The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 308

Chapter 308: Deal

Being back at the Sanctuary, Han Xiao locked Kerlodd in his secret base, then checked his battle trophies.


Godora Battle Spear (Super Model)

Type: Highly Compressed Cold Weapon + Light Element Enhanced

Quality: Green

Basic Stats: Melee Damage 247 – 255, Ranged Damage 294 – 381

Power Output: 346

Requirements: Above LV 50, Above 1500 Energy

Length: 1.7 m

Weight: 37 lbs

Energy Source: Lv.3 Magic Engraving

Made in: Godora Military Satellite 7, Dawn Military Workshop, No. 248 Assembly Line. Product Serial Number PV1324

Ability: [Golden Thrust]

- Activates Energy Engravings and releases magic bullets from the tip of the spear.

- Energy Usage: 5 per shot

- Cooldown: 11 s after every 20 shots.

Ability: [Godora Slash]

- Using 10 Energy, releases an arc light blade, +240% attack area of next slash, +60% damage, deals splash damage

- Cooldown: 8.6 s

Additional Effect: [Magic Affinity] — Using MiGold as the material, +12% Magic Resistance

Additional Effect: [Portable Compressing] — Can be compressed into a gold sphere

Remarks: Godora Crafted Weapon, made with MiGold, has light element blessing and high compressing technology. A product made from the combination of vintage aesthetics and advanced technology, of magic and technology, it is useable in both melee and ranged battles. It is common equipment in Godoran Civilization.


These small golden spheres were assembly line products, standard equipment for an investigator, and not made by Kerlodd himself. He was a standard galactic warrior. Plus, Mechanical Pugilists were more focused on fighting, so their building abilities were very low.

All seven golden spheres were products of technology and magic. The basic damage was two to three times higher than usual gunpowder firearms, and with the enhancements from mechanic abilities, the difference would be even larger.

The standard equipment for high civilizations could be roughly divided into two types, normal models and Super models. Stronger beings could use strong weapons with higher requirements and make better use of their energy, whereas normal models were equivalent to gray quality.

The 'Super' in Super models referred to those with superpowers, like Superhumans. However, naturally, not every being in the universe was a human; thus, Super was used as a catch-all term.

Magic knowledge is not compatible with me; I can't reverse engineer the building process of this equipment. In the case of the normal path of pure machinery, after the gunpowder firearms should be the electromagnetic energy firearms, and the basic attributes of those are about the same level as this.

Han Xiao nodded. The strength of standard equipment of civilizations was an indirect indication of that civilization's strength. Godora was a Galactic Civilization, and compared to the entire Galaxy, its civilization level was in the middle. However, in the eyes of Planet Aquamarine people, any civilization able to travel in the galaxy was an advanced civilization.

If players wanted to build mixed equipment with combined technology, it would require different classes working together, a Mechanic building the basic structures and a Mage giving blessings. There were also some restrictions on the details.

This was the first batch of galactic equipment that Han Xiao had acquired, and his favorite was that firearm that could shoot a beam cannon, which had a very magical name—Wrath of Garrett. Its range was six hundred meters, and its basic damage was an astonishing five hundred! It could temporarily replace the Ghost sniper rifle, becoming the best weapon to use with Flaming Will.

However, the most important thing about a Mechanic was the machinery they made themself—only these could be considered as regular equipment. Han Xiao was very clear of this fact, and these new weapons could only be used during his transition into the galaxy.

After putting away the equipment, Han Xiao took out the galactic communicator. His face turned serious in the face of the key item.

At this time, Kerlodd, who had been tossed and left in the corner, secretly opened his eyes. Seeing that Han Xiao was looking at the galactic communicator, his lips warped into a sneer.

Although he had become a prisoner, Kerlodd still held onto his sense of superiority; he was sure that this Planet Aquamarine native would not be able to use the communicator. In his eyes, Han Xiao was like a monkey getting its new toy.

A thought appeared in his mind, and Kerlodd suddenly felt energetic. He doesn't know how to use any of this equipment, which means he will definitely ask me about to use them. Maybe I can trick him into sending a rescue signal to the headquarters without him knowing…

Kerlodd felt this plan could work, and he became excited as he saw hope.

At this time, Han Xiao easily brought up the translucent crystal screen of the communicator, looked at the screen full of Godora words, chose the option to switch language instantly, and changed it into Planet Aquamarine's language. Back then, when Godorans first came in contact with Planet Aquamarine, they had keyed the Planet Aquamarine language into the database. This was one of the things that had to be done when they discovered a new civilization, only then could they analyze the language for ease of communication.

The Galactic Communicator was a necessity for galactic travel; every player in his previous life used it before, and Han Xiao was so familiar with it that he could even operate it with his eyes closed. He easily brought up the login interface for a personal account, turned to look at the stunned Kerlodd, and said casually, "Kerlodd, right? Good that you're awake. Now, tell me your personal account."

"How can you possibly know how to use the communicator? And about personal accounts? Who are you‽" Kerlodd's eyes were filled with disbelief. He could almost not make sense of his words and was terrified—how could a native know about these things‽

There was only one explanation for this—this guy is definitely not a native! He came from the galaxy as well!

Thinking of this, Kerlodd's sense of superiority was nowhere to be found anymore; he was stunned and confused.

Originally, he had planned to threaten the man with the name of Godora, but it would only be useful against a native. People in the galaxy would not be afraid of such a vague threat at all. With the distance and peace treaty limitations, this method would not work at all. Furthermore, he was just a little investigator, not anyone in a high position.

"Who am I?" Han Xiao raised the corner of his lips and said deliberately mysteriously, "Our meeting was rushed. Please, allow me to officially introduce myself. My name is Han Xiao. There's nothing else you need to know."

Kerlodd was more convinced of his guess and felt that Han Xiao was very mysterious. He looked Han Xiao in his eyes and saw an abyss filled with mist. Suddenly, it occurred to him, and he yelled, "Wait a minute, how did you know my name‽"

"You are a Godoran Investigator, ordered to investigate the so-called 'Inhumans' in Planet Aquamarine," Han Xiao said slowly. "Due to unknown reasons, your spaceship met an accident."

"Are you a mind reader or Foreseer?" Kerlodd said with a cautious expression. He discreetly used his energy to protect his mind; however, he did not discover any traces of it being invaded.

"Guess," Han Xiao said mockingly.

This attitude made Kerlodd grind his teeth, but he had no choice under such circumstances. He held his anger and asked, "Why did you attack me?"

Han Xiao pointed at the communicator and said, "Don't worry, this is not personal. I also am not hostile toward Godora. All I want is this."

"You call this not hostile?" Kerlodd tried to pull away from the mechanical chains in rage.

Han Xiao sat on the sofa, placed his hands on his knees, leaned toward the Godoran with a pressurizing look, and said coldly, "If I was hostile, you would already be dead."

"You just think I am still useful to you," Kerlodd said with abhorrence.

"Correct answer, no reward." Han Xiao smiled. "I just need the communicator to contact Galactic Travel Agency and leave this planet. We cannot be considered enemies. The crash of your spaceship had nothing to do with me, and attacking you was just to prevent accidents. I know about Godorans' arrogance full well, and we can only have a proper talk after I defeat you. Now, I have a deal I want to talk to you about… Of course, you are in no place to reject."

Kerlodd clenched his teeth and said, "Go ahead!"

"I need to borrow the money in your personal account. If you are willing to cooperate, I can let you go and bring you to leave with me. At that time, you can return home if you like."

Kerlodd was surprised. "You're willing to let me go?"

"Why not?" Han Xiao laughed. "I have no grudge with or hatred toward Godora; I'm just robbing you of your money, not your life. I didn't really hurt you. Or is it that, because I defeated you, you are holding grudges and want revenge?"

Kerlodd thought carefully. Indeed, Han Xiao's direct conflict with him was only their fight. Although he had lost, Han Xiao did not hurt him severely and even gave him a chance to return home. Godora had the old tradition of admiring the strong, and he was an investigator, so fighting was normal.

Although he was still quite upset, Kerlodd's rage gradually cooled down.

After pondering, he said with dignity, "As long as you fulfill your part of the deal, I am willing to cooperate. I can promise in the name of God Gal that I will never seek revenge; I admit my defeat."

God Gal was the religious god of Godora, so this kind of promise was very solemn.