The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 351

Chapter 351 The Black Star Will Bless You

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Through battlefield repairs, Han Xiao had gotten a few new blueprints, including the Hovering Turner, High Caliber Defensive Machine Gun, and the Offensive, Defensive, and Scouting Enlistee Class armor. As he expected, the NCO Class armor required [Heavy Machinery Modification], so the progress was stuck.

The Great Mechanic Han was not one to return with nothing, so using his relationship with the military, he bought three different types of NCO Class armors with 2,000 or so Enas. When he returned to the Juberly Hub and learned [Heavy Machinery Modification], he would be able to get its blueprint. He would then build the different sets of armor and sell them to the players. The cost of buying the armor could easily be earned back.

Everyone received twelve thousand, so their purchasing power is largely increased.Han Xiao was exuberant. This kind of mass-produced armor sold very well, and its attributes could be increased just by him putting in some experience to level up the blueprint. Furthermore, he had the boost from Machinery Affinity, so the armor that he produced would be much better than the ones from assembly lines. After selling them, he could still earn from long-term repair fees.

The commission that he received from the hire could only buy about one class advancement knowledge, but through profiting from the players, that earning could be multiplied many times.

The Credibility Points of the Black Star Mercenary Group increased quite a bit, and they finally had their first combat mission experience. The Sunils detailed their missions, including them requesting for the most dangerous missions and completing it perfectly without any deaths. This new information was very valuable.

The relationship with the Sunil was unlocked, and it increased to 1,000 points immediately, reaching the ‘Friendly’ level.

On top of all that, their Renown increased five points as well, two points more than the original reward, so Black Star’s name started to spread around the mercenary industry. The most direct increase was the Faction single mission reward quota was increased by 10,000 experience, which meant that there was 260,000 more daily experience due to the twenty-six times multiplier.

After the rewards were given, the mercenaries left one after another, but Han Xiao stayed in Forest City. The players stayed for a few days and got a little impatient.

On this day, the players found Han Xiao, and Frenzied Sword asked, “Black Phantom, you…”

“Call me Black Star.” Han Xiao knocked on Frenzied Sword’s head.

Frenzied Sword then said, “Black Star, when are we going back? What are we staying here for?”

“Waiting for someone.”

The players thought that after the Catastrophe ended so did this hiring mission, but in Han Xiao’s eyes, it was just the beginning!

One day later, the Sunil Military sent someone to tell Han Xiao that Herlous wanted to meet him. Han Xiao narrowed his eyes and smiled.


Following the soldiers to a base facility, he entered a private room, where Herlous was waiting. The man stood up, waved, and sent the soldiers away—he then closed the door, leaving the two of them alone in the room.

There were two glasses of alcohol on the table. Han Xiao glanced around and sat down directly. “I thought you’d find me sooner.”

“It was delayed by something. I had to fully cooperate with the military for publicity and lend the armor that my older brother left me to the research institution.” Herlous sighed. He had never expected to receive such treatment, but it was mainly caused by three reasons. Firstly, they needed to wash away the effect of the split up. Secondly, Herlous was strong, and strength signified position. There were only two known grade B Supers in the entire race—Fernas had left, and Herlous had appeared. Thirdly, they now had a chance to resurrect the Commander Class armor.

“You seem to have many questions for me, but first let me ask you a question…” Han Xiao raised the glass up, swirled it gently, and purposely said in a very slow tone, “Do you believe I’m a foreseer?”

“Half.” Herlous’ eyes were sparkling. “Did you foresee the future of me protecting the race long ago, and that was why you came to contact me?”

“Of course, I didn’t know a bar owner is actually a hidden grade B Super, and I also didn’t know that he would wear a Commander Class armor called Shattered Light to fight the Catastrophe.” Han Xiao said mockingly.

Herlous smiled bitterly. No one knew his armor was called Shattered Light, so the foreseer identity was proved. Yet, that left him with another question. “How many things can you foresee? How far can you see into the future?”

“Hahaha, frankly, I can only foresee parts of the future, bits and pieces. I don’t know much. If I didn’t accidentally peek into Planet Sunil’s future, I wouldn’t have come,” Han Xiao said sincerely without even blinking.

“I see, although I don’t know much about the galaxy, I did hear that foresight usually has limitations.” Herlous understood, and he was glad that Han Xiao had seen Planet Sunil’s future instead of something else’s future. Maybe this was the long-awaited luck of his race.

Suddenly, Herlous’ eyes became sharp. He stared at Han Xiao and said in a low voice, “So, what is your real motive?”

The atmosphere suddenly became intense, and faint flames flickered around Herlous. He felt that Han Xiao definitely had a goal, or else he would not have exposed his foresight. This mysterious man definitely wanted something from the Sunil race.

Han Xiao put the glass down and said slowly, “Let me tell you a story…

“In a planet where its surface civilization lagged behind, there was a handsome man who was a test subject. One day, he went through an experiment, awakened the ability of foresight, and saw many pieces of the future. Relying on his foresight, he escaped successfully and gained freedom, then he destroyed the evil enemy of this planet, becoming a legend known throughout the entire planet. However, at this time, he saw a new future, a man-made disaster from the sky would fall on his mother planet. The people behind it hid in the depths of the universe, so he left the planet and stepped into a broader world, searching for ways to save his mother planet…”

Han Xiao adjudged his collar. “Naturally, I am that handsome man:”

Herlous suddenly could not keep a serious face, and his lips started twitching. He did not know if calling oneself like that was common in the galaxy, but it was shameless in the Sunil culture…

“We are from different races, so it’s normal to have aesthetic differences,” Han Xiao said.

“Okay…” After being momentarily stunned, Herlous suddenly remembered what they were discussing. “So, you’re saying that you entered the universe to save your mother planet. What does that have to do with Sunil?”

Han Xiao smiled. “My mother planet is located in the Garton Galaxy, soon to face a disaster. I think you Sunils are more than familiar with the name of the people behind it.”

Herlous blinked a few times, then his expression suddenly changed. “DarkStar‽”

He suddenly felt that everything made sense, and everything was connected!

DarkStar was their common enemy; therefore, he came to Sunil. This was the motive!

“The mercenaries under me are warriors from my planet as well,” Han Xiao added. “They know of this as well, and they followed me because they wanted to search for a way to save the planet. They can vouch for me anytime. I helped you not only because we will share the same tragic experience but also because I’m looking for an ally. Since you know why I came, you don’t have to worry anymore.”

Herlous’ expression softened, and he was immediately filled with respect for Han Xiao. “So, you’re the same as the guardians of Sunil, a hero wanting to protect his planet.”

Without any blushing, Han Xiao said with humility, “I’m not a hero. I just have responsibilities on my shoulders.”

The Great Mechanic Han felt like he had traveled back in time when he acted like he was brainwashed. Giving an Oscar-worthy performance, his actor’s soul was on fire.

This moment, Herlous felt that Han Xiao looked much taller and greater, and he felt a bit ashamed.

Han Xiao had the resolve to immediately look for ways to save his planet just because he foresaw parts of the future—he was a complete doer. He, however, even after his race went through a disaster, still escaped from reality for so many years. Just thinking about it made his face hot—he was ashamed and could not remain tough in front of Han Xiao anymore.