The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 370

Chapter 370 Sudden Change

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“This team of Dragon Guards is together with Horlaide,” Goa hastily said in the communication channel. “Their target is the Silvers as well!”

Cerleni’s expression was not looking good. If they surrendered, since the guards and Horlaide had already made a deal, the Silvers would still be taken away and given to the buyer, which meant that the rescue mission would have failed. If they did not surrender, the price of so many casualties would be too much for them to pay. He was in a dilemma, but the gunfire did not stop. He had no time to think.

“As long as the Dragon Guards can be kept under control, the problem will be solved,” Han Xiao said in a low voice. This was what the others thought as well.

Following his train of thought, Cerleni yelled, “Are you crazy! Killing the Dragon Guards is the biggest crime there is here!”

In this territory, committing a crime and attacking the law enforcers were a completely different thing. With that beyond grade A boss here, even if these Dragon Guards were mostly normal people, they could do whatever they wanted to the brutes and the wanted criminals.

“I never said anything about killing or injuring. We have an ice Mage here; she can freeze their flying devices.”

Not waiting for Cerleni to respond, Goa brought the people and arrived at the dock. She immediately said, “I’m attacking!”

Without any delay, her eyes suddenly turned into snow-white color, and a magic symbol appeared on her forehead. She murmured the spell, and the magic ring on her pale white fingers was flashing. The magic energy in the air gathered, fused, condensed, and formed. The magic language was deconstructed and then reconstructed into the laws of nature, changing reality.

Suddenly, a large amount of low-temperature water vapor appeared in the air. Frost spread out from under Goa’s feet, extending all the way to near the flying device. Five ice pillars rose from the ground and captured the flying devices like claws. The low temperature made the flying devices shut down. The flying devices continued to fly forward with their inertia, and the ice pillars extended with them, turning them into ice sculptures. The ice pillar became the bridge between the ground and the flying devices, freezing the five flying devices in midair.

Goa was a grade B Mage, so she had a very strong control. Although the flying devices were frozen, nothing was hurt or destroyed.

The driver of the aircraft pressed around on the control panel in panic. “All systems are temporarily out of order, restarting, hiss—so cold!”

Theon was furious. “How dare they fight back! Report to the above! Request back up! Don’t let them escape!”

Since what was done had already been done, the mercenaries could only seize the opportunity to run away. They gathered and boarded their own spaceships. Like before, Han Xiao boarded Sky Ring’s. The pilot, who did not take part in the battle earlier, had started the spaceship long ago. When everyone had boarded the spaceship, it slowly rose and flew away from Floating Dragon Island.

The Blades’ shapeshifting scout had confirmed that there was the smell of Silvers in the boxes long ago. When they opened the boxes, as expected, inside were fifteen Silvers, hugging each other and cowering in the corner with terror on their faces.

They could not see what had happened outside. The sounds of explosions all along the way had already frightened them very badly. When the box was opened, the Silver screamed in terror, and the antennae on their head trembled so fast that they even formed afterimages. It was really cute, and it made Han Xiao feel an inexplicable impulse of wanting to pull them out.

“You’re safe. We’re mercenaries hired by your friends here to rescue you.” Goa casually used a calming spell and calmed the Silver’s emotions. She told the team members to take out translators for these Silver so that they could communicate.

After quite some convincing, these Silver finally calmed down. Goa contacted the employer, and the two groups of Silver met each other and broke into tears.

The employer counted and said with surprise, “Only fifteen, where’s the other two of my friends?”

“Short of two‽” Goa was shocked. If they had missed two people, the reward might be reduced.

The rescued Silver said with faces full of sorrow, “They were thrown into space by the scavengers.”

Hearing this, Goa breathed a sigh of relief and said softly, “Lucky lucky, they’re just dead.”

Han Xiao was surprised by what she said.

There really aren’t any good people among mercenaries, such a black heart.

The following morning, the employer said, “You have completed the mission very well. Please send our friends back. I will pay for your reward as we agreed.”

After working hard for so many days, they could finally earn the reward. Joy appeared on every mercenary’s face.

Knowing that he was about to get the last two class advancement of the compression technologies, Han Xiao was secretly excited.


Suddenly, the spaceship trembled violently, and they almost fell down. The pilot said hastily, “Sh*t, Floating Dragon Island has sent spaceships after us!”

Their expressions dropped. They came to the window and looked behind the spaceship. The three mercenary group spaceships had already left the Floating Dragon Island’s man-made ecological hood and entered the space. They were gradually going further from the Floating Dragon Island.

However, a few Floating Dragon Island spaceships had followed them out, chasing behind their spaceship and firing at them. Beams hit the shield one after another, making their ships tremble continuously.

Theon had reported to the Superiors with a lot of added components, saying that the mercenaries attacked the guards first and broke the rules. Hence, the Floating Dragon Island spaceships planned to chase them even to the edge of the universe.

On the Floating Dragon Island’s dock, groups of brutes were watching this ongoing chase. Floating Dragon Island wanted to make an example, expressing that anyone who disobeyed the rules would have to pay.

“We only froze their aircrafts. What’s the big deal!” Porter was raging.

“Quickly activate the jump engine. As long as we enter the jumping state, they won’t be able to chase us,” Goa ordered loudly.

The driver mercenaries controlled the spaceship and dodged the attacks the best he could, cracks started to appear on the shield, but at the same time they were speeding up as well, the artificial intelligence sound echoed in the spaceship.

“Activating Jump Engine, power two percent… seven percent… fourteen percent… eighty-three percent… Powered up successfully. Starting pre-jump warm up.”

The spaceship gradually shook the enemies off as its speed increased rapidly. The universe outside the window turned blurry, and they were about to enter the jump.

However, something unexpected suddenly happened. Just one second before they entered the jump, the mercenary group spaceships became stationary without any sign. All energy and inertia disappeared without a trace, and the mercenaries did not even feel any vibration.

Suddenly, the air inside the spaceship started buzzing. It was like everywhere was filled with sound, turning into a horrifying wave of sounds, almost deafening. Not only did they started to wobble, they even fell onto the ground.

“You people attacked my adorable subordinates right in my house, and yet you want to leave this easily?”

The mercenaries’ spaceships flew backward from the same route like they had been grabbed by an invisible, enormous hand. All thrusters stopped working, and no matter how the driver tried to control the spaceship, it was all useless.

The players were shocked. They did not know what exactly was happening. The Silvers were just as confused and shocked. Freedom was right before them, and the enemies’ spaceships had already been shaken off. Why were they all controlled all of a sudden?

The faces of the mercenaries had already changed long ago.

“She’s here…” Cerleni said with a very long face.

Goa was filled with shock. “We only caused a small kafuffle, how did it attract Floating Dragon Island’s ruler’s attention‽”

“Maybe she was just too bored…” Han Xiao was very speechless. Even he did not expect Floating Dragon Island’s ruler to get involved personally in something so small. It was like two ants fighting on the side of the road. How bored could a person be to stop and get involved‽

The mission was almost completed, but an accident came out of nowhere. Furthermore, the cause of it was someone that he could not match up to at his current stage at all. He felt extremely unlucky.

Han Xiao stared at Herlous with disappointment on his face.

What the hell! I clearly brought along a main character type person. How could we be this unlucky? Has this main character expired? Is it too late for a refund?

The struggle of the spaceships was useless. They were pulled back to the Floating Dragon Island’s dock by the invisible force field. The doors were pulled open by the force field, too, and the mercenaries braced themselves and walked out. In front of such great power, there was certainly no point in resisting.

Han Xiao did not have any good ideas for the time being. He could only improvise.

The dock was gathered with people at this time, all extending their necks and enjoying the show, and that Floating Dragon Island ruler was hovering in midair. When the people on the ground looked up, their faces were all filled with admiration. This was the respect toward absolute power.

The throne made of Void Dragon skeletons was hovering in midair, and a tall, curvaceous woman sat on the throne with crossed legs. One hand was placed casually on the throne handle, and the other was holding her chin, looking down on the people with the legendary boss sitting position. The smooth black long hair hung from the throne. It was at least two meters long. She was wearing a tulle-like black dress with a wide open neckline, but there was no gully, meaning that she had a flat chest.

The crotch of the skirt was very high, exposing two snow white long legs crossed over each other. The black dress and white legs made a very strong visual impact, giving out a seducing feel. Her body was enchanting and seductive, but her face could not be considered beautiful or stunning, although it was quite charming. Age had left no mark on her face, and her eyes were full of intelligence. The edges of both her eyes had symmetrical black marks—the marks were like black thorns. She was glancing through the people with curiosity.

This woman had many names—Floating Dragon Island’s ruler, Land Ripper, Absolute Power, and so on. She was the creator and ruler of Floating Dragon Island—[Dragon Emperor] Ames.

Ames was a force field Esper. The strength of her force field could even tear apart land to create Floating Dragon Island, so controlling a few small spaceships was a piece of cake.