constructions, so he was given an A+ grade.


[Sanctuary Plan – Sanctuary Three] Completed.

You have received 6,500,000 EXP. You have received 1 Potential Point.

Grade: A+

+2,500 Dark Net Relationship Points. Current Relationship: Reverence (6,000) – [Leader of Dark Net]

A+ Grade Reward: Bonus 250% EXP (16,250,000), Special Item * 1

You have received [Medal of Honor – Sanctuary Owner (A)]


An experience reward was the main reward of this construction type main storyline, unlike the Germinal Organization main storyline with many special items or any random reward. There was also no new dungeon creation right in the NPC panel, probably because it was just a construction type main storyline and very little actually happened.

Although the war ended, there were still many more areas in Planet Aquamarine that could be explored. The more the players explored Planet Aquamarine, the more the Six Nations would fear the Inhumans that were becoming stronger as time passed by. However, in conclusion, the situation of Planet Aquamarine was stable. During this time, the main storylines and the main characters in other novice planets had surfaced and started to shine, whereas the heat on Planet Aquamarine had cooled down.

Han Xiao was making preparation in peace in the sanctuary. As a ‘main storyline main character’, the times he was mentioned gradually became fewer—most players only remembered him when they bought loot boxes.

Just like ‘Galaxy Times’ said, when a main storyline ended, the corresponding main character would also fade away.

Han Xiao was not worried about the reducing attention—the things that he did were already deeply printed into the players’ hearts, so he had already built his base. Even if he was covered by the other popular topics, once he made any more news, the players would still be immediately reminded of him.

In four months’ time, he had collected a large amount of EXP, and the EXP on his interface had a long string of zeros. Due to the interaction he had with the players, his position of ‘Mechanic Mentor’ was firm, so many new players in the game would also buy things from him. This was a long-term benefit.

His business was prospering. Han Xiao had a very comfortable life during this peaceful time, but he did not forget where he came from. He still spent time every day in the workshop, building equipment and training himself, improving and familiarizing himself with his combat methods, making sure he was always at his best and never rusty.

He had used the Destiny’s Child Character Summon card and accurately predicted the chance to head toward the galaxy. There was still quite some time left. According to his memory, Pro League Season One would start during this time. This was a player festival. Han Xiao had paid a lot of attention to the competition in his previous life, and he was tempted to ride along.

If his sanctuary could be the hosting area for the Pro League, it would bring a large number of customers in. The Pugilist and Esper class advancement knowledge that he had prepared, the enhancing drugs, the high-level equipment and many more would make him a lot of profit.

Han Xiao had cultivated Frenzied Sword, Maple Moon, Bun-Hit-Dog, and Hao Tian with a lot of effort, hoping that they could get a good result in the Pro League, as it would bring him honor too. Since everyone knew that these four people were the lucky ones that had earned Black Phantom’s help.

Galaxy Calendar Year 689, 1st March. On this day, an announcement marked in red was placed at the top of the forums. Its popularity grew at an unbelievable pace, which meant the number of people viewing and commenting was quickly increasing every second!

Within half an hour, it became the most popular post in the entire forum!

“S1 Galaxy Pro League, officially established!”

It’s finally here. Han Xiao was motivated.

When the public launch just started, the rumors of the World Esports Association wanting to host Galaxy Pro League was already being passed around. And after one and half months passed in the real world, finally, the official message was announced!

“This morning, the World Esports Association announced the official opening of the first Galaxy Pro League. This will be the authorized and the highest-level competition, a player festival, and the biggest stage for the players to prove themselves. Showcase your skills and the world will cheer for you!

“There are 37 countries participating in the first season of Galaxy Pro League—China, Japan, Korea, Russia… According to the planet differences in-game, it is divided into 13 divisions. They are—Planet Aquamarine division, Planet Brighton division, Planet Longtune division, Planet Lonnie Division, Planet Aquamarine division…

“The matches will be carried out in the following modes: Singles, Challenge, Groups.

“Singles: Single player competition. 1 vs 1.

“Challenge: Team competition. 1 vs 1, winner stays on stage while the next player of the loser enters. Last one standing wins.

“Groups: Team competition. Group battle in complex environments. Annihilate the enemy or complete special missions to win.

“Competition Stage One—Division Qualifiers: All players are eligible to register. Teams registering must have nine members, including six players, two substitutes, and one coach. One match elimination, determining top 38 teams and top 62 singles in each division.

“Divisions Secondary League: 18 teams and 128 single contestants will enter, points based. Winners and runners up of each division will enter into the divisions stage, making up 40 teams and 64 players.

“Pre-Season: Warm up for contestants, no points calculated.

“Stage Two—Regular Divisions: Points-based. Teams will compete in Challenge and Groups. Top 8 teams and 16 players enter the finals. If any player belonging to a team enters top 16 of the Singles, that team will receive bonus points. Also, the first team and single player will receive the International Showcase Match invitation.

“International Showcase Match (All-Stars Match): Top teams from divisions battle with each other for a showcase, no points calculated.

“Stage Three—Division Finals: Best of Five. Winners of each division will receive the Division Trophy! The champions, runners up, and second runners up will enter the Internationals!

“Stage Four—Internationals: Points-based. Top three of each division compete. Top 8 teams and top 16 singles enter the International Finals!

“Final Stage—International Finals: Best of Five. Competing for the World Champion!

“Division Singles and Challenge venues are as follow: Planet Winterfrost, Fissure Canyon. Planet Brighton, Floating Island College… Planet Aquamarine, Black Phantom Sanctuary Three.

“Registration for Qualifiers and Secondary League will start tomorrow. We hope all contestants can receive their wanted position.

“S1 Galaxy Pro League—officially established!”

Every player’s passion was heated no matter which planet they were on!

It was a worldwide festival!

Seeing that Sanctuary Three was the venue for Planet Aquamarine, Han Xiao heaved a sigh of relief, followed by a rush excitement. He could almost see a tsunami of customers overwhelm him.

The arena was way too suitable for Singles and Challenge, and he had opened it to the players. With such a suitable location already built, the chance of it becoming the hosting venue was very high.

Such a large festival like Pro League being held in his territory was a huge business opportunity!

The competition mode for the first season is the same as how I remembered. Because it is the first season, there are only three competition modes. It will be more varied later.

Just as I expected, it is still Qualifiers, Regulars, Division Finals, followed by International Finals. The top three of both the division finals and international finals will receive huge prizes. All the various clubs are the main contestants of the first season. The normal players can only achieve something in the Singles.

It is actually easier to become a star in the Singles. The clubs will sign some good players after they showcase their skills, and they will become pro players next season, Han Xiao thought. He had experienced it himself. As a renowned Mechanic master, he had received invitations from clubs as well, but he had rejected all of them. He did not like the hardship in team training; playing the game comfortably was more suitable for him.

Han Xiao touched his chin and pondered, I remember China’s result in the first season was normal. Was it North America or a European team that won the champion? France? Maybe Canada?

He was staying in a high building in the middle of the sanctuary at this time. He looked down and saw the atmosphere of the players changed—it became filled with excitement, anticipation, and nervousness.

And so it begins…

Han Xiao was a little excited as well.

The commencement of the Pro League spread like a storm; every player knew about it. The teams and pro players of all the countries were motivated. After all their preparations, finally, the worldwide competition that they were waiting for had arrived!