The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 310

Chapter 310: Raylen's Message

In the high tower of Sanctuary Three, Bennett stood behind the window with hands behind his back and looked down on the players in the square with deep and mysterious emotions in his eyes.

The door was pushed open. Han Xiao walked in, and Bennett asked with a serious expression, "Is that alien still alive?"

Han Xiao stepped aside, and Kerlodd walked in as well. Bennett's pupils constricted; this was the first time that he had seen an alien, so he could not help but stare, forgetting himself.

"Native, what are you looking at!" Kerlodd said unhappily.

"He speaks our language?" Bennett said with surprise.

Han Xiao pointed at the translator and explained it to Bennettonly then did Bennett understand.

"Aliens' technology is indeed advanced," Bennett commented. He looked at the two of them and said in confusion, "Didn't you capture him? Why does it look like"

"We have agreed on some matters." Han Xiao did not want Kerlodd to hear their following conversation, so he took off his translator.

"How did you know about the alien?" Han Xiao asked.

Bennett shook his head and said in a low voice, "Raylen told me, or else I wouldn't have known an alien came. They investigated you, confirmed that you captured the alien, and contacted me discreetly to demand that you to give them the alien."

Han Xiao was not surprised that it was Raylen. Following the traces at that time, they would indeed investigate him. Besides he had never planned to hide it because there was no need to.

"And what if I reject?"

"Their official response was 'violent methods will be unavoidable'. Raylen is very firm this time."

Not only was Han Xiao one of the biggest contributors to the fall of the Germinal Organization, but he was also the strongest superhuman in Planet Aquamarine. So, the Six Nations respected him. However, Raylen had made up their mind this time and had a very strong attitude; they were not preparing to give him face and wanted to force Han Xiao to give up the Godoran and control him. Han Xiao inwardly shook his head; Raylen's hostility meant nothing to him anymore.

Bennett was very speechless. "Can you tell me, how did you kidnap an alien back after a casual walk outside? What do you want to do?"

Han Xiao sat down, looked at Bennett, and said, "I'm planning to leave Planet Aquamarine."

Bennett was completely stunned.

This message was way too sudden, Bennett only regained his focus after a while and asked with surprise, "Why? Are you really an alien?"

"Compared to the galaxy, Planet Aquamarine is just a tiny rural place. The world is so large, and I want to explore it." Han Xiao smiled.

Turns out this was the reason for the capture the alien

Bennett adjusted his mindset very quickly. He had seen a lot of things. After all, he said with some sadness, "You are a friend who shares the same ideals as me. If you've really decided that, I can only wish you all the best. I will miss you."

Han Xiao looked him in the eye and smiled. "That's a wider world, aren't you tempted? Do you want to come with me?"

Bennett's mind drifted away a little. It was like he saw the endless galaxy in Han Xiao's eyes. Men's romance was the sea of stars, and one could only look further by standing taller.

His heart started beating faster; the desire for exploration in his heart became stronger.

However, Bennett calmed down very quickly. He shook his head and said, "The sanctuary is my ideal. Sorry, I need to continue it."

Han Xiao hesitated and said, "There's actually another reason. A disaster will sweep over Planet Aquamarine in two to three years' time; I foresaw it. It's a horrifying disaster, and there's a very low chance of surviving Are you really not leaving?"

Han Xiao decided to warn Bennett about the arrival of the Mutation Disaster. After all, Bennett had treated him well. It was dangerous staying in Planet Aquamarine, and Han Xiao wanted to enter the galaxy before Version 1.0. One of the main goals that he had was to avoid the first and most dangerous wave of disaster when the Mutation Disaster arrived in Planet Aquamarine.

With the possible identity of a foreseer, Han Xiao's 'foresight' had reasons to be believed.

However, after Bennett listened carefully to Han Xiao's rough description of the disaster, his hesitation disappeared completely, and he said, "Then I categorically have to stay; this is my home, and she needs me."

Han Xiao stared at Bennett for a while before letting out a long sigh.

"Indeed, that's the type of person you are."

People's beliefs differed and could not be forced. Bennett stared at Han Xiao with complicated emotions in his eyes and asked, "Are you leaving to avoid the danger?"

Han Xiao smiled and said, "The solution to the disaster is hidden in the galaxy. Not only am I avoiding danger, but I am also looking for the solution in the galaxy."

He did not lie to Bennett; solving the Mutation Disaster in Version 2.0 in advance was part of his plan. If he could change the storyline of Planet Aquamarine in Version 2.0, he would definitely gain some Legendary Points.

Hearing this, Bennett smiled and said, "I was not wrong about you. When I heard your speech back then, I knew we are the same type of people."

We are not! Han Xiao's lips twitched. That speech had been completely copied from Bennett's original words in his previous life. The last time that Han Xiao had gone to look for Bennett in Sanctuary One, he had seen the speech hung in Bennett's office and was specified that the original author was Han Xiao, showing Bennett's admiration to the speech, and that had been a little awkward for Han Xiao.

Anyway, although their motive was different, their goal was the same, so the motives would not matter.

Since Bennett knew about Han Xiao's thoughts, he completely left Raylen's demands behind.

"How are you going to leave Planet Aquamarine?"

"I have already made the arrangements; you will know by then."

Seeing that Han Xiao did not want to give the details, Bennett held back his curiosity and said, "If you leave, Sanctuary Three will need to elect a new person in charge, do you have anyone to recommend?"

Han Xiao pondered and said, "Huang Yu. He has been dealing with all the daily matters in the sanctuary, and he is very familiar of the situation here. It will be most suitable for him to take over."

Through the influence of the Pro League, the Players' Main City impression of Sanctuary Three was complete. Even if Han Xiao left, the sanctuary's position would not be affected. Sanctuary Three had his name in it, and every player arriving at the place would be reminded of him.

However, the sanctuary players would not be able to enjoy all of his 'functions', which might cause the sanctuary to lose some of its popularity.

Han Xiao suddenly had a new thought. Maybe there's a way to continue strengthening the influence of the sanctuary even after I leave the planet

Since he had already told Bennett about the Mutation Disaster, this 'foresight' should be able to make more impact. Han Xiao gave it a slight thought and came up with a plan, memorizing it in his heart.

Bennett agreed that Huang Yu was a suitable candidate as well. Suddenly, Bennett said with a serious tone, "There are too many Inhumans in Sanctuary Three, even more than the refugees; they're taking up too much space. They have unknown origins and are too mysterious. This is a potential security threat, I don't know how you make them work for you, but if you leave, what are we going to do with them?"

"When the disaster is upon us, the Inhumans will most likely be the pillar of sanctuary's protection. Don't be too strict toward themaccept and include them." As the players grew, the various organizations in Planet Aquamarine feared 'Inhumans' more and more, and naturally, Bennett was not an exception. He had to convince Bennett to make sure that his achievements in Planet Aquamarine would not be destroyed.

Upon hearing this, Bennett's expression changed. "If that's the case, I will take it very seriously."

Although he feared the Inhumans, he changed his attitude immediately upon knowing that the Inhumans could protect the sanctuary; this reasoning was very effective on him.

The two of them chatted for a while, then Bennett stood up and said his goodbyes. He had come to deal with Raylen's message but unexpectedly heard about Han Xiao plans. In this case, Raylen's warning would not be worrying at all.

On the other hand, the disaster that Han Xiao had told him about gave him a heavy heart; it felt like there was a dark cloud above the path in front of him. He decided to immediately return and write the crisis protocols, strengthen the sanctuaries' protection, and speed up the plan.

Bennett was sad to see a partner like Han Xiao go, so he said sincerely, "I wish you all the best, and I hope that we can meet again one day."

Han Xiao reached out to give Bennett a firm handshake.

They smiled at each other.

Bennett's arrival reminded Han Xiao that he should notify some of his friends. Hila and Aurora had stayed in the sanctuary because of him, so he decided to tell them about it first.

On that same night, under the clear sky and Sleepy Winter, he summoned Hila and Aurora to tell them that he was going into the galaxy soon.

As expected, they were surprised, and their faces were filled with disbelief.

"Han Xiao, what is the galaxy like? Have you met an alien?" Aurora asked hurriedly.

During these days, Aurora had been resting in the sanctuary and regained health. Han Xiao also corrected what she called him; he was finally not called an uncle.

Han Xiao asked Kerlodd to come closer and said, "This is an alien."

Aurora's eyes were filled with curiosity. "Aliens look quite similar to us. Does he bite?"

This question again! Can't you natives be more knowledgeable!

Kerlodd could not take it anymore and yelled at Aurora, "I don't!"


Kerlodd fell onto the ground with his face down.

Han Xiao put his hands down and said hastily, "Be kinder to kids."

"Aliens are so scary," Aurora mumbled softly.

Hila pointed at Han Xiao with an expressionless face and said, "he's obviously scarier."