The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 386

Chapter 386 Talent Upgrade Raid

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Two days later…


The cooling storage case opened, and mist like liquid nitrogen spurted out.

Haier’s arachnid legs operated the metal clamp, clipping out ten test tubes filled with silver reagents. This was a gene agent extracted from the Void Dragon’s spinal fluid. Void Dragons had very strong vitality, and their carcasses and spinal cords would remain active even after death, only completely vanishing after hundreds of years. By extracting the active factors, it could be made into a strong agent that could enhance physical fitness that most life forms could consume, including humans.

“Ten refined Void Dragon Pith, these cute little things are yours.” The sharp teeth in Haier’s mouth moved, and the Insect Language was translated.

The substantial reward that Floating Dragon had given to Han Xiao was fifty kilograms of Void Dragon Bones and ten tubes of Dragon Pith. It was originally one hundred kilograms of Void Dragon Bones, but he had asked for half of the bones to be changed to Dragon Pith. The effect of the Void Dragon Pith was a permanent increase in attributes with no side effects—it was extremely precious to the players.

Han Xiao picked up a tube of Dragon Pith and observed it carefully. Its density was not as stagnant and thick as mercury—it was translucent and light silver colored. The agent was very pure and clear, with a faint glow. A notification popped up as soon as he picked it up. After confirmation, Han Xiao directly inserted one tube of Dragon Pith into the injection gun.

A tremor came from the depths of his body like an electric current flowing through his whole body. Han Xiao shivered, and a tint of silver flashed in his eyes.


You used [Refined Void Dragon Pith (High Concentration 42.2%)].

+3 STR, +4 END, +1 CHA


Han Xiao’s action did not stop. He injected two more tubes, and the random increase in attributes for high concentration agents was in the higher numbers. After three consecutive injections, he received a total increase of eight Strength, eleven Endurance, and two Charisma.

Agents that could permanently increase attributes usually had usage limitations. The Void Dragon Pith could only increase attributes three times, and it would not increase again after that.

However, although attributes would not increase after three times, there was a hidden effect. If the dosage reached a certain level, the quantity accumulation would trigger a quality change, receiving the talent called [Void Genes]. Its effect on the surface included ordinary effects of increased speed and dodge rate, but the real benefit was that it would affect the choices during his race evolution.

In his previous life, he had discovered this coincidentally. Since Void Dragon Pith was very rare and did not have any effect after three uses, the vast majority of people would not waste it. Han Xiao had to thank that willful rich person, or no one would have known about this secret.

According to the cumulative effect, it would need about twenty low concentration tubes. In the case of high concentration ones… ten should be enough.

After some rough calculations, he injected the Dragon Pith into his body one after another. More silver agents mixed into his blood, and he suddenly felt something. Some subtle changes were happening in his body, and the silver in his eyes became darker.

Haier was surprised. “Hiss, hiss, hiss… Oh, I’m sorry, the translator dropped just now. You are injecting too much, are you not afraid of genetic mutation? Enough is enough.”

Han Xiao shook his head, indicating that he could do it. It was genetic mutation that he wanted.

At his seventh injection, Han Xiao body turned stiff. A cold and hot mixed feeling exploded in his body, and his legs became unsteady. He staggered, and his back hit the shelf as he wheezed heavily. His frown was so wrinkled that it could almost squeeze a fly.

He clenched his teeth very strongly. All the nerve endings in his body were transmitting a sharp pain to his brain, and every vessel was beating and bulging!

If there was a Super who was good at sensing present, they would discover that Han Xiao’s life rhythm was changing. Not only had it started surging and become stronger, there was also a mysterious trace of the void.


You have gained the talent [Void Genes]!

[Void Genes]: Your senses can detect the changes in space, giving you a stronger reaction speed and more flexibility.

+28% Movement Speed, +15% Dodge Rate.


After what felt like a century to Han Xiao, the pain slightly reduced. He heaved a sigh of relief, wiping the cold sweat on his forehead. Suddenly, he felt a bulge—its texture was a bit hard, like a scale.

When he looked in the mirror, he found that his pupils had become silvery, and his eyebrows did not appear to be abnormal, but he clearly felt a diamond-shaped piece of skin stiffening.

He controlled the energy in his body. When the cells in his body became active, this piece of diamond skin turned from a flesh color to bright silver. It was very obvious.

“Ooh! What’s up with you‽”

Han Xiao was surprised that this silver mark not only did not destroy his handsomeness but also increased his fashion.

This was the new organ from the gene mutation, used to increase the perception of space.

He opened the interface and took a look. There was another talent that had also changed. After he saw the notification clearly, Han Xiao opened his eyes wide, overjoyed.


Your talent [Basic Strengthened Life] has upgraded. The original talent has changed into [Intermediate Strengthened Life].


Han Xiao had gotten this Molding Talent long ago. It had accompanied him through many dangers, and the last time was through the injection of another gene agent. This Void Dragon Pith had made this talent evolve again. The conversion ratio of Endurance to HP increased from 1:15 to 1: 30—it doubled—and there was an extra effect of +25% Resistance.

This was a completely unexpected surprise. Players could not possess Molding Talents, so this was the first Han Xiao had heard about Molding Talents being able to be upgraded. His maximum health directly increased by more than 4,000 points, equivalent to one-third of the original amount.

I have walked too far on the path of a tank; I’m past the point of no return now.

Han Xiao’s eyes were shining as he secretly speculated. More precious genetic agents can increase the level of Strengthened Life. If I want to upgrade, I need to inject more genetic drugs into my body… However, the genetic agents cannot be used indiscriminately, or it might cause rejection and turn into gene distortion or even gene collapse. That would be a miserable end for me. The best choices have to be agents like this that have no side effects.

This discovery gave Han Xiao a new idea. His need for powerful Molding Talents would continue to become more urgent, but unfortunately, they were not easy to get. He held onto the remaining three tubes of Dragon Pith—this kind of precious item was just right to be used as a ‘Favorability bait’. He could set an extremely high price for it and let the players toil willingly from the bottom of their hearts.

After collecting the materials, the communicator rang. Jenny had sent a communication request.

“Black Star, Lord Ames wants to see you.”

A new panel of virtual holographic image popped out from the communicator, and Ames’ delicate face appeared. She was floating in the vacuum space directly with her body, surrounded by force field protection. Countless rays of light surged behind her, as if every inch of space was filled up. She seemed to be fighting a strong enemy. However, the lights were all deflected by the invisible force field barrier, falling like bombs onto the unpopulated planet under her feet.

Apparently, the battle had lasted quite some time—a tenth of the planet had disintegrated, like an apple that had been bitten once. Shattered meteors and dust rotated around the planet, mixed with the gas and forming a ‘cloud ring’. If they fought any longer, this planet might end its life billions of years in advance…

With just a glance Han Xiao was sure that Ames was fighting another beyond A grade Super of the Shattered Star Ring. In less than three days, the Galactic News would definitely broadcast the following content.

Shattered Star Ring News: Two super strong individuals fought willfully, innocent planet turned into tragedy!

Beyond grade A Supers destroyed the environment with evil intentions, Planet Protection Association expressed strong condemnation!

Today’s Planet Code Cancellation List.

Speaking of it, it seems like it was because of the news that Ames was not in a good mood and looked for someone to fight. How unfortunate for a young planet…

Han Xiao’s eyes twitched. He coughed and asked, “Your Excellency, Dragon Emperor, what mission do you have for me?”

Ames spoke, but no sound was heard. She realized something, then controlled the force field and grabbed a large pile of gas from the planet. Shrouded herself in an artificial atmosphere, and only then was there sound.

“I’ve listened to Jenny’s report. Your team has excellent combat capability, and it’s a waste for you to stay on Floating Dragon Island. Anyway, you were mercenaries originally, so I approve of your activities to be outside. Furthermore, I have a suitable mission for you. You’ve met my teacher, so help me find information on him,” Ames said.

He had made a request to Jenny a few days ago, with the excuse that there was enough manpower on Floating Dragon Island, and him staying here was a waste. He thus applied for the field activities. Floating Dragon Island only had the guards, butlers, and logistics, but they lacked field forces, and the immortal Black Star Mercenary Group was the best choice. At least there was no need to worry about loss. Jenny felt that it was justified and reported to Ames, and Ames never doubter her employees. She did not worry about Han Xiao leaving her after leaving Floating Dragon Island.

Han Xiao’s eyes sparkled.

He did not have to be trapped on Floating Dragon Island—this was great news. It would not delay the development time for his mercenary group faction. Although Floating Dragon was great, he had only joined because he had no choice. As long as he could move freely, the distress that this problem had caused him would be greatly reduced.

The result was finalized, and Han Xiao hung up the communication, feeling very good. The superiors of the three armies would soon arrive, and then he could follow them back to complete the mission.

“Things are going so well.” Han Xiao had a happy face. Was he finally getting lucky after all the unlucky events that he had been through?

Aroshia was waiting at the door until Han Xiao waved his hand and took her away from the warehouse. He was worried about leaving Aroshia to run around alone, so he always brought her along whenever he was free.

He entered a deserted street, and after walking for a while, the relaxed expression on Han Xiao’s face suddenly vanished. Han Xiao frowned, feeling that the atmosphere was strange. He took a step and shielded Aroshia behind her back, then looked around vigilantly.

“Good senses.”

The voice of a person seemed to come out of nowhere. With a cold tone of judgment, containing the confidence of his own superior strength, Han Xiao felt the voice was familiar.

At the same time, hard walls suddenly extended from the ground around them, covered the sky, and trapped the two of them like a cage.

The soldiers of the DarkStar Task Force appeared and surrounded the two people.

Ember stood at the forefront. He stared at Han Xiao with an expressionless face, as if everything was under his control.

“Black Star Mercenary Group captain, we need your help. Come with us. Not resisting will save you some pain.”

Han Xiao’s eyes became extremely serious.