The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 324

324 Expanding Profit Initiatives

The space in the spaceship was limited, so he could not wear the Bat Wings flying device. Han Xiao used his Electromagnetic Hover-boots and Mini Maneuvering Equipment to dash toward the main control room. The sliding speed was much faster than stepping on banana peels.

Han Xiao was experienced, so he knew that the main control room was extremely important, and to be able to make it in time for backup, he was moving at full speed. He could not afford to wait for Kerlodd and the others, who were temporarily left behind.

As he was rushing alone, he was also analyzing the enemy's strength in his head.

They could not make Short Horn Star fall even after this long. There is definitely no grade B Super among the scavengers, or the spaceship would have been captured long ago. The strongest among them would be at most grade C or C+. With my equipment and talents, there is a very high chance I can match up to the enemy. However, the enemy definitely has a lot of subordinates. The standard equipment between the galaxies varies, and their attack damage will not be too low. It will be quite dangerous to get focus fired.

Han Xiao remained calm as he listed the factors that would affect the situation in his head. He knew full well how strong he was—he would not be overconfident, nor would he overestimate the enemy.

Although there were many Supers in the universe. Very strong ones were scarce—most were still at grade E and D, excluding those who had just become Supers.

Starting from grade C, one would be considered to be quite strong. In Shattered Star Ring, grade C Supers were considered to be the backbone level. Grade B was very strong and rare, and grade A would be extremely rare.

The sound of collision echoed through the tunnel, making the metal walls tremble.

The green light clashed with the war hammer once again—both of them took large steps backward.


Steam shot out from behind Lerden's back, releasing the overload pressure from his implanted body. He was breathing heavily, sweating, and his already very pale cheeks became paler.

Using power required energy, but his mechanical implanted body could not generate energy. The mechanical implants gave him dynamic weapons and a harder body, so he would not die so easily. However, that came with a price—he could not last long in battle.

At this time, the mechanical implant body had damage everywhere, releasing electric flames. Serpent Braid was very fierce and powerful, but Lerden was confident that he would not lose to him. However, this was not a one on one—hundreds of scavengers hid at the side and shot at him. He had to be aware of the stray bullets at all times, so a lot of energy was wasted in building the energy shield. His concentration was diverted too, and a lot of damage was caused by the other scavengers.

At the end of the tunnel behind Lerden was the door to the main control room. If he walked away, the main control room would be in danger, which had restricted his movements for a very large extent. He did not dare ignore Serpent Braid and deal with the scavenger sidekicks first.

The door of the main control room was closed tightly, and all the situation outside was shown on the monitor from the surveillance cameras. Everyone in the main control room was terrified. The captain wiped his sweat, pressed on the table, and murmured, "Twelve minutes till we arrive at the security perimeter. You have to hang on!"

The intense sound of gunfire sounded again. Lerden could only create the light shield to protect himself while Serpent Braid grinned ferociously. Not giving Lerden any time to catch his breath, he pounced again and slammed the war hammer down rapidly.

Lerden's eyes were filled with blood, his face was cold, and he tried to hold on. However, the green light shield was turning dimmer at a visible speed.

Suddenly, the light shield burst, and the war hammer hit the left side of Lerden's body without any hindrance.


Half of Lerden's body exploded. Parts splashed out like a blossoming flower, shooting onto the walls, and the oil splattered all over the ground!

Lerden flew out and hit the wall, but there was no pain on his face. His body was half implants, so the shattered mechanical body did not have a sense of pain. This technology was more mature and complete than what the Germinal Organization had. Of course, it would not damage one's life.

Suddenly, flames shot out from under his feet. He flew up, jumped over Serpent Braid, and fled.

The reward was why he helped; his life was more important to him. Half of his body had shattered, and the situation was very critical, so he immediately fled without any hesitation. It was so rational it was almost too cold.

"This spaceship will definitely be lost. No matter what the scavengers want to do, I'm not their target. The security perimeter shouldn't be far from here. I just have to take the emergency aircraft to escape—the scavengers will not chase me."

Seeing that Lerden had fled, the captain lost all strength and plonked himself in a chair, his eyes shut in agony.

"It's over. It's all over."

The Green Knight had run away, and the enemy was inches away from the main control room. What more hope was there?

Serpent Braid suppressed his desire to chase. He remembered the main mission and brought the rest toward the main control room door.

Panic and terror spread—the people were horrified. Every step that the scavengers took, the captain's heart sunk deeper.

This situation was already hopeless. The captain could not think of anything that would reverse the situation. He could not help but think of his wife, his kid, and his mistress back home, and his heart filled with sorrow.

Just as Serpent Braid was about to hammer open the door, he suddenly heard an explosion, and a surge of heat rapidly approached from behind him. He hastily turned around, and a thick beam of scorching light rapidly expanded in his vision.

Serpent Braid hurriedly raised his war hammer before him, and the flames condensed into an invisible force field protection layer.

The beam hit right on target!


The war hammer turned into burning-hot iron instantly. With a loud scream from Serpent Braid, the war hammer fell out of his hand, and he was blown away. The ember on his arms and chest was still burning.

"What‽" The captain's expression suddenly changed.

At the other side of the tunnel, Han Xiao was holding a strange golden firearm, and smoke was still coming out of its muzzle.

'Wrath of Garrett' had 513 raw damage. With [Flaming Will] multiplying it by 2.7 times, plus two times critical from stealth attack, plus [Steady Aim] increasing damage by thirty percent, after damage reduction, this shot dealt 2,124 damage!

"Unfortunately, the True Damage from Lethal Shot did not trigger." Han Xiao glanced at the scene, as he said, "Looks like I'm just in time."

Serpent Braid struggled and stood up. He picked up the war hammer, letting it burn his hands, and stared daggers at Han Xiao. "Another one! Kill him!"

Other scavengers turned around and focus fired him—bullets and beams were everywhere. The tunnel was narrow, so there was nowhere to dodge. With one thought, the Hovering Shield Shuttle flew out, forming into an electromagnetic shield before Han Xiao, and the rain of bullets rippled the shield.

Serpent Braid spun the war hammer, not to attack Han Xiao but the main control room door.

With a loud bang, the door fell, and the main control room was exposed. The people inside hastily backed away from the door, and the captain banged into a chair while going backward, falling onto the ground. He looked up at the tall Serpent Braid with horror on his face.

Just as Serpent Braid was about to enter the main control room, at this time, a dark red stream of light appeared between Han Xiao's eyebrows, a sexy outline of a lady appeared behind him, her red long hair was floating like seaweed.

[Character Summon Card—Hila]!

Without any hesitation, Han Xiao used all three psychic impacts on Serpent Braid. Having just seen from the combat information that Serpent Braid was a LV 70 Pugilist, Han Xiao knew that since the Stone Giant blood gave him very strong physical resistance, correspondingly, his mind was his weakness.

Serpent Braid stopped in place. The next second, thick blood shot out from his nose and mouth, and he felt like his brain had exploded. The world was spinning, and he lost control of his body, fell before the main control room door, and could not get up.

Han Xiao endured being hit multiple times and dashed through the scavengers' blockade. His biological muscles expanded as he grabbed Serpent Braid's braid and threw him to the other side.

Their positions had swapped. Now, Han Xiao was blocking the door.

These actions had resolved the crisis of the main control room. The captain felt like he was toeing the line of life and death. He gulped nervously and said, "Are you a passenger, too?"

The captain could not express what he actually meant because he was so nervous. What he actually meant was, this mysterious mechanical suit warrior seemed to have even stronger combat power than the slightly renowned Green Knight, but why was he not on the passenger list earlier?

The captain had originally thought it was hopeless, but Han Xiao's appearance made him see the dawn once again.

This time, Han Xiao turned around and said, "I heard you'll pay a reward."

Although his face was covered by the mechanical suit, his tone was also calm. However, due to some reason, the captain felt like he could faintly see a profiteering smile on the man's face.

Probably my imagination…

After the disappointment from Green Knight earlier, the captain did not dare hesitate at all. He had to grab onto this life-saving rope at all costs, so he hastily exclaimed, "That's right! I can give you a lot of money! You must stop them!"

A notification appeared on the interface.


You have triggered the mission [Captain's Request].

Mission Introduction: The Short Horn Star's captain has decided to hire you to protect the spaceship and his safety.

Mission Requirements: Successfully protect Short Horn Star and keep the captain alive.

Reward: 8,000 Enas


8,000? That's quite a lot.

Enas had a very high purchasing power. Not mentioning Han Xiao's knowledge, Kerlodd's salary as an investigator was only 4,000 Enas annually, excluding the benefits that he received, and this guy splurged on entertainment and night activities, yet he could still save 800 plus Enas.

Han Xiao was very satisfied. Within the same matter, he could take initiative and reap more money from different people. Back when he was running his power levelling business, he had already become very familiar with this method. Many players had this habit as well. When they knew that they were going to a certain place, they would accept all the missions regarding that place in advance and complete them at once, getting a greater profit.

This new mission had only been given to him, and the other players did not have it.