The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 365

Chapter 365 Dont Wimp Just Do It

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This time, Gashley explained softly, “There’s no need to worry, all of Black Star’s people can revive.”

“What‽” Goa was shocked. She did not know about Han Xiao’s team previously. Only after she listened to Gashley’s introduction did she understand the uniqueness of Black Star Mercenary Group. “A group of undying, no wonder they have the right to become Sky Ring’s partner…”

She did not continue her attempt to persuade Han Xiao anymore.

Han Xiao suddenly had an idea, and he said, “We only know that Floating Dragon Island is the location, but we don’t know the scavengers’ identity, nor do we know who they’re dealing with. It would still be finding a needle in a haystack—do you have any other ways?”

The Purple Gold Army fortune teller shook his head, saying that his fortune telling could not divine such details.

Han Xiao was relieved. He coughed and started acting. “I’m a foreseer, too, and I felt something just now and noticed some new clues.”

The people were surprised, and they looked over.

Han Xiao remembered that he still had the Character Summon Card of Destiny’s Child, and there were five more usages, so he could just give it a try. He asked, “If I can provide reliable intel, is there any other reward?”

The Silver spaceship captain nodded and said, “Of course there is.”

“I want to suggest a reward.”

“What do you want?”

“Mechanic class advancement knowledge.” Han Xiao smiled; this was a good opportunity to make a request.

The Silvers discussed for a while and agreed to Han Xiao’s request. Far away in the Sea of Star Spirits, class advancement knowledges were not that precious—they were basically everywhere. He just had to tell a friend back there, and it could be sent over immediately—it would not even cost them anything.

Upon getting the confirmation, Han Xiao used his Destiny’s Child Card. His vision changed, entering a blurry image, and he saw some bits and pieces.

After losing focus for a while, Han Xiao’s vision recovered. Destiny’s Child’s ability was very promising, so Han Xiao already knew the customer’s rough appearance. They just had to ask around, and they should be able to find the target.

He described the intel, and the Silver sent the appointed class advancement knowledge into his communicator.

Han Xiao used his potential points to learn it immediately, and a new knowledge entered his mind.


You have learned [Rapid Assembly]!


This is the difference… Han Xiao sighed. A knowledge that he could not even learn in the Shattered Star Ring, the Silver could transfer it to him easily. That was the civilization difference, and even he was tempted to kidnap these Silvers.

But it was just a thought. He threw that suicidal idea away very quickly. He now had a faction base, and he did not want to become someone who was chased around everywhere.

After the hiring procedures were completed, Han Xiao requested for the other two class advancement knowledge regarding compression technology as well. Seeing that Han Xiao was the captain, Silver agreed with all of it—Supers looking for new knowledge was very common.

A mission was triggered on his interface, and the basic reward was one of the knowledges required for compression technology. If he successfully saved the hostages, he would then receive the other knowledge. The experience reward was more than 4,000,000, plus some monetary reward.

And the players’ reward was only money.

After settling everything, without further ado, Han Xiao and the others boarded Sky Ring’s spaceship and followed the three large mercenary groups to Floating Dragon Island.

In an unknown region of the Shattered Star Ring was a DarkStar base, where the Superiors of the DarkStar organization were having an emergency meeting.

“The carrier this time was kidnapped.”

“Did Godora notice our plan?”

“No, this is just an accident. The people over there chose the carrier to be a Silver, and he was kidnapped by a slave trader.”

“That’s good then. The intel shows that the fence location seems to be Floating Dragon Island. What do we do?”

“Send people over to rob those bought slaves. Find the carrier and retrieve the cargo. If outsiders don’t have the password, they can’t take out the Mutation Source and the Super-Gene Extractor inside. These two things cost the organization a lot, so they cannot be lost.”

“Who do we send to carry out the mission?”

“Since it’s this important, let [Ember] go. He has yet to fail since joining DarkStar.”

Not long after, a stealth spaceship left the DarkStar base and headed toward Floating Dragon Island.

“Only paid for fifteen Silvers?”

Peggy was already very close to Floating Dragon Island. He contacted the customer again and came to know of the new request. There were seventeen Silvers in the spaceship, so two of them unsold. He thought about it, then told his subordinate to bring two Silvers to him. One of them was that carrier that called himself the DarkStar emissary.

In front of the hatch at the side of the spaceship, two Silvers were kneeling before Peggy. Scavengers surrounded the two of them, anticipating a good show.

“Open the hatch,” Peggy said.

A subordinate opened the inner hatch, but the outer hatch remained closed. The two Silvers saw this and guessed what the scavengers were about to do. They were terrified and struggled more violently, but they were firmly pressed down.

Peggy signaled for the other Silver to be moved out of the inner hatch. The inner hatch then closed, and the outer hatch opened. The body of this Silver was exposed in vacuum. He slowly floated away as his eyes bulged and his limbs moved everywhere. After struggling for a while, his organs shattered, and he tragically died.

“Hahahaha…” The scavengers laughed out loud as they saw this from the windows. This was the entertainment of scavengers.

The carrier Silver panicked and said, “Aren’t you going to sell me? I’m very valuable! I have a lot of money to pay for myself, why do you want to kill me‽”

Peggy’s eyes were dark and cold, his face twisted. “You’re my property, so I can do anything I want to you. I dislike it when people bargain with me, and I dislike high up races like yours even more. Every time I see people like you, I’m reminded of the pureblood Godora *ssholes. Arrogant people all deserve to die.”

As he said that, he waved again. The subordinates did the same thing—they threw this Silver out as well, and he died rapidly in a vacuum.

The spaceship then sped up and left the area right away, leaving only two Silver corpses floating in the cold universe.

At the same time, the spaceships of the mercenary groups were about to land on the other side of Floating Dragon Island.

This was a land that sailed in the universe, like a galactic island. It had many stabilizers and accelerators at its base, and a translucent sphere covered the entire floating island, maintaining the atmosphere and gravity.

The construction style of Floating Dragon Island was rough. It had a city that looked like an enormous dragon spreading its wings when looking down from above, and many mechanical digging devices were fixed on the ground. The drills acquired the Void Dragon skeletons underground—it was a very valuable material.

Countless ferocious looking modified spaceships were docked at the pier, painted with different symbols. These all belonged to scavengers and galaxy pirates. There were quite a number of them who were rather notorious, such as these with a wanted reward of more than 100,000 Enas.

The mercenary group spaceships landed successfully, after going through the procedures, the people walked into the city together, criminals with anarchic looks could be seen on the streets everywhere.

The three large mercenary groups all wore uniforms, which attracted a lot of attention. Many criminals were openly sizing them up.

The air was filled with hostility, sending chills down spines. Because they knew that there was danger everywhere, they had all equipped themselves fully back on the ship before they came. The players wore Sunil Enlistee Class armor, and Han Xiao wore Amphiptere.

The three large mercenary groups did a wide range of businesses, so they had made quite a few enemies. Although these people were looking at them with hatred, they did not dare to do anything due to their fear of the name of these three large mercenary group. On the other hand, Han Xiao and the others who clearly did not belong to the three large mercenary groups attracted more attention.

Frowning, Herlous said softly, “Black Star, I’m feeling the stares from at least three Supers of the same grade. They are looking at us like they want to eat us.”

Han Xiao smiled and said, “We’re walking with the people of Sky Ring, Blades, and Purple Gold. Of course, these brutes will transfer their hatred naturally onto us. See, these people are the role models.”

Looking over following Han Xiao’s finger, a group of galactic pirates leaned against the war and pointed at them while they were chatting, their eyes filled with hostility. The leader of the pirates spat out phlegm, which happened to land on Maple Moon’s armor as she was at the edge of the team. Their expression was fearless.

“Then aren’t we in more danger?” Herlous was shocked.

“Do you know what’s called full resource utilization?” Han Xiao smiled.

Before Herlous could react, Han Xiao suddenly bent his legs and bounce started his dash toward that group of galactic pirates. Without a single word, the scythe extended, and he slashed down.

These pirates did not expect this at all—they fired hastily.

Ding ding ding!

Fire sparks flew, and the bullets were all deflected by Amphiptere mechanical suit. Han Xiao was like a grim reaper; he slashed sideways and cut four pirates into half, blood splashing onto the floor!

“You’re asking for it!” The pirate leader was right beside them. He furiously pulled out a war axe with flame enchantment and slammed the axe down on Han Xiao. This was a grade C Pugilist.

Han Xiao’s hands grabbed the axe tightly—it could not even move an inch further. He shook the scythe, and its blade expanded into electromagnetic chain blades, which tied the body of the pirate leader like a rope. Then, he activated Flaming Will, and the scythe tightened strongly.


The health bar of this pirate leader was drained instantly. Without being able to scream, he was chopped into pieces right away!

Herlous was stunned.

The last second, they had still been chatting, but the next second, he had gone out killing. Was he really this prone to fits of anger‽