The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 402

Chapter 402 Question

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As Han Xiao entered the Dungeon Creating interface, there was a new option under [Six Nations and Germinal Organization].


[Warfare: Power of the Dragon Emperor]


Han Xiao tried it out of curiosity. He realized that this was a different type of dungeon, not created by a main storyline. [Six Nations and Germinal Organization] was a series, and parts of it could be intercepted to create multiple Dungeon Crystals. In the case of the new dungeon, it was fixed. It could only create the scene during the three days from DarkStar’s pursuit to Ames’s arrival. It was a fixed dungeon.

Only large events create series dungeons. The requirement for warfare dungeons should be quite versatile. Since the name is related to Ames, maybe it’s because she has legendary characteristics, and that increased the influence of the event, Han Xiao guessed.

The Germinal Organization event happened back in Version 1.0 and could create a LVL 60 dungeon at most. Power of the Dragon Emperor would definitely at least match with Version 2.0. Han Xiao did not enter dungeons, so he could not check the details of the dungeon. However, from his experience, he knew that this new dungeon would be a painful journey for these LVL 60 players.

Simply put, the players did not reach the lowest requirement for challenging new dungeons. The difference was at least one version.

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Although there aren’t any physical benefits at the moment, it will make the players feel a sense of freshness. This is the first dungeon that exceeds the version limit. After letting ace reporter Bun-Hit-Dog add some materials to it, it should gather some popularity. Also, as an NPC who’s able to give out dungeons of higher levels, my standing will become higher too. Han Xiao blinked. Standing was like money—no one would say it was too much.

After informing Han Xiao of their intention to work together, the dozens of commanders walked to the side and ordered their comrades to clean up the battlefield.

The planet’s surface was devastated. The mercenaries were recycling the parts and pieces of the mothership. Han Xiao had some free time, so he took the members of Black Star to the side.

He did not have to worry about the players. The wounds of the Volga brothers were bandaged. Maple Moon had the Pharmacist sub-class, so she was counted as half a doctor. She was holding her tools and helping Herlous treat his wound.

Herlous was sitting on a rock, and his left shoulder was empty. The broken part felt like burnt wood when touched. He clenched his teeth and endured the pain as large beads of sweat rolled down his forehead.

Han Xiao looked at the wound, frowned, and said, “The bones and the flesh are no good. It was bad luck to meet Ember.”

“I knew this day would come, but I never thought it would come so soon…”

Herlous forced a bitter smile. Many of the Sunil warriors were disabled. He had hardened his resolve long ago, just that when it actually happened, he still could not control the sadness and pain in his heart.

Han Xiao comforted and said, “Old Herlous, you don’t have to be too pessimistic about it. Many advanced civilizations have the technology to cure broken limbs, such as an incubation pod, nanotechnology repairs, or Supers with healing powers. Right, about that, I know a pair of sisters that can even save someone after death, not to mention losing a limb.”

“Really‽” Herlous was shocked. He had thought that he was going to lose his left arm forever. Now that he had heard there was a chance to recover, his morale immediately increased.

“They’re people of my home planet. As you know, I left my mother planet to save a disaster of the future. Before I find the solution, I can’t go back. Furthermore, the power of these sisters is not yet strong enough. You’ll have to endure it for some time. I will build a mechanical prosthetic arm for you for now.”

After comforting Herlous, he turned to look at Aroshia. Aroshia still looked like a human made of light.

“How are you feeling now?” Han Xiao asked curiously.

“My vision changed, my senses changed, and the control of my body changed. Apparently, I can extend them infinitely, without the limitations of physical forms.”

As she was saying, Aroshia changed her shape many times and got used to the new changes very quickly.

“Usually, changing shape will change one’s mind too. Do you have any special thoughts?”


Han Xiao scratched his head. He suddenly recalled that when Aroshia still had a physical body, she already did not have any desire or curiosity, which was similar to the characteristics of energy lives anyway. He never expected her to really be able to turn into an energy form.

He had quite a number of guesses. “Are you able to change back?”

Aroshia tried slowly. This ball of light kept changing shape for quite some time, then suddenly, she seemed to have found the way. The light particles quickly contracted and condensed, then the light started to disappear, and she turned back to what she looked like before.

The expression on her almost perfect face changed a little. She was a bit curious about her new ability.

The players who were watching this were stunned.

“Ultraman‽” Second Prince was dazed.

“Tiga, is that you?” Bun-Hit-Dog was shocked.

Aroshia tried many abilities. She could turn individual parts of her body into an energy state, and she could also turn her entire body into an energy state. In her energy state, her form was no longer limited, but when she recovered to physical form, she was only able to turn back to what she looked like originally. If she was wounded in her physical form, it would disappear after she turned into her energy form and back to her physical form, but that would cost her some energy. As long as she had enough energy, she could recover no matter how heavily wounded she was.

Han Xiao held onto Aroshia’s wrist and said, “The energy particles in your body is very active. Your Super genes are activated. You’re an Esper, so turning into your energy form is the ability you have awakened.”

In his many guesses, the chance of Aroshia awakening as a Super was the highest, and that was exactly the case. This power was her Esper ability, [Energize].

This type of Esper power was considered as shapeshifting, but it could also be considered as elemental controlling. For example, some flame or thunder Esper powers could turn their user into a flame man or an electric man. However, when these shapeshifters took damage during their elemental state, they would not be able to recover from it. In the case of Aroshia’s shapeshifting, it was more like a reconstruction of material structure and life form. When she turned into an energy form, she did not have lethal parts. As long as her energy was not used up, she would not die.

Another difference was that Aroshia’s shapeshifting was different from those of a single element. Although it looked like she turned into light energy, when she sent energy into the Car Ball energy core, it automatically changed into the compatible electric energy. This meant her energy form could change. Han Xiao was knowledgeable, so he realized Aroshia’s potential very quickly.

This was a walking battery and a universal energy source!

Being able to change energy property meant that there was a chance for her to change into very high-level energy, such as particle energy or psionic energy. As for the strength, range, energy limit, and other matters, these would require her to train her power to increase. As soon as Aroshia awakened, her starting point was close to grade C, and her power potential was very high. Part of the reason for that was because her blood contained energy, and she had activated a small part of it.

“You’re a Super now. Although Herlous and I are not Espers, we can still guide you on how to use your energy. With your potential, your strength should increase very quickly,” Han Xiao said. He did not guide Aroshia to become stronger just because of the related mission requirement—it was also to have another person with combat power in the mercenary group.

This time, Goa and Porter brought their teams along and walked over. Cerleni was covered in bandages and was holding two crutches under his arms. He was limping toward Han Xiao with his subordinate’s support.

“If not for you calling the Dragon Emperor, the pickup teams would have been stalled from the start to the end, and none of us would have been able to escape. You saved us all, please accept our appreciation,” Goa said with a solemn tone. The hundreds of mercenaries were very thankful.

When the alliance fleet was being stalled, she had already lost all hope, but the Dragon Emperor had appeared and completely turned the tables. The support that Han Xiao had called for was the key.

“Sorry I did not listen to your suggestions back then. That’s why I was captured by DarkStar. They tortured me for a very long time and asked me if I have seen a bead. It was very weird. If we were not saved, we definitely would have been killed,” Cerleni said with shame. He wanted to put down the crutches, ignore the dozens of fractures on his body, and hold Han Xiao’s hand to express his appreciation but was stopped by Han Xiao.

Han Xiao sized him up and praised him. “DarkStar tortured you so badly, but you hung on, good job.”

“You mean these wounds?” Cerleni looked down at the bandages all over his body and said, “You misunderstood, these are from the mothership’s crash.”

“…” Han Xiao’s eyes twitched, speechless.

“By the way, about that…” Goa intercepted and pointed at the sky. “Because Holy Stone’s fleet sent a fake message, that’s why you were caught. What are you planning to do?”

“You reminded me, they almost got me killed!” Anger appeared on Cerleni’s face. He turned to his subordinate and yelled, “Contact them!”

A mercenary took out his communicator and tried to contact Holy Stone’s fleet. The other side picked up the request very quickly, and Shivate’s face appeared on the screen.

Shivate knew that his decision back then would bring blame, but he did not think that it was a bad decision. All he could say was that he made the wrong bet, so he had no choice but to deal with the consequences.

After receiving the communication request from mercenaries, he told the operator to direct it to him immediately. He was prepared to personally give an explanation and fake some sincerity. He adjusted his shirt and introduced himself. “Hello, I’m Holy Stone Border Guards Army Third Formation Commander Shiva…”

Before he finished introducing, Cerleni yelled at the communicator, using his local language. After being translated through the translator, it was easily understood…

“You moron!”

Han Xiao felt much livelier when he heard that.

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