The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 374

Chapter 374 Your Friend Darkstar Is Now Online

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This spaceship had specially been dispatched for a mission by DarkStar, and it had been re-outfitted to look like a normal traveler ship. A group of people walked off the ship and stepped onto the Floating Dragon Island’s docks. The savage inhabitants of the island who were at the docks glared at these seemingly unsuspecting common travelers.

The DarkStar people kept their heads low and headed into town. After making several twists and turns in the streets, just as they were about to pass by the alleyway between two houses, a muscle man walked in front of them and blocked their path. A group of brutes also appeared from behind them, pincering them.

“This isn’t the kind of place that ordinary people should visit. I suggest you guys pay up for that advice…” The pirate who acted as the leader of the ambushers said this as he calmly pointed his gun at the newcomers’ leader.

The other pirates also smiled creepily. However, their leader failed to make any more sounds after that sentence, and they started to feel like it was odd. One of the lackeys lightly shook the leader’s shoulder, and suddenly, the leader’s head came rolling off and fell onto the ground.

His clothes also fell onto the floor, and black-colored dust wafted off them.

The pirates’ hesitation instantly changed into fear, and they turned ran. However, they could not get very far before they all disintegrated into dust particles, leaving piles of clothing on the floor.

The DarkStar’s people could not even be bothered to spare another glance before they quickly went on their way as if they had long become used to this scene. This was their captain’s ability, Ember. The ability could, to an extent, control carbon molecules, making it a huge control to all carbon-based organisms. As long as his enemies had even a speck of carbon molecules in their bodies, he could deal some devastating true damage to them by a thought of his mind. Even energy-protected Supers would be dealt with heavy damage by this ability. His Esper power’s potential rating was an A+!

Ember was a member in DarkStar’s plan to nurture a new generation of trump cards. The information in the Secret Message Bead had been bought from a research organization in another part of space at a very high price. DarkStar had already been working with the other group for many years, and this time, they each sent disguised parties, the carriers, of mixed species and races that ‘coincidentally’ came to the Shattered Star Ring to do business.

The Silvers were responsible for transporting the goods this time, but they got into an accident, and both the carrier and the Secret Message Bead were lost. This team was specifically dispatched the lost Secret Message Bead.

Ember brought his group to a hideout to rest. There were anti-detection devices already prepared in the room for them. He then sent out some of his men to search for information. The men returned before long, and the whole group gathered in the room for a meeting.

“We got the info. The Silvers are confined in a local slave market. We have already marked the location on the map. We should now try to get in contact with the carrier.

“So, what’s the plan? Do we raid the slave market and rescue the carrier directly?”

“Only saving the Silvers would be too suspicious. If we’re going to do it, we should break all the slaves out.”

After everyone had finished discussing with each other, Ember slowly opened his mouth and said lightly, “Let’s not use to resort to force yet. We are, after all, in the Dragon Emperor’s territory. I will go look for the slave market people and try to buy the Silvers back.”

Beside a large mineral burrowing device on Floating Dragon Island stood Han Xiao. He was currently carrying out repairs for the device with a group of workers surrounding him as they watched him work.

After screwing in the last nut, the device whirred back to life, and the workers were able to go right back into their work. Han Xiao turned and left while opening up the interface.

The machinery on Floating Dragon Island is all gigantic, and the level of technology used is also much more advanced. Although I still don’t have enough knowledge to reverse engineer blueprints for them, I did manage to come up with the blueprint for the Dragon Guards’ aircraft.

He had been secretly learning the fighter aircraft’s blueprint over the past few days of logistical work. Its name was ‘Dragon Butterfly Aircraft’. It was an anti-gravity hovercraft capable of atmospheric flight, and it was extremely fast and agile. Its size was average and allowed it to carry six to ten passengers. This was a blueprint that Haier had developed himself, yet Han Xiao had been able to learn it without anyone knowing.

The Great Mechanic Han had always been thinking about building a multi-passenger transport. With these new blueprints, he could finally overcome the technical difficulties that he had faced in the past, as well as greatly increase the capability of the transport that he had in mind. He constantly utilized the free time given to logistics workers to design the structure for his new transport.

After he returned to his personal garage, Han Xiao was faced with a giant sphere-shaped machine that was hung up in the middle of the room by several chains. His manufacturing speed had increased several folds recently in part due to the [Instant Deconstruction and Assembly] ability that he had obtained from the Silvers. He had already put in ten potential points to max this ability out.

The best part of working for the logistics department was that he had mountains of raw materials that he could use whenever he wanted. He did not even have to care about production costs. However, only Haier was allowed to use the more valuable materials, such as the Void Dragons’ bones.

Han Xiao was incredibly envious about this. Void Dragons’ bones were unbelievably hard, and even on their own, they were harder than all types alloys that he could currently produce. One of the more advanced blueprints for a higher-level battle suit required Void Dragon bones as the material for its core. That suit was even stronger than Amphiptere without the bones, and being imbued with the Void Dragons’ special power made it several times stronger than Amphiptere.

That blueprint was not too hard to learn and could be obtained as long as one had the necessary knowledge. The hard part was gathering the materials required to build it. Floating Dragon Island was one of the only few places in the whole Shattered Star Ring that produced Void Dragon bones. If he could get his hands on enough of those bones, he could build himself new battle armor that would be upgraded from the ‘snake’ label.

Aside from the bones themselves, the liquid that could be extracted from the Void Dragon marrow was also extremely precious. However, Haier carefully watched over the stock of these materials. This was a clear show of the benefits that the Floating Dragon Island carried with it. Even without Ames managing the island’s affairs seriously, it was still able to amass countless goodies.

Now that I have finally blended into the crowd, it’s about time that I went to find Horlaide to talk about the Silver issue. I am also in a much better position now to make deals with the island’s people.

Han Xiao knew that he could not trust the people from the big three mercenary groups and could only rely on himself for this.

Once again, Han Xiao visited the slave market. However, unlike usual, someone hurriedly called out his name just as he was about to stride in through the main gates.

“Black. Black Star! Please wait!” Theon rushed over while out of breath.

“Oh, it’s you.” Han Xiao gave him a glance from the side.

Theon’s face was currently badly beaten up, with bandages all around it, and he looked like he had gone through a botched surgery. His subordinates who followed behind him did not look any better.

Theon coughed with a horrified look on his face. “Could you please stop your subordinates from bullying us…”

“What are you talking about? We’re colleagues, man. To improve the capability of the Dragon Guards, I have tasked my group members with carefully organizing combat practices with you guys. How could you call us bullies?” Han Xiao said with a meaningful tone.

“I did wrong. I really did wrong. I will apologize however you want!” Theon sobbed in the open, and it was unthinkable how this was the same person who had been acting so high and mighty just several days ago.

Theon’s pride came from the sole fact that he was part of the guards, and he had thought that he could look down on all the foreign visitors of the island. However, Han Xiao had suddenly become his ‘colleague’. He did not even know that misfortune could arrive so fast without notice.

A few days ago, Han Xiao had been too lazy to teach this guy a lesson himself, so he had just thrown a few missions for the players. They were part of the guards anyway, and they were just about getting a kick out of beating him up. Even after Theon went to find the guard captain to complain about this matter, Wilsander simply turned a blind eye to it and could not be bothered to step in.

Theon could not stand being beaten up all the time like this anymore. However, he was not brave enough to just quit his job either. He was like an ant on a flaming-hot pan and had been waiting for technician Han every day over the past few days.

“Haha, why’re you apologizing?” Han Xiao said cheerfully. “You were only following orders and didn’t do anything wrong.”

“How can I get you to forgive me?” said Theon with tears and snot all over his face. If he had known that this would happen, he never would have acted so unreserved like he did before.

“There’s a saying that one’s well-being is invaluable. How much do you think your wellbeing is worth?” Han Xiao’s smile turned to a wicked one all a sudden.

Theon felt his body shudder at that sight, and he said through gritted teeth, “One thousand….”

The Great Mechanic Han was shocked and let out a gasp. “You price yourself that low?”

“Then it’s 1,500…”

Han Xiao shook his head and clicked his tongue. “Looks like my friends need to help you establish a sense of self-worth.”

“2,000! That’s all I have in my account. It’s my savings over all the years. I’m begging you, please! I only have this much…”

“Sigh. Let’s just consider it as me giving you a discount. Too bad I’m just this kindhearted, right?” Han Xiao then took out his communicator and pulled up the transaction menu before swiping his eyes over Theon’s underlings and chuckled. “How about you guys?”

His smile was basically that of the devil’s to the group of people. They were all horrified and made the transfers without a second word. After hearing the sound of the successful transaction, Theon felt his soul leave his body. Not only did he lose the portion of the money that Horlaide had secretly paid him earlier to get him to act, he had also lost most of his life savings.

Han Xiao was all smiles and sunshine once more when his purse was filled up with the 34,000 Enas from the guards. He swung his arms around as he turned and entered the slave market.

Theon’s team receiving the money in secret was one of the main reasons that the mercenaries’ rescue operation had failed right at the end. It was not Han Xiao’s style to just get a little revenge when he could. He would take back what he had lost because of Theon with full interest.

After he entered the slave market, he was led to Horlaide’s office by the workers.

Horlaide’s face scrunched up into a smile as he welcomed Han Xiao passionately. “Take a seat. Would you like anything to drink?”

“Don’t bother. I will be going straight to the point here. I’m taking the Silvers away. Name your price.” Han Xiao went into topic without any delay. Horlaide knew that he was the mercenary from earlier, and he also knew that he had now become a colleague, hence the passionate tone.

But Horlaide was considered someone who worked under the Head Butler. Since violence would obviously not be a wise choice, he came this time to negotiate.

Horlaide put on a fake smile and said, “What happened earlier was a misunderstanding. I’m sorry for any inconvenience that it may have caused you. However, what’s done is done. The Silvers are now on the market. Things are also not easy for me. I hope that you can understand.”

Han Xiao raised an eyebrow, as he smelled the smell of someone in the same line of business as himself. “Don’t bullsh*t, you already have a plan.”

Horlaide chuckled. “I’ve heard that your client cares a lot about their own. I believe that they will be very generous with opening up their purse. How about this? You help me convince them about the deal, and I will give you ten percent of the transaction fee.”

“How much are you planning to ask for?” asked Han Xiao.

“200,000… per person!” Horlaide raised up a single finger while smiling creepily. This price was, without a doubt, ridiculous. It was several times more than the market price. It was obvious then that the Silver client was the prey that Horlaide had laid his eyes on.