The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 323

Chapter 323: Danger and Splitting Up

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“Has the distress signal been sent out yet‽”

In the main control room, the captain was covered in sweat while the operator at the side was panicking.

“Our communications have been jammed; all signals are blocked.”

“Impossible, the communication device on Short Horn Star is a high-grade device brought from a galactic civilization. How do these scavengers have such high-grade equipment‽”

The captain was shocked and furious. Galactic long-range communicators had universality and diversity, causing signal blocking devices to be very expensive. Furthermore, the enemy had an ‘anti-jump’ device that could disrupt the space and prevent jumping.

The captain was devastated. These scavengers are way too well equipped!

The Short Horn Star was unable to escape or request help—it could only last for a short time with its shield and armor. There was still a chance to survive. If the high energy in the area was captured by the detectors Godora set up around the galaxy, security would rush to help.

In the populated Star Zones, the ruling civilization was the main security. The detectors were very sensitive, and some of them had fixed locations, monitoring a large area with artificial intelligence, like a secured perimeter.

At the time, Short Horn Star was flying toward the nearest detector. Since they could not space jump, it would take them about twenty to twenty-five minutes to reach the secured perimeter at full speed. The scavenger spaceships were small and agile but not very powerful in their attacks. The shield could barely last for this amount of time.

However, the enemies boarding the ship were the imminent threat. The guards in the ship were gradually losing, and their target was definitely the main control room.

If the main control room was taken, it would mean that Short Horn Star had lost. At that point, escaping would become a dream.

“Only one-third of the guards are left; they’re retreating and can’t stop the enemies… The scavengers are coming toward the main control room. Captain, what do we do now?” An assistant looked at the surveillance image and shivered nervously.

“Try to negotiate!” The captain clenched his teeth, turned on the broadcast, and with not much hope, expressed that they were willing to pay them ‘passage money’. However, the scavengers did not reply; it was clear that they wanted to take the entire ship.

The scavengers had only blocked the signals outside, so the internal broadcast in the ship could still function.

Guards fell one after another in the surveillance image, and the captain was getting desperate. Suddenly, his expression changed, and he asked, “Quickly, get the passenger list, see if there’s someone strong!”

Someone frantically filtered the passenger list, and a few people’s identities were displayed. All of them was slightly renowned combat personnel, and among them, the most famous one was the high-level mercenary ‘The Green Knight’.

“The Green Knight! It’s him! Great!”

The captain was overjoyed. He hastily announced through the broadcast, “Passengers, the situation right now is very urgent. The scavengers are heading toward the main control room. I hope the passengers with combat abilities can help us. This is saving yourselves, too, and I will pay a large monetary reward…”

The current situation was almost desperate. They would only have a chance to escape if the enemies on the ship could be defeated, so the passengers were his last hope.

The captain could only rely on the passengers, especially the renowned Green Knight.


The war hammer swung sideways and blew away a large group of the spaceship guards.

Serpent Braid swung the war hammer with one hand, covered in gray Pugilist flames. The bullets and low-level energy beams could only leave white marks on his stone skin—this was his race talent, making him very tough.

He was laughing insolently, charging forward with ease, and forced the guards away. The battle in the ship was heated—the shield outside was covered in explosions too. It was like a song of war.

“Where are we now?”

“Boss, first class is right ahead. Cesoly is waiting for you there.”

Not long after, the metal gate of the first class appeared in front—it was locked. Serpent Braid held onto the handle of the hammer with both hands this time, spun around twice, and bashed the gate. With a loud bang, the gate was blasted away.

Cesoly walked out with a smile and said, “You’re finally here.”

“Good job, where’s that Godoran?”

“In economy class.”

“Good!” Serpent Braid grinned, turned around, and saw a group of passengers freaking out. He then ordered, “Capture all of them as hostages. Some of you stay here to guard.”

A group of scavengers cuffed small black rings onto the passengers’ hands and feet, which then extended automatically into mechanical cuffs. They were very thick and tough, and even normal Supers could not escape them. All of those passengers were taken hostage.

There were a few Supers in these passengers, but the scavengers outnumbered them. After seeing Serpent Braid’s strength, any will to resist vanished.

Serpent Braid then headed toward the economy class hall and brought those passengers under control once again. They searched carefully, but there was no sign of the Godoran, which made him furious.

“I only moved to the first class yesterday, and the spaceship never made a stop,” Cesoly said hastily. “He is definitely still on the ship.”

Serpent Braid grabbed the head of a passenger and yelled, “Where’s that Godoran?”

“The—they broke through the door earlier and ran out,” the person answered hastily.


His head was crushed. Blood splattered onto the faces of the other hostages, and they screamed.

Serpent Braid shook his hands and said angrily, “They actually ran away. Go, find them now…”

Before he could finish his sentence, the voice of the other group of scavengers came out of the communicator. “Request for backup! We met a strong Super on the way to the main control room and were stopped. Please help!”

“Boss, the target is in this spaceship and won’t be able to run away,” Cesoly said hurriedly. “We should take over the main control room first. As long as we have control of the spaceship, we will find the target sooner or later.”

Serpent Braid nodded and said, “Then let’s go to the main control room. Cesoly, you stay here with some people to keep these passengers under control.”

“No problem.”

The economy class passengers were cuffed and thrown aside. With the scavengers aiming their firearms at them, they were shivering and did not dare move.

Serpent Braid took some people and headed toward the main control room. The spaceship was rather large, so it took some time for them to finally arrive at the scene. Corpses of the scavengers were scattered all over the floor. Serpent Braid saw a flash and a green burst of light like a fountain at the end of the path. About a dozen scavengers were thrown against the wall. Their bodies were twisted, and their bones were broken.

The Green Knight stood at the path to the main control room with a cold face. Green streams of light covered his body like ripples. He was actually an Esper, able to control a special green energy that could be melded into various shapes, which could be used to attack and defend. It was considered a variant of force field type Esper power, and this was also how he had gotten his name.

“Look, Green Knight Lerden, a high-level mercenary, a remnant of the Sunil race.” Desire appeared in Serpent Braid’s eyes. He gripped his war hammer, walked toward him with excitement, and said, “Finally, someone strong.”

Lerden’s eyes were filled with coldness. He was a mercenary, so the reason he was helping was mostly because of the reward promised by the captain. Otherwise, he would have gone to find the escape ship long ago.

His left mechanical arm folded and transformed, showing a black cannon muzzle. Laser beams shot out at an extremely high speed, penetrating through the chest of a few scavengers, leaving a burnt hole behind.

The other scavengers looked for cover hastily and fought back. Serpent Braid was fearless. He charged forward with large strides—the lasers only left burn marks on his skin. He spun the war hammer covered in thick gray flames and bashed straight down on The Green Knight’s head!

Lerden raised his left arm. The green light formed a burning light shield and blocked his head.


The impact rippled through the light shield, and green light splashed all over the place.

Ten minutes earlier…

In the Short Horn Star warehouse at the tail of the ship, far away from the battlefield, the sound of the battlefield could barely be heard. Han Xiao and the others were flipping through the warehouse.

“Found it.” Han Xiao finally found his box. He opened the password lock, and white and cold smoke billowed out. In it was the Amphiptere.

He quickly equipped it, activated the system, and was soon surrounded by the suit’s glow. Light from the energy core was shining bright, and blue energy flew through the pipes like blood.

With the equipment in hand, Han Xiao felt relieved. He brought along all of his weapons and suddenly remembered Kerlodd’s requests. After some consideration, he held onto ‘Wrath of Garrett’ and threw all of the remaining small golden spheres back to Kerlodd.

“Your equipment, take it. Don’t be a burden.”

Kerlodd was stunned for a moment. He grabbed the small spheres and said solemnly, “I will fight alongside you.”

Only half of the players were online, so it was only twenty or players who got their weapons back.

“We will split up into teams now,” Han Xiao said in a low voice.

As according to the plan, they divided into three groups. Frenzied Sword, Fried Eggplants with Fish, and another guild would be going to find and take control of the emergency escape ship. Temple of God and Dynasty would go to cut off the scavengers’ retreat route and stop the enemies from entering from the entrance they broke through. Kerlodd and the rest of the players would be following him to the main control room, which was the most important task.

At this moment, the announcement of the captain’s request for help came from the broadcast system.

Han Xiao’s eyes sparkled after he heard it.

Monetary reward…