The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 381

Chapter 381 One Step Ahead 1

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Han Xiao was quite surprised. He had initially only wanted to let the slaves go, so he had thought all the slaves would be in a hurry to leave. He honestly did not expect someone to stay voluntarily. He asked in detail and decided to take in those three people.

The three Volga brothers were Tamihalatinians, a small civilization in the Shattered Star Ring. Its advancement was similar to Sunil before the disaster, able to navigate the universe to a certain extent. They belonged to the Magic-type civilization, focused on the spiritual branch. Their race specialty was mind communication, and through one look at each other’s eyes, the exchange of information could be completed, omitting speech to a certain extent. This had the strongest effect between close siblings.

The cornerstone of the civilization was the Magic Mines. They used materials containing magic power as energy to power their technology. They had religion, and their fertility rate was very high. They reproduced through mating and were oviparous 1 . Their hatching time was about one year, but while the average human gave birth to one in a year, Tamihalatinians gave birth to many at once. They had always been troubled by the expanding population.

Tamihalatinians looked similar to humans but shorter. Their average height was 1.6 meters, and they had white skin with rune patterns. The more conspicuous characteristic was that they had white pupils, like a whole piece of white crystal. Tamihalatinians had high psychic talent, and if awakened, most would become a Psychic.

The oldest brother and second oldest were both Psychics, and the youngest was a Mage, all grade C Supers at about LV 70 or so. Although their strength was average, they happened to make up for the class vacancy in the mercenary group. With them, the mercenary group finally had the five Super classes, filling up its ability.

Mages can bless and enchant, adding new abilities for machinery, and they are able to indirectly enhance my combat capability.

Han Xiao was contented. The Black Star Mercenary Group had gained three new cadres, increasing nearly 10,000 Faction Reward quota, which had reached 185,000.

The three brothers’ faces were filled with admiration. They were very grateful and accepted the Han Xiao’s arrangements. Even if they were free, they still had to continue to serve as mercenaries. Rather than acting alone, it was better to join Han Xiao’s group. In addition to repaying his kindness, they could also look after each other.  ( Boxno vel. co m )

After taking in the three brothers, next was to solve Aroshia’s problem. Han Xiao thought about it—the mission requirement was to take her around for six days. There had to be a reason, and it would not be completed smoothly. Although he was not clear about the specific reasons, he just had to do as he was required.

What made him troubled was how to deal with Aroshia’s identity. Should he make her a mercenary as well? However, although Aroshia had high energy response, she did not seem to know how to use it or battle with it. It was not clear as to whether it was her racial talent or personal strength, and she had completely lost her memories. He was unable to uncover her identity as there was no way to communicate.

Everyone else was waiting for Han Xiao to explain the origin of this beauty.

“Her name is Aroshia, also a rescued slave. Temporarily, she will be following us,” Han Xiao said.

Frenzied Sword was puzzled. “Why keep her? Why does she not speak?”

He had wanted to ask this question for quite some time. Since she had appeared with Han Xiao, Aroshia had not once opened her mouth. Although she fitted extremely well with the human aesthetic and stunned the players, they were also puzzled. What in the world is wrong with this beautiful woman?

“Amnesia.” Han Xiao pointed at her head and said, “That is why I worry about her running around and simply took her away. Anyway, she has no place to go.”

“Such a beautiful girl is sick. How unfortunate…” Second Prince shook his head.

“You don’t know sh*t. It’s called seizing the opportunity.” Bun-Hit-Dog gave Han Xiao a look that felt like he was saying, ‘I understand you brother’. Maple Moon and Rainy Kim beside glared at him.

Han Xiao rolled his eyes. These people… why do they have such pure thoughts in their mind?

Frenzied Sword looked at her here and there. He felt Aroshia behaved too calmly to be a person who had amnesia. “I think she is strange. Can she communicate?”

This reminded Han Xiao that Horlaide had said that Aroshia still remembered how to speak. He immediately put a translator on her and asked, “Can you speak?”

Aroshia sniffed. Finally, there was a reaction. “Yes.”

The voice sounded like a clear stream, crisp and ethereal. Listening to it made all of their hearts comfortable, as if a pair of soft hands were soothing their ears, which made the players very satisfied since they had enough of Bun-Hit-Dog’s noisy voice.

“Do you really not remember anything?” Han Xiao felt energized—being able to communicate was good indeed.


“Then are you willing to follow us temporarily?”


“Er, then do you need anything?”


“You lost your memories. Don’t you want to know who you are?”

“It’s fine.”

Hearing this answer, the people took a breath of cool air and felt like they could see a holy glow.

How can this amnesia patient be so calm? No, this is not just amnesia; it’s time to take your medicine, beauty!

Han Xiao was completely out of ideas. He smiled helplessly and said, “Alright then, my team will take care of you. You…”

At this moment, Aroshia suddenly approached Han Xiao, leaning to his face. Her nose sniffed like a puppy then said, “I think I can feel some sort of presence on you…”

Han Xiao froze. He was surprised and asked her about it, but Aroshia shook her head and said, “I don’t remember. It just feels familiar.”


Han Xiao could only suppress his doubts. He told his people to settle down. Anyway, Aroshia did not eat, drink, or excrete—she was very easy to raise. This was supposed to be a characteristic of energy life forms, but Aroshia was a normal biological life form. He did not know the reasons, but regardless, the benefit was that he did not have to worry about starving her.

Han Xiao took the aircraft all the way to the office building before going to the top-level office to see Jenny.

Jenny looked serious and asked, “Can you confirm that they were from DarkStar?”

Nodding, Han Xiao described what happened in detail, hiding about the interface and other private secrets and changing it into the fact that he recognized Ember. Then at last he added, “Ember is the next generation ace level combat power cultivated by DarkStar. Their action this time definitely hides a huge secret. Although we are a neutral organization and the conflict between DarkStar and Godora has nothing to do with us, since they dared to cause trouble on Floating Dragon Island, they have to pay the corresponding price.”

Jenny nodded and pushed her glasses. Then she frowned and said, “DarkStar has never had any conflict with us. There was definitely a reason for what they did this time, but I have no interest in understanding their intentions. I just want someone to be held responsible. Fortunately, you recognized their origin, otherwise DarkStar would really have done a hit and run. When Ames returns, DarkStar will pay the price for this.”

Having successfully caused trouble for DarkStar, Han Xiao nodded secretly. To deal with a large organization, methods like this were the best way. DarkStar was secretive and strong, and unless he waited for the storyline to begin, Han Xiao had no way to deal with them. However, DarkStar had handed him a chance. How could he not seize it?

With Ames’ personality, coupled with her recent bad mood, DarkStar really walked into the barrel of the gun. Unfortunately, Ames was not on Floating Dragon Island at this time, or she might just have wiped out the future ace of DarkStar in his growth stage. That would have been a very heavy blow for DarkStar.

Floating Dragon’s side would not disclose this information so that DarkStar would think that they were safe. Then, Floating Dragon would deal with it when the time came. Only because Han Xiao had joined Floating Dragon Island could this new plan succeed, and Floating Dragon was one of the biggest organizations in Shattered Star Ring.

All this time, Han Xiao had played his advantages very well, and at this time, he finally flapped his wings in the galaxy. The intricacies of the relationship between various civilizations were hundreds or even thousands of times more complex than on Planet Aquamarine. Even small waves could turn into monstrous tsunamis after going through many catalysts!