The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 377

Chapter 377 Seize The Opportunity

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The burning light beam burst like a golden spear breaking through the darkness, hitting Ember’s face!


Flames exploded!

Before the light had vanished, a shadow rushed out at swiftly. Han Xiao’s reaction was exceptionally fast. The handle of the scythe popped out from the arm armor and slipped into his hand, expanding into a large black scythe with one swing.

The scythe and the shadow clashed.


The sound of metal colliding!

A crystal-clear hand grabbed the scythe, and the two of them competed in strength.

Han Xiao glanced at the hand. The skin of Ember became like a diamond, and the blade could not slice through.

The ground below him moved, and the carbon element was extracted, turning into dust particles, climbing up his legs and rapidly hardening.

Han Xiao hastily jumped back in shock, dodging before the mud hardened, tearing apart the yet to form diamond.

Carbon elemental control? Troublesome power… The analyzer in the mechanical suit detected the material that was controlled—it was all carbon. Han Xiao was experienced, so he immediately guessed the opponent’s power, and he felt it was quite hard to deal with.

This kind of atom controlling Esper power was very rare, its effects were usually very well-rounded—able to attack, defend, control, and even building materials. Many natural materials contained carbon, and the opponent’s power happened to be the nemesis of carbon-based life.

Han Xiao was discreetly shocked. Luckily, he had the True Damage immunity talent, otherwise he would have died.

[Steel Body] had come from the Germinal Organization leader. Of course, at this stage, the leader’s strength was not a big deal anymore, but that old man was a main character-type figure after all and a BOSS to boot. The effect of this talent was very strong, and it gave complete immunity to True Damages. True Damage ignored all resistance and could be very dangerous. Even the tankiest Pugilist would suffer from True Damage, and with this talent, it was insurance for safety.

Up till now, Han Xiao had gained two molding abilities in total, the other one was [Basic Strengthened Life], which gave him a lot of health. His health could even match up to Pugilists of the same level despite being a Mechanic. It was disgustingly tanky… and Ember was suitably disgusted right now.

[Carbon Atom Deconstruction] was a new way to use his Esper power that Ember had only obtained after reaching grade B—it was a lethal skill to low-grade Supers. It worked by directly breaking down the molecular structure of the opponent’s body. The difference between the opponent’s energy and level needed to be determined before taking effect. if the target failed to match up to a certain standard, the target would then take True Damage. Usually, anyone whose grade was lower than Ember’s could not match up to that standard, but Han Xiao was different. Although his level was lower than his, he happened to have True Damage immunity.


Ember suppressed his shock. His trump card did not work, and his other powers were all ordinary combat methods that did not have enough destructive power. It was not the time to fight, and there was no time to think.


The power field spread out. The ground and the walls rippled like water, and countless carbon molecules were extracted and reformed. The powder sized molecules surrounded Han Xiao like black silk then quickly hardened into diamonds with various shapes—spikes, barriers, cages, and so on—stalling Han Xiao.


Spinning carbon dust was everywhere, moving around like waves, solidifying from time to time. The arbitrary shifts of material form were magnificent!

Han Xiao bared his teeth. The dust ribbon was dense, hard to predict, very swift, and kept attacking, so it really tested his reaction speed.

Amphiptere quickly planned the dodging route, allowing Han Xiao to maneuver around and dodge, barely avoiding the attacks one after another. The movement was very difficult to do—he was like an epileptic patient doing a street dance!

But it was very effective as well. Despite looking like he only barely made every dodge, he was very steady!

As Han Xiao was stalled, Ember took the Silvers and escaped out the doors. Han Xiao, of course, could not let the Silvers be just taken away like this. Just as he was about to give chase, the mechanical suit suddenly activated a warning, notifying that him there was a high energy reaction behind his back!

He slid and dodged!


All kinds of attacks hit where he originally stood, creating a large crater. Han Xiao looked back to see those pirates that had taken slaves for themselves firing at him. Dozens of Supers surrounded him with murderous intent.

“Quickly, kill the witness!”

“He’s alone, let’s attack together!”

Han Xiao was surrounded and could not withdraw. Ember and the others vanished from his sight. He frowned and had no choice but to deal with those brutes.

He was alone, so the opponent used their advantage of outnumbering him. He could not defeat them quickly. Han Xiao decided to use the communicator in his mechanical suit to call for help.

After fighting for a while, these galactic pirates realized that they could not defeat Han Xiao at all, and Han Xiao even defeated quite a number of them. Quickly, they started to get anxious.

“This guy is quite strong. Don’t waste time anymore, we have to go!”

“No, he saw our identity. If he reports it to the guards, we will be immediately exposed!”

These brutes had disagreements—half of them wanted to retreat, but just as they were about to leave, the roof of the slave market was suddenly blasted away. Everyone was shocked. They looked up in surprise, and a few Dragon Butterfly Aircrafts were circling in the air, shining their searchlight down. There were more aircrafts heading here from afar.

These guards were all players that Han Xiao had called. Taking advantage of their job, they arrived at the scene to back up very quickly. Herlous waved behind the high concentration glass.

All the brutes were startled! It was like a thief getting caught by the police during the act!

Han Xiao withdrew and backed off, leaving the area covered by the attacks as the tip of his mouth raised.

Want to gang bang me? I have backup, too!

All the aircrafts fired lasers at the brutes.

Boom boom boom!

Golden lasers poured down like a thunderstorm, and the pirates fell in swathes. They were terrified!

“It’s Dragon Guards! Run!”

“Split up!”

They were panicking and could no longer afford to care about Han Xiao. They scattered and fled, and the aircrafts split up to chase them.

Han Xiao did not chase after them immediately. The Dragon Guards were up in the air and could chase more efficiently. He did not want to act on the ground, so he was waiting for his Bat Wings to arrive. Ember escaped first and was already long out of his sight, but Han Xiao had not only watched him escape—he had secretly left a mark on him.

“Herlous, a group of mysterious people had snatched the Silvers away. I’ve marked them on the radar, and the intel has been sent to you. Don’t let them get away!” Han Xiao drew a glowing route on the map and sent it to Herlous. “They have a Super, grade B as well, who can control carbon molecules. He careful, maintain the shield. Don’t get into combat with him before I arrive!”

“Okay, I see them, following now,” Herlous replied.

At this time, Wilsander sent a communication and asked in a very low voice, “What happened‽”

Han Xiao described what happened, emphasizing heavily on the fact that the enemy attacked Floating Dragon Island’s property with malicious intentions and that he was the star that stopped the enemies.

Look at how arrogant these people are, completely disrespecting you, Guard Captain. If you don’t go ahead and thrash them, aren’t you ashamed‽

He was worried that Wilsander might not have heard the key point and repeated this part three times.

“Okay, alright, I got it.” Wilsander hung up the communication hastily, fearing that Han Xiao might repeat it a fourth time. However, Han Xiao had already achieved his goal. This phrase cycled in Wilsander’s head, and he could not forget it even if he wanted to. The more he thought about it, the angrier he got.

Exactly, who doesn’t know that us Dragon Guards control the entire city? Yet, these people dared to violate the rules. They’re completely disrespecting the guards. Are they challenging me‽ Today, these people dared to rob the slaves. Tomorrow, they will dare to bomb the island. Unacceptable! If I don’t thrash you people, what kind of Guard Captain will I be‽

Wilsander thought for a while and turned furious. He ordered the guards directly under him to move out.

Ames happened to be out, so the guards were on standby all the time. They were at the highest alert level and were very efficient. Aircrafts soared through the sky one after another.

The residents and outsiders on the ground all looked up surprised. They had never seen all the guards striking at the same time. What happened‽

Han Xiao looked at the mess around him and saw the unconscious Horlaide. His mood immediately improved. “You deserve it for wanting to trick me of my money.”

He wondered, when Horlaide woke up and saw all his slaves gone and his home destroyed, what expression would he have. Thinking of the face that Horlaide had back then when he got the Silvers, Han Xiao felt warm inside.

He looked at the interface; there was a new message. It said that he had caught the criminals in the act, provided the intel, and stopped the enemies. His relationship points with the Floating Dragon Island had increased by 400, rising from Cold to Neutral.

Han Xiao suddenly thought of something. Making use of the time during the wait, he walked down to the underground prison cell, came to the secret door’s location, bursting through the wall with violence, exposing Aroshia’s cell.

Those brutes had not discovered this secret door, so Aroshia was still locked inside. Ember had actually noticed the secret door, but his target was just the Silvers, so he did not bother to tell the others about it.

Han Xiao tore the cell door open and reached out his hand toward Aroshia.

He still remembered that he had the [Visitor from Afar] mission, which required him to bring Aroshia away for six days. Hack then, he did not buy her because Horlaide asked for money, so now was the chance!

If he did not seize the opportunity like he always did, he would regret it!

He was not going to leave anything for Horlaide!

Aroshia looked up and stared at Han Xiao’s hand. Confusion appeared on her face, and she did not move.

“Right, she doesn’t have memories and curiosity.” Han Xiao thought of Horlaide’s introduction. He decided to simply go forward and opened her cuffs and collar. Then, he grabbed Aroshia’s hand and walked outside.

As expected, Aroshia did not resist. She let Han Xiao pull her away with a calm face, like a boat floating along with the waves.

She stared at Han Xiao’s face the whole time. Although she acted like a puppet, her eyes were very bright at this time like she was in deep thought.