The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 353

Chapter 353 Abducting A Man

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Herlous was filled with doubts. Just as he was going to say something, Han Xiao spoke first.

“Don’t be too quick to make an assumption. Not long ago, you didn’t believe that I was a foreseer. If you hadn’t changed your mind, this meeting wouldn’t have taken place. I don’t need you to believe it right now, but think about this, do I have any reason to lie to you? Sunils never promised me any benefits, and even if what I said is not true, you people will not suffer any loss.”

“That’s true.” Herlous nodded and agreed. Indeed, even if Han Xiao was lying, his race would only maintain its current state. Herlous actually wished that what Han Xiao said to be true—if they had so much help, their losses during the Catastrophe would be vastly reduced, and they would be able to develop much quicker.

Although there was the potential threat from DarkStar, the Sunil civilization was just a tiny shrimp to them. As long as they kept a low profile, they would be able to grow stronger in the environment filled with danger.

With a solemn face, Herlous said in a low voice, “If you really can help us overcome these obstacles, Sunil will be your firmest ally. I cannot decide for the entire race, but I believe that the leaders will definitely make the same decision. Please believe in the resolve and quality of us Sunils.”

“Of course, I never doubted that.” Han Xiao’s compliment made Herlous feel very delighted.

“About your standpoint, I’ll immediately report to the Superiors…”

Han Xiao waved and said, “I suggest that you don’t say it yet. A surprise is better than a torturous wait. Plus, your words alone might not be enough to convince the Superiors of your race to believe that I’m a foreseer.”

Herlous was stunned for a moment, then said while thinking, “That’s true…”

“If I guessed correctly, just like the other Supers, you’re heading toward the galaxy to become a mercenary as well, right?” Han Xiao said.

“Yes, I’ve stayed here for too long. It’s time for me to go out and make some contributions. I’ll be leaving in two days.” Herlous nodded. Although he was very strong, he had never explored the galaxy alone.

Han Xiao’s eyes sparkled, and he smiled.

“Since we have come to an agreement, how about you join my mercenary group and become my associate?”

This moment, Han Xiao felt like he was blessed by the soul of Luffy 1 . If combined with the sun behind him, outstretched arms, and hot-blooded background music, he felt like he could trigger the super strong buff [+100% Recruit Success Rate].

“Join your Black Star Mercenary Group…” Herlous was tempted. He was going to become a mercenary anyway, and working in groups would not only mean a stronger power, but he could also stay in touch with Han Xiao in the long term to witness his actions and confirm whether what he had said was true or not.

If Han Xiao was sincere in helping Sunil, he would have the chance to pay him back and help Han Xiao save his mother planet. Plus, the two of them could have detailed discussions on how to combat the DarkStar and improve on their plan. It would really be very convenient.

Furthermore, Han Xiao was very important to Sunil. They could not allow an accident happen to him, so if they were acting together, he would be able to protect him. After all, Han Xiao’s strength in Herlous’ eyes was not considered strong at all, mediocre at best.

He’s one grade lower than me, so being a mercenary is dangerous for him. If I follow him, I can prevent him from dying accidentally.

After careful consideration, Herlous felt that such a course of action was very advantageous, so he agreed on the spot. “Okay, I’ll join your mercenary group.”

Han Xiao nodded calmly, but in his heart, he was laughing uncontrollably.

Finally! All my effort in convincing him did not go to waste. I’ve finally abducted this main character!

Other than the point of contact of Sunil, Herlous would also be an NPC cadre of the mercenary group itself. He was a high-level combat power!

This job has resulted in great benefits!

Their conversation’s details were not reported to the Superiors, just as Han Xiao suggested. The rest of the Sunils did not know, only Herlous.

Two days later, the Galactic Travel Agency that they had called arrived at Planet Sunil. The group of players followed Han Xiao up the spaceship in anticipation. Suddenly, a tall and wide Sunil in casual clothes walked over. After staying so long in Forest city and seeing the promotions from the military, they immediately recognized that it was Herlous, the character who was being shaped as a hero figure.

“Where’s your armor?”

“Lent to the researcher institution. When they derive the blueprint, I can take it back to use, so I only brought this weapon…”

Herlous turned sideways, displaying the rectangular metal silver block tied behind his back. It was the folded Battleship Slicing Blade.

“I see…” Han Xiao felt a little disappointed. The Commander Class armor was a piece of great equipment, but he did not even meet the prerequisite of the NCO Class armor yet; Commander Class would be even more impossible for him to derive. There would be chances in the future anyway, so there was no need to be impatient.

Han Xiao turned to the players and made the introduction. “This is Herlous, a grade B Super. From today onward, he’ll be our comrade, a new member of our mercenary group.”

Holy! The players’ jaw almost dropped on the floor—they were stunned.

The captain has abducted the hero of a race!

“Why did you join us?”

“What’s your class?”

“Did you make some kind of deal with Black Star?”

They were very curious about this new friend and overwhelmed him with questions. Herlous was surrounded in the middle and felt the passion from his ‘teammates’. He was very not used to it, and he was forcing a smile.

The result of the detection from players was all question marks. They were very curious as to how Han Xiao got in touch with a grade B Super. This was someone who was at the top of high-level areas, probably the strongest in their mercenary group.

Someone who was even stronger than Han Xiao joining their faction had made the players very excited.

After some time, the spaceship slowly landed. Herlous finally escaped from the players and walked to Han Xiao. He stood beside Han Xiao, looking up at the spaceship, and his face was a little stiff.

Han Xiao turned to look at him, raised an eyebrow, and said, “You seem to be a little nervous. Have you never been into the galaxy before?”

“This is my first time.” Herlous rubbed his hands against each other to wipe his sweat off. “I’m actually a little scared of heights…”

“You’re a shame to Pugilists.” Han Xiao was speechless.

They boarded the spaceship. It slowly rose and flew into space with Forest City becoming smaller in their sight. This hiring job was finally complete, and they had left with one more member than when they came. The Catastrophe on Planet Sunil was very beneficial for all of them, especially Han Xiao.

Planting the seed in Sunil this time means I’m on track with the DarkStar storyline. The first step of the plan is also complete. Han Xiao crossed his arms as he pondered.

The spaceship’s destination was Juberly Hub. Before the next operation, Han Xiao wanted to return to rest and digest the things that they had earned on this trip.

In Forest City, one of the military bases was open as a recruitment site.

After the Catastrophe, it was the time for new soldiers to join the army again. Youngsters coming of age had to join the compulsory military service and undergo military training. Youngsters came one after another, accompanied by their parents.

Lana was very early. He was only allowed into the recruitment site after displaying his ID card—any unauthorized personnel were not allowed in, including parents.

When he turned back to look, Lana saw his parents waving. They had kind and loving smiles on their faces as usual.

He looked at them with a lot of emotions in his eyes, then followed the group into the military base.

After queuing for a very long time, it was finally Lana’s turn. The officer sitting behind the table said casually without even raising his head, “Name, then take a number to go for a medical examination.”

Lana took a deep breath before saying seriously, “Sir, I’d like to request to join the army.”

The officer looked up and glanced at him. “Do your parents know?”


“Youngster, your parents definitely warned you not to join the army, didn’t they?”

“Yes sir, but I believe I’m making the right decision.”

“Once the request is approved, you have to be fully responsible for your decision,” the officer said coldly. “You won’t be allowed to take it back, are we clear?”

“Crystal clear.”

A slight smile appeared on the officer’s cold face. He opened the drawer, inside which was a thick stack of army application forms. He took one out and passed it to Lana.

Lana was about to take it, but he realized that the officer was holding onto the application form too tightly. At that moment, the officer said coldly, “This is your last chance to change your mind.”

Lana snatched the application form with a firm expression.

“Good, the area to join the army is at that side. Don’t block the people behind.”

Lana followed the officer’s finger and looked over. It was an empty warehouse that served as the recruitment site for the official army. Youngsters waiting to fill out their application forms had already filled the entire warehouse.