The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 306

Chapter 306: Explosion!

In the clairvoyant view of Destiny's Child, it could never show the details on whether a person lived or died. Han Xiao had originally decided to first get to the crash site of the spaceship and steal the intergalactic communication device. This device was the most important factor to leave the planet; the spaceship was never the target.

As it turned out, the device was still in the investigator's possession, so the original plan would not work. He had to think of a new way to deal with the investigator.

Han Xiao thought quickly. Do I rob or swindle him?

Seeing that Han Xiao still had not replied after some time, Kerlodd frowned and said, "Hey, I asked you a question. Answer me."

"Are you the visitor from Godora?" Han Xiao made up his mind and slowly moved toward Kerlodd.

"The civilization from this planet requested help. I am the investigator responsible for the assistance. Who are you?"

When Han Xiao was within ten meters of Kerlodd, he replied, "I am the messenger of Planet Aquamarine. I am here to invite you to our place."

"Good. Take me to the most powerful leader in this civilization."

Kerlodd was surprised and dropped his suspicion. He suddenly remembered something and said, "Wait for a second, I need to report back to the people who sent me here."

"No problem. Waiting is the least I can do."

Kerlodd was satisfied with the treatment from Planet Aquamarine, and he was even more pleased with the attitude of this 'messenger'.

Just as he lowered his head and turned on the communication device, Han Xiao suddenly charged forward!

The 'Bat Wing' flying device suddenly activated, and Han Xiao shot forward as if he was a cobra. Han Xiao kicked right on Kerlodd's body and snatched the device from his hand.


The impact of the kick was powerful, and Kerlodd was knocked back and crashed into four trees.

Han Xiao put the device in his pocket and prepared for battle. He had decided to take the first step and create a momentum in the battle.

If he had left the investigator alone and could not stop him from contacting the Six Nations, then his identity would be revealed. More importantly, there would be no place for Han Xiao to do anything if Kerlodd talked to the Six Nations. Therefore, the only choice that he had was to take action.

There was actually another way, where Han Xiao acted like he was a man from an advanced civilization that had ended up stranded on Planet Aquamarine. He could borrow the communication device to call for help, and the best-case scenario was that the Godoran would be willing to help, but chances for that were slim.

It would be more likely that the Godoran would raise their suspicion and become alert. Knowing that the other party was from an advanced civilization rather than an uncivilized one, the investigator would hold a different attitude, and the chances of successful sneak attacks would be lower.

Moreover, using the identity of an advanced civilization was not always beneficial. Godora was one of the most powerful civilizations in the entire galaxy. There was no reason for them to help him. Even if Han Xiao was willing to offer money, Kerlodd could still contact the Six Nations to get resources. So, it was possible that they would not help Han Xiao.

The most likely scenario was that Godoran would have bad intentions. Was it not a freebie to kill a wanderer without any backup?

With only a few seconds to think, Han Xiao had decided to directly use brute force and rob the device. Not only that, he also came up with a new plan. First, he had to stop Kerlodd from talking to the Six Nations.

On the receiving end of the attack, Kerlodd slowly got up without any injury. The battle suit was still releasing a golden glow, which was the shield embedded in the suit.

Kerlodd's expression was cold, and he took the two small golden balls that were attached to his braids. The Mechanical force flashed on his fingertips, and the small ball expanded. One ball became a golden shield, while the other ball turned into golden spear. The appearance was old-fashioned, but one could feel the energy embedded in the weapon, showing that they were not ordinary weapons.

"You uncultured swine, you've made a big mistake."

The transformation from the golden ball to a weapon was a mechanic skill. Advance civilizations basically had this skill in hand, and it was clear that Godora had better equipment.

Kerlodd was a LV 63 Mechanical Pugilist. Pure-blooded Godorans had much higher attributes compared to humans. His attributes where not lower than the LV 60 Pugilist on Planet Aquamarine, and with advanced equipment, his power points were around 3000 Ona, a Class C Super. Just from the power points, he was stronger than all the LV 60 Superhumans on Planet Aquamarine.

But he did not surpass Han Xiao.

The battle erupted.

Han Xiao spread out his wings, and the four machine guns on the wings fired rapidly. Kerlodd raised his shield, and the shield release a larger circular light shield on top of it.

Ding ding dang dang!

All the bullets were reflected by the light shield.

Kerlodd roared with anger and pointed his spear right at Han Xiao. The head of a spear suddenly fired a golden bullet in an arrow shape. Han Xiao jumped in an instant, and the bullet passed right by his feet. The bullet left clear holes in the trees that were on its path and disappeared into the distance.

Godoran craftsmanship combined technology and magic, so it was not an ordinary weapon that was based on technology. Instead, its power was stronger than normal explosive powder, where one light bullet could take out 500 armor points; the damage was extremely high.

Han Xiao hovered in midair and used the sniper to kite the enemy. However, all the electromagnetic bullets were blocked off by the shield. At the same time, Kerlodd pulled off another golden ball, which formed a weird gun that was the size of half of the body and fired into the sky.


A bright red beam shot out of the barrel. Han Xiao tried to dodge it, but he still got tagged by the edge of them beam, and the armor points dropped by 300.

The Mechanic class clearly showed the power of having a better equipment and weapons. Kerlodd was supposed to be an enemy from Version 2.0, so it was natural that one felt his damage was too high.

Even though investigators were not famous for their combat skills, Kerlodd was different. He had great confidence in his combat abilities, and he thought that he could suppress anyone from the lower civilization with just his equipment alone.

Kerlodd had the sense of pride as a part of a higher civilization, and he did not put Planet Aquamarine in his eyes. He did not understand why Han Xiao attacked, but a lower species trying to challenge him was just to ask for death. He wanted Han Xiao to understand the position that he was in.

Han Xiao remained calm. It was not the first time that he had fought someone stronger than him. Even though Kerlodd had good equipment and attributes, but he was still an elite model, so the skills and abilities were all normal.

This is probably the first time I've fought with a space soldier. His ranged attack is stronger than mine. I need to try and get close.

Han Xiao instantly adapted his plan and dove down onto the enemy. Four Sonic Spheres flew and exploded around Kerlodd. Kerlodd's shield was affected by the attack, meaning that the attack was stable.

Kerlodd counter attacked with his spear. Han Xiao also used a basic shield made out of electromagnetic field and blocked the attack.


The sparks dance around the friction between Han Xiao's electromagnetic blades and Kerlodd's shield.

Bang bang bang!

Punches and kicks with huge bursts of energy landed on Kerlodd's body. The shield was heavily weakened, and the suit was also heavily damaged.

Even though close quarter combat was advantageous for a Mechanical Pugilist, Han Xiao had a variety of skills and abilities that overwhelmed Kerlodd.

The two men did not rest for a second, and the battlefield was soon moved away from the spaceship crash site and into a forest.

Even though the Godoran investigator had the advantage in equipment, Han Xiao's attacks were too complex and unpredictable. Kerlodd could not hold back the attacks as he got more and more frustrated.

[Sonic Sphere—Penetrate] again released a penetrating sound wave. The shield flickered, and the energy was finally exhausted.

He's so hard to deal with!

As Kerlodd realized the danger that he was in, he intentionally left an opening and used his suit to take a direct hit from Han Xiao. The light of suit dimmed again, but Kerlodd had the chance to open up another ball. It turned into a battle axe, which was the weapon that had the highest damage.

He had decided to end this battle!

The axe exploded in light like burning sun, and Kerlodd whirled it in the air and chopped down.


The earth cracked, and the impact wave exploded onto the side. The suit showed another ferocious crack, and the armor points dropped again.

"One more!" Kerlodd roared. He took a step back, used another skill as his body shined, and attacked again.

The signal of danger was imminent and deadly—the air pressure was landing at extremely high speed!

"Nice!" Han Xiao was happy instead of being afraid. He quickly activated the skill that he had saved up.

[Aftershock - Death Thorns]!


The battle axe flew away, and Kerlodd fell to the ground on his knees as his hands were covered in his own blood.

The maxed-out skill [Aftershock - Death Thorns] could return fifty percent of close combat damage, which broke through Kerlodd's armor and dealt actual damage.

The Sonic Spheres again landed on the enemy, and Kerlodd was knocked away. However, the shield on his suit was still active.

"You are strong. I did not think that this planet had people who are this strong."

Kerlodd tried to catch his breath. He stood up again and took another two balls, which turned into another shield and a longsword.

"But choosing to fight me was your biggest mistake! My equipment is so much stronger than yours. You are a strong fighter, so I will kill you with honor."

Han Xiao stopped moving and shook his head.

"Man, I didn't want to do this."

Before Kerlodd realized what was going on, Han Xiao's energy power boosted at an insane rate. The thick and strong mechanical force covered the mechanical suit, as if it was a lighting snake crawling on his body. The energy core of the mechanical suit was so bright that it hurt Kerlodd's eyes.

At the same time, a shadow of a man wearing a black mask appeared behind Han Xiao.


Mechanical Skill [Snake – Devil]: Energy core overloads, attributes buff increases. All modules have no cost.

Duration of Status: 2 – 7 minutes

Cooldown: 7 days

Character Summon Card: Germinal Organization Leader [Combo Penetration]: For the next 8 seconds, all skills deal critical true damage, ignoring all armor. The target's defense status will also decrease by 24%, lasting 5 minutes.

Usage: 1/12


And also, Flaming Will! Overload! Surging Mechanical Force!

Bang Bang Bang Bang!

The tsunami of attacks washed over the frightened face of Kerlodd.