The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 378

Chapter 378 Confidentiality Failure Darkstar Exposed

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The bottom of the equipment box shot out a blue flame and flew over from afar. The parts assembled automatically, and Amphiptere turned into Flight Mode.

“Report position.” Han Xiao quickly geared up, grabbed Aroshia, and flew into the sky. He did not worry about Aroshia being hurt during the high-speed flight at all—she had extraordinary power inside her body. Even if she did not know how to use it, the resistance that she had still protected her.

Herlous sent the coordinates, and the Tactical Screen displayed a three-dimensional map, marked with Herlous’ aircraft. The spinning speed of the turbos on Han Xiao’s wings soared, shooting out a jet plume, turning from stationary to high-speed flight in an instant. No buffering was needed—the mechanical suit could eliminate most of the load, and Han Xiao could endure the rest.

Aroshia was held in front of his chest. Her hair was dancing, and her eyes were closed, but she was not hurt.

After Han Xiao derived the Dragon Butterfly Aircraft, he had made improvements to his Bat Wings, adding anti-gravity thrusting technology, substantially increasing their speed.

During the flight, Han Xiao contemplated the opponent’s identity. Ember’s carbon element control made him think of a theoretically existing remarkably strong Esper power—Particle Control. It surpassed the limit of a single element control, almost all mighty, able to form and deconstruct any matter. If the energy was strong enough, it could theoretically control the deconstruction and reconstruction of planets, form lives, or even change the particle construction and create antimatter. With preparation, it could complete particle collisions without any machinery, simulate all sorts of phenomena, or even carry out high concentration compression, creating black holes!

This type of Esper power relating to the origin of matter was too horrifying. It was like the Almighty Creator, listed in the ‘Extremely Dangerous Esper Power Restriction Treaty’ by the three Universal Civilizations. Inside was about a hundred theoretically-possible highly-dangerous Esper powers. For some powers, even existing was a sin!

However, individual pursuit usually conflicted with the masses. The highly dangerous Esper powers inside the treaty were ranked by someone, turning it into the ‘Most Desired Esper Power List’. Luckily, most of these Esper powers never appeared.

Particle Control was always in the top five. There were not any witness reports, and it was rumored that it could not be individually awakened, only formed through fusion. Another rumor was that Esper power was a ‘live creature’ with consciousness, some types of energy field type life, expressed as a large stream of energy, floating across the vast universe. It was said that the host of that power had appeared before, but because that person could not withstand that enormous energy, the host died of gene collapse. However, there were no witness reports, so no one knew if it was true. After all, there were countless rumors in the universe. Some people even spread the rumor that [Dragon Emperor] Ames was actually a man.

Although carbon molecule control was far from particle control, there were similarities. It was very iconic and unique. Furthermore, the name [Ember] in the combat information that he saw felt a little familiar.

Suddenly, Han Xiao had a flash of insight, and a part of memory surfaced in his mind.

“Code name Ember… carbon molecule controlling power… DarkStar’s strongest individual‽”

Han Xiao was shocked and surprised.

From the little information that he had exposed from that short contact with, Ember had allowed Han Xiao to guess his identity. Ember wanted to keep it confidential, but he had already failed in front of Han Xiao.

The reason that Han Xiao could confirm the target was that the combination of the code name ‘Ember’ and that power in one person were too iconic. In his previous life, with the Mutation Disaster as the boundary, the fight between Godora and DarkStar turned direct. Ember made a name for himself then. His power was very hard to deal with, and the war forced out his potential. When he reached grade A, the strength of his Esper power made a huge leap, and he then became the strongest Super in DarkStar.

Millions of Godorans died at his hand. One quote that he was known for was very popular among the players in the DarkStar faction in that version.

“I was fated to become Godora’s nightmare, to make them reflect on their backward traditions with slaughter. The bloodline belief that they firmly hold onto goes against the ways of reproduction and nature, and it was this mindset that created us. After their confession, they will then swallow the fruit that they have created through the thousands of years of pure blood belief. On their ruins, DarkStar will rebuild Godora! By then, there will be no pure blood, no one Superior because of their bloodline. Discrimination will no longer exist, and no one will be inferior from the moment they are born! Hybrid is inclusion, progress, and equality; we will eliminate the decay. Let life and hope bless Godora, praise Gal.”

Of course, although this sentence sounded very epic, DarkStar marked themselves as revolutionaries. They believed that revolution needed sacrifice and the resolve to reach their goals by any means necessary. Other races like Sunils were heavily damaged because of that. In the eyes of Lawful Factions, no matter how good DarkStar made themselves look, they were still a chaotic and evil terrorist organization.

The ironic thing was, Ember was not a hybrid Godoran. He belonged to another race, but he had been raised by DarkStar from a young age, forming a firm hatred. However, this hatred had absolutely nothing to do with him. As seen from this, the indoctrination of DarkStar was certainly rather good.

Ember was still in the secret cultivation stage, not yet achieving his peak. Han Xiao was the first outsider to know Ember’s identity, and he was doubtful about it. DarkStar’s actions always had a purpose—everything that they did was to go against Godora—why did they target the Silvers?

Does DarkStar want to use this group of Silvers to threaten the Silver Civilization? Impossible, this is just a group of tourists. They don’t have that much power. Even if they caught the entire Silver Parliament, the Silver Civilization won’t be threatened, what does DarkStar want?

Han Xiao’s eye moved around.

Could it be… these Silvers have other secrets!

The sight of aircraft appeared ahead. The hatch opened, and Han Xiao flew in, Herlous approached. “The target has no intention of fighting back. They don’t have a fixed route, and I don’t know where their destination is.”

“Continue chasing.”

Herlous nodded. He saw Aroshia beside and was shocked by her beauty. He said with surprise, “You are?”

“Don’t ask, I’ll explain next time.” Han Xiao temporarily did not have time to deal with Aroshia’s problems. He stared at Ember and the others through the window.

“We can’t shake off this aircraft. The other guards are coming to help, so we’d better withdraw as soon as possible,” a subordinate said hastily.

Ember’s expression was very serious. The aircraft following them did not fire, making him feel an imminent pressure.

The plan had been very complete originally, and the root cause of the current situation was the witness that entered the scene amid the chaos. It would all have been fine if he had killed him in an instant, but not only was that witness a grade B Super, he was even immune to his Carbon Atom Deconstruction. Unbelievable! He had never failed when he used this against anyone weaker than him!

It was a known fact that Ames’ organization was weak. However, the thinnest camel was bigger than a horse. There were very unique people under the Dragon Emperor.

The survival of the witness had messed up all his plans. That person was definitely one of the Dragon Guards, which was why he was able to call the guards there. Ember was speechless, and he could only feel that luck was not on his side.

Luckily, he found other criminals to act together, with these brutes drawing their attention. Floating Dragon Island would not know their identity of belonging to DarkStar.

They could not wait till it was safe to begin the interrogation of the Silvers. Ember made an eye signal, and the team members exchanged code words in the middle of escaping. It would increase the risk of being exposed, but they could not care so much anymore.

However, an accident occurred.

All the Silver were confused, and no one matched the code word—the carrier was not among these people!

The expression of the DarkStar people changed instantly. They were stunned.