The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 401

Chapter 401 New Dungeon

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The broken pieces of the spaceships fell into the atmosphere of the planet, lit up from the air friction, like flaming meteors descending from the sky.

Even without Sarota’s retreat order, Ames’ godly blow had already shattered DarkStar’s mindset. With destructive power like this, destroying a mothership fleet would be a piece of cake. The other spaceships gave up the mothership and spread out to escape.

All kinds of spaceships escaped from the planet and the mothership one after another, hovering ships, guarding ships, escape pods, and etc. The smaller spaceships were mostly in front, and behind were the larger battleships. The thick armor was initially the source of security for the people in the ship, but now it was a disadvantage they hated the most.

The alliance fleet did not stop their attacks. The battleships that lagged behind were being destroyed one after another, ending with short explosions. The air inside the cabins was burnt out very quickly, and the shattered parts became space trash.

Ames only actually attacked two times, and it completely defeated DarkStar’s mothership formation. Her target was only the most conspicuous mothership. After she broke the mothership, she was too lazy to attack again.

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The mothership fell toward the ground like an enormous metal meteor. As the gravitational force was turned into speed, the impact it caused became more terrifying, and the sound of it penetrating the air became sharper. Looking up to the sky from the ground, it was like the sky was falling.


Like a meteor landing on a star, the mothership created a large crater. The cracks spread out in all directions for tens of kilometers. The shockwave that it created stirred up dust that covered the sky. The world trembled like an earthquake. Even Goa and the others who were thousands of kilometers away felt the impact, and the world in their eyes was trembling!

The entire mothership was injected into the planet surface, and the surface and the underground space collapsed. The people hastily rushed out.

Dong! Dong!

The Car Ball flew out of the earth gap against the rain of rocks, then stopped at the planet surface. The hatch opened, and Han Xiao jumped out, wiped off the dust on his face, and looked up. “Magnificent. Luckily, Floating Dragon is hard enough and did not drop down together, or this planet would definitely have exploded.”

The pursing DarkStar troops had retreated long ago. The tide had turned, and DarkStar had become the ones running away with the alliance fleet chasing close behind. Many DarkStar spaceships were going closer to Holy Stone and Black Raven’s fleets.

If they wanted to escape, they had to go through the formation of these two civilizations’ border armies. Shivate was in a dilemma. At this time, the Black Raven army on the other side fired at the escaping DarkStar spaceships without hesitation.

Shivate saw this and did not want to lag behind, so he gave the order right away. “Aim at DarkStar, fire!”

The Dragon Emperor’s arrival had changed his attitude. He initially wanted to control the situation and not mess with either side, but that was not impossible anymore. If they give up the encirclement and purposely let DarkStar get away, what would the Dragon Emperor think? DarkStar was an enemy that she would personally attack. If they let DarkStar get away, would that not mean that they were going against the Dragon Emperor?

DarkStar was troublesome to deal with indeed, but Ames was someone who should not be messed with even more. This DarkStar fleet was already fleeing and could not form any organized counter-attack. Holy Stone and Black Raven at least had the guts to attack someone who could not fight back.

With attacks coming from both front and back, it was like capturing escaping fish. DarkStar spaceships exploded one after another.


A dozen or so mercenary spaceships landed, and mercenary teams walked out, entered what was left of the mothership, and rescued their comrades.

As the mothership had crashed instead of exploded, there was still a chance that Cerleni and the other captured mercenaries were still alive.

The threat was resolved. Those mercenaries who were not captured gathered and rescued the captives. Luckily, the mothership was quite tough, and it even had interior shockproof construction. Although they crashed quite roughly, most of them were alive.

DarkStar’s warriors were no exception, and some of them were alive as well. Their resistance came to no result, and all of them were captured. Sarota did not make it to the escape pod and was among them as well. He was tied up with his subordinates, his face filled with hopelessness.

The situation was decided. The alliance fleet landed one after another, and thousands of mercenaries from various races walked out of the spaceships. They were all from well-known mercenary groups from the Shattered Star Ring.

If the mercenary industry was to be split into three levels—low, medium, and high—the strength and size of Han Xiao’s Black Star would only belong to the medium-low level, the three large armies would belong to the high level, and the other partners were at least around medium-high level.

One Deputy Army Commander arrived from each army, all grade A Supers. At this time, the battle above finally ended, and Holy Stone and Black Raven’s command ships stopped above the planet. Countless pairs of eyes were looking at the Dragon Emperor, who controlled her force field and slowly landed at the edge of the crowd.

The noise suddenly stopped. Tens of thousands of people turned to look at Ames simultaneously. These well-known mercenaries lowered their heads a little, expressing their respect toward the Dragon Emperor.

As the representatives, the three Deputy Army Commander walked up quickly and welcomed Ames together in a very respectful way.

Back when Ames needed mercenaries, they always helped for free, so they had some sort of connection. They thought that their actions had moved the Dragon Emperor and that Ames had come to help because of them.

The mercenary groups at the side thought this way too and were all very jealous. Even Ames had to give face to the three large armies—their influence was really growing stronger.

“Thank you very much for your help. Without you, our members would never be able to escape…”

The three of them were expressing their thanks with a solemn face, but Ames did not even look at them. She passed by the three of them without even pausing.

Everyone was stunned for a moment, and their eyes followed Ames. Ames stopped in front of Han Xiao and the others and said, “You’re all fine. Seems like I arrived just in time.”

“Only free after three days, you really are busy…”

Han Xiao narrowed his eyes. It had not been long since he joined the Floating Dragon faction, so Ames’ impression of him was not strong, and now was a good opportunity to have more communication with Ames. It was very beneficial to have a good relationship with one of the strongest people in the Shattered Star Ring.

Ames did not know Han Xiao very well, but the Great Mechanic Han knew her very well. Her personality was casual and easy going, so he did not have to be too formal when speaking with her. Although he was temporarily her subordinate, he did not have to act to lowly in front of her. Furthermore, he was rather clear on what Ames liked and disliked—it was very easy to make conversation. They chatted back and forth very quickly.

The others were ignored. The atmosphere was weirdly silent, and countless pairs of eyes filled with shock were staring at these two people having a casual chat.

The three Deputy Army Commander turned around stiffly with awkwardness on their faces. They had misunderstood. From Ames’ actions, she obviously did not come for them but was called here by this stranger mercenary.

“Was he also one of the mercenaries being chased? Why is he so close to the Dragon Emperor?”

“What’s his name… Black Star? Never heard of this name before…”

“What’s his relationship with the Dragon Emperor?”

The members of all the mercenary groups were appalled, and they asked around about Han Xiao’s history. The name of Black Star was very soon heard by everyone at the scene. After hearing that Han Xiao was a member of Floating Dragon, the way that everyone looked at him changed.

The organization under the Dragon Emperor was superior to most, and Dragon Emperor was willing to go to such great lengths to save her subordinate. Black Star’s size was not large on its own, but its background was too strong. It was as good as a representative of Dragon Emperor outside Floating Dragon, so no one dared to underestimate them. Black Star was immediately added to their list of people not to mess with.

The news recorded this and played it live. Brimner did not speak anymore—she knew that the viewers preferred her to stay quiet at times like that. She held her breath and watched as things unfolded.

Before this, be it Holy Stone, Black Raven, DarkStar, the mercenaries, or the viewers watching the news, no one thought that it would end this way. This conflict had lasted for three days, and in the end, the Dragon Emperor suddenly arrived. She defeated DarkStar in no time, and the one who called the Dragon Emperor there was one of the mercenaries.

They had originally thought that in these mercenaries, the members of the three large armies were the important ones. They had subconsciously ignored the Black Star Mercenary Group, which was not as well known. They had thought that the alliance fleet was the biggest reinforcement, but they had never expected this small mercenary group to call for help that was even stronger than the three large armies.

Inside Stream Light, Shivate’s eyes were opened so wide that they almost dropped out.

“If there’s nothing else, I will be leaving. Don’t forget, help me to ask around about my teacher.”

After beating up DarkStar and saving them, Ames flew up the sky, went back to Floating Dragon Island, and left.

Once Ames left, the tense atmosphere finally became more relaxed. Many people finally exhaled. The Dragon Emperor’s existence was too terrifying, and they did not dare to act casually.

At this time, the three Deputy Army Commanders approached Han Xiao together, representing their armies and showing their friendliness. They were not the only ones—the other large mercenary groups that had initially ignored Han Xiao also sent representatives to express their will to work together.

In a short time, about a hundred people gathered around Han Xiao, all commanders or deputy commanders.

This is because of Ames; I’m benefiting from her influences. These mercenaries want to work with me, not because of my strength, but because I’m a member of Floating Dragon.

This was the benefit of being in Ames’ faction. He revealed his background and made a name for himself. Furthermore, with protection from the Dragon Emperor, even DarkStar would not dare to mess with him easily.

The Great Mechanic Han had never minded benefitting from the influence of others, he only cared about what effect it would have. The benefits were very clear, but there were disadvantages as well. Firstly, his name had grown too quickly, no longer matching his strength. Secondly, the Dragon Emperor’s name would cover up Black Star’s name, which would affect his growth in the future. It was not beneficial to make a name for himself if he kept using the Floating Dragon’s name, and this effect would last quite a long time.

Having a background was definitely good, but for Han Xiao, who wanted to have his own faction, too famous a background was an indirect chain. However, since Black Star had not been created for long, the pros definitely outweighed the cons. Furthermore, the Dragon Emperor had helped him once, and in return, Han Xiao did not mind helping her do some stuff.

Not long after, dozens of communication numbers were added to Han Xiao’s communicator, all parts of the industry. Only large mercenary groups on the three large armies’ level had this level of connection.

At this time, a notification appeared on the interface. The mission was completed.


[Escape] Completed!

Mission Rating: B

– You have received 1,200,000 Experience!

– You have received +3 Renown!


He had lasted for three days, so the rating was two grades higher than the lowest grade, and the reward had increased significantly. Han Xiao thought that it was quite okay, not too much but not too little either. In the case of the players, the few of them who lasted till the mission completed were all overjoyed.

Following Black Phantom is always beneficial! This had become almost a rule in their minds. They received 1,200,000 Experience from just one mission, and they almost did not know what to do with this ‘outrageous amount’ of experience.

The successful ones were few, as most players had failed the mission, now green with envy.

Han Xiao’s browsed through the interface. He opened the NPC interface and noticed something new. His eyes sparkled.

This is… a new dungeon?