The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 307

Chapter 307: Alien Captive

The sound of the explosions came continuously from where the spaceship had crashed. Huang Jian rubbed his hands and exhaled, worried.

Sounds like a battle, but who is he fighting?

Huang Jian was confused. In this unpopulated wilderness, was Han Xiao fighting with an alien?

Even the thought of it made him think that it was such a crazy world.

After a while, the sound disappeared, and Huang Jian worried even more. Although he had heard of how strong Han Xiao was, the enemy was an alien after all.

If anything happens to him, there won't be anyone giving me orders. Should I continue to wait or…

Just as he was in a dilemma, an outline of a person flew in his direction from the place where the spaceship crashed and approached very quickly; it was Han Xuan, and he landed near the helicopter. Some parts of his mechanical suit had even cracked, exposing the wires inside, sparkling with electricity.

"Great, you're okay." Huang Jian heaved a sigh of relief. Suddenly, he saw that Han Xiao had brought along a being of a species that he had never seen before, and its feet and hands were locked by electrical handcuffs—that was Kerlodd, who was had multiple bruises on his face and was naked.

"A—a—ali…" Huang Jian stuttered and pointed at Kerlodd in shock, unable to say a complete word.

"An alien, took me quite some effort to capture him." Han Xiao grabbed Kerlodd by his hair and stuffed him into the cabin. This Godoran's face was filled with rage, but his mouth was blocked, so he could not say anything.

Huang Jian was stunned. He knew that Han Xiao was strong, but he did not know that Han Xiao was so strong that he could even capture an alien. His knowledge of Han Xiao was refreshed.

"Fly the helicopter quickly. This place is close to Raylen's border, so their people will be here very soon," Han Xiao said.

Huang Jian started flying the helicopter hastily, and they departed.

Han Xiao took off the mechanical suit on the helicopter and checked its damage. The armor was only at twenty percent. The Godora investigator's equipment was much more advanced; however, his last burst had made Kerlodd unable to fight back at all. All Kerlodd could do was lie there and take it.

He destroyed the investigator suit, seized the tiny golden ball, made sure that Kerlodd would not be able to touch any weapon, and only left him with a translator to make fooling him easier… no, to make communicating with him easier.

He got the communicator and a Godoran—the result was better than expected.

I can still get quite a number of things from him. I shall deal with him after getting back. Han Xiao thought on the new plan.

Huang Jian was very curious about the alien, and he kept turning back. "Your Excellency, does he bite?"

He, a high civilization investigator, was being looked down on by a native as a savage beast! Kerlodd was furious, but his limbs were all tied, so he could only express his protests by knocking his head on the metal plate strongly.

"I don't think he bites…" Han Xiao touched his chin and said with a low voice, "but seeing that he's so furious, maybe he has such twisted interests."

Bang! Bang!

Kerlodd continued knocking his head on the metal plate.

"Is he edible?" Huang Jian asked curiously.

Han Xiao pinched the Godoran's arms and said, "The skin is quite smooth, and the meat is rather solid. Are you interested?"

Huang Jian hesitated then nodded and said, "I have never eaten an alien before."

Boom boom boom!

The frequency of head knocking on the metal plate became higher.

Underdeveloped! Savages! Kerlodd growled in his heart, then a tint of fear appeared in his mind.

Do these natives really want to eat me‽

Huang Jian was very interested and asked questions one after another, wanting to understand how Han Xiao knew an alien would arrive on in Planet Aquamarine and why he captured the alien. Incidentally, Kerlodd wanted to know the answer to these questions as well.

First, the space ship malfunctioned and was barely crash-landed, then came this strong guy in a mechanical suit, saying that he was there to welcome him. However, this 'representative' sneak attacked him, beat him up, and bound him.

Thinking that the analysis panel's danger evaluation to Planet Aquamarine was 'Low', Kerlodd was in a rage. How long has it been since the database was last updated? How is this not dangerous!

Besides, who is he? Why did he capture me? How did he know I crash landed here?

Kerlodd could not figure it out, and of course, Han Xiao was not saying anything.

"Is it a male or female?" Huang Jian was curious.

"Check it yourself," Han Xiao said with a weird expression.

Huang Jian opened his eyes wide and looked for a while, then said in surprise, "I thought that since this alien's build is so huge, it should be huge too…"


Kerlodd could not take the humiliation anymore and used all his strength to bang his head against the metal plate, knocking himself unconscious.

More than ten minutes after the helicopter left, Raylen's troops arrived late at the scene, found the crashed spaceship, and immediately locked the area down in shock.

"This is a spaceship from outer space!"

"According to the orders from above, this is a spaceship from the friendly Godoran Civilization that was specifically sent to help us investigate the Inhumans!"

"Even the mountain peak was destroyed—this was not a usual landing, and the spaceship wrecked! Check for survivors immediately!"

"Report, no corpses were discovered in the spaceship. There are traces of a battle here!"

Raylen's troops collected clues, observed the battlefield, and reached their first conclusion.

"Two people fought each other, both superhumans. One of them used weapons unknown to us. The marks on these trees seem like they were melted through by laser beams; the slash marks are extremely smooth; they were not caused by ordinary cold weapons. These battle traces have comparatively higher radiation levels, so this should be the Godoran.

"The other party used firearms; the metal construction of the bullet shells is similar to ours. There are also some armor shards in the ground, so this should be someone very strong in our planet. The actual person needs to be further verified with the database. From the destruction level of the scene, this person's strength is definitely at the top of Planet Aquamarine, and there are very limited people in this category. The person should be identified within a short period.

"The result of the battle was most likely that the Godoran was captured and taken away."

"Are there any other discoveries?"

At this time, a researcher noticed that the spaceship's armor was open, and inside were the internal parts of the spaceship. He looked inside curiously, and as he was using the torchlight, he suddenly found something special. The researcher said, "There seem to be liquid in the spaceship."


The crowd surrounded the area. With a strong light shining in, they found a pile of metal and pipes covered in black, sticky liquid.

"What is that?"

"Probably fuel."

At this time, the officer suddenly said, "Orders from above, transport the spaceship back to the nation secretly!"

The accident that happened to the Godora spaceship was a once in a blue moon chance for the Planet Aquamarine regimes, so Raylen decided to research on the technology of the spaceship. Since they were behind the other civilizations, they had to grab any chance to develop themselves; the hope of prospering only appeared when there were risks.

Of course, Raylen did not want to anger the Godoran Civilization, so they would report this to the Godoran Civilization, but they were going to delay it for some time, acting oblivious to the situation.

Raylen took this very seriously. They were determined to prevent news of the incident from spreading, and they wanted to have the spaceship excluding themselves.

About the missing Godoran, Raylen decided to search in secret.

The engineering team soon arrived. They dug out the spaceship, covered it in black cloth, and used three transporting helicopters to move it into Raylen's territory.