The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 407

Chapter 407 Thoughts About A New Style

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“The first step is modifying all my current machinery into a compressed form so that there will be no need to worry about not having enough backup machinery…”

Modifying all the current weapons was a large process. New structures needed to be added after these weapons were dismantled. Luckily, Han Xiao’s current building speed was much faster than before. After being in solitude for two days, he had already finished this step.

Even after staying up for two consecutive nights, Han Xiao was still wide awake. More than ten small metal orbs were laid out before him side by side. They were only the size of half of a palm, and their surface was covered in markings like matrixes. It had a very strong mechanic feeling.

He lifted up a small orb and placed it flat on his palm—it hardly had any weight.

There were two modes of compression. One could be opened by pressing a button, and the other could be activated by energy. The difference was the user’s choice. The former meant that anyone could use it, and the latter required the magnetic energy of a Mechanic to be activated, which meant that it could only be used by Mechanics.

These weapons were for his own use. Of course, he chose the latter mode.


Electric light flashed past as Han Xiao injected his energy into it.


It was the sound of machinery components moving. The compressed metal orb quickly expanded, turning from palm-sized into the one-man tall Amphiptere mechanical suit. The expanding process was very quick—it took one to two seconds to complete. The front armor of Amphiptere opened up like two leaves—Han Xiao stepped in, and the armor closed.

Amphiptere’s tactical goggles lit up as the armor activated.

Han Xiao reached out and released magnetic energy toward the other small orbs. The energy quickly connected all the orbs together like a fork of lightning. A concentrated sound of machinery came out from these orbs, and in an instant, they all expanded into all kinds of weapons—guns, cannons, scythes, Bat Wings Flying Device, and so on. They attached to Han Xiao’s body in a flash, making him fully armed within a few seconds.

“Quite a good expanding speed, able to enter combat mode anytime. This way, there’s no need to carry such bulky equipment everywhere.” Han Xiao was quite satisfied. He turned the machinery back to the compressed state.

Modifying the original weapons was the first step. The biggest advantage was that the large increase in the number of weapons that he could possess. As for what kind of machinery he was going to add on, he was still thinking about it.

The compression technology was called ‘the watershed of Mechanic class’. Once a Mechanic gain that technology, they could change their combat style anytime and combo them with each other. With this ability came many advanced Mechanic class combat styles.

“Originally, my combat style could adapt to all of close, mid, and long-range combat. The core of that was my mechanical suit. Technically, it was still a single unit combat style. Among the combat styles compression technology can adapt to, the Army Style is the most widely known. There is also a more detailed segregation between Army Styles. When different machinery combinations are used, the focus point of the Army Style will be different as well. However, that’s way too expensive. I can’t afford it yet with my current financial power. It’s not impossible to do if I want to force it, but it’s not worth it…”

Another requirement of forming the Army Style was mass productions from an assembly line, which he could neither afford nor had the knowledge for. Most importantly, he had too few robot blueprints that could keep up with his current level. The Army Style had to consist of different combinations of machine types, like a strategic game.

The number of robot types that he could build was not high enough, and there was no strong robot that could play a huge role in combat. The technology used in Rangers could not keep up with his current level. It was still good for bullying those who had a low level, but when it came to fighting with someone around the same level, they would be dismantled in no time.

Regardless, he had a rather clear plan.

“There are a few goals that I need to achieve for now. First, get rid of single unit combat, build allies that can fight individually, and steal the enemies.

“Second, enhance my own area attack capabilities and attack range.

“Third, build a defense barrier around me using machines, viable for both attack and defense.

“Fourth, mobility. So that I can retreat from the battlefield when the situation goes bad, I need to build disruptive and lure devices, as well as machinery to assist in my retreat.

“Fifth, since I now have the compression technology and Basic Machinery Construction, I can build a huge weapon, dismantle it into parts compressed into small orbs, spend some time during combat to build it up, and make it my trump card! Furthermore, it will work very well with my [Flaming Will].

“Also, if the enemy is able to close the distance between us, I will also need combat abilities to protect myself. That will require many Mechanical Pugilist style melee or mid-range weapons…”

This way, he would change his style from singled out kiting style to outnumbering the enemy with his machinery.

Han Xiao wrote down these key elements, then started to recall the suitable machinery. After biting his pen for a while, a plan quickly formed in his head.

“There are four styles that are most suitable for me now—Multi-Turret Firepower Coverage Style, Giant War Cannon Style, landmine planting Trap Style, and Hounds Style.”

These styles were the comparatively simpler styles to outnumber enemies. Other than the Giant War Cannon Style, the other styles only needed low level machinery, using quantity to make up for quality, cheap and affordable.

Although it was a little humble, it was practical regardless.

The Multi-Turret Firepower Coverage Style would solve the firepower problem, the Giant War Cannon Style would serve as a trump card, the Trap style would act as a barrier, and the Hounds Style could prevent enemies from getting too close. In the case of mobility, the mechanical suit could already solve it, or he could build a small single-person transportation tool.

The original single unit combat mode already ensured his personal combat ability—he just had to update his mechanical suit. With the Void Dragon bone and Mini Nuclear Reaction Furnace that he had gotten from Floating Dragon, he just happened to be able to build a new series mechanical suit.

After completing the plan, Han Xiao opened the interface and started to combine blueprints. He needed a large number of low-level blueprints this time.

He had 1.5 billion experience left, a number that the players at the current stage could not even imagine. The reason that the Mechanic class was the most difficult class was because of the blueprint gambling system. It was a bottomless hole of experience, and with every repeated use of the same combination, the experience required would double.

For players, they would usually only use the same combination five or six times. If they were still unable to get the machinery that they wanted after that, they would normally give up because the risk would be way too high. If they spent hundreds of thousands of experience and took the gamble but only combined a useless blueprint or a low level machinery, their mindset would be completely slanted… Regardless, it is exciting indeed.

If a Mechanic could not get the blueprint that they wanted, and the other blueprints would be useless after their level increased, it would mean that they would never be able to build that machinery. Therefore, the difference between Mechanic players was quite large. After all, not everyone could splurge like Han Xiao no matter the cost.

Ding ding ding!

The interface notification kept ringing. Dozens of low-level machinery blueprints were finally all created after spending more than thirty million experience, and this was the expense of using just the basic knowledges. If he did not know the various combinations clearly, it would have cost thirty to forty percent more.

Han Xiao’s ability list became very long and dazzling. After counting, Han Xiao received a total of six types of artillery, four types of robots, eight types of mechanical traps, eleven types of firearms, seven types of close range mechanic weapon, and some other random blueprints.

Although there were multiple low-level machinery of the same category, they all had different functions.

“Now that my blueprint inventory is richer, I have many more choices.” Han Xiao nodded. This was not his only target. “With these low-level blueprints, there’s more material to invent blueprints. By combining the advantages of the blueprints of the same category and inventing a new blueprint, I will then create equipment of my own. It will be top-notch machinery in the same level and category, and its power might exceed its level.”

To combine the advantages of multiple blueprints and create his own blueprints!

This was the reason he combined so many low-level machines.

Han Xiao left the modification room and headed to the market area to purchase materials. He had more than 70,000 Enas in his account—taking out a small part of it would be sufficient for him to buy a large number of low-level parts. He just had to wait for them to be delivered.

Before that, he had promised Herlous to build a mechanic prosthetic.

In the machinery modification room, Herlous took off the bandages and exposed his empty left shoulder, on which was a very neat wound. He was a little nervous. “What do I need to do?”

Han Xiao was measuring and recording the size of Herlous’ wound, and without even looking up, he replied, “Just don’t scream too loud.”

“Wil—will it hurt a lot?”

“I will have to cut open your wound and connect the mechanic arm with your nerves, so… the pain level should be the same as cutting your arm off again, then putting a piece of metal in your open flesh. Double the pain, buy one get one free.”

Herlous’ face became stiff. “Can I take anesthetics?”

“Do you not have an idea of your physical capabilities?” Han Xiao took out a small orb expressionlessly, and it expanded into a large hammer. “Do you want me to give you a physical anesthetic?”

“… Never mind. If I wake up midway, I would have taken the beating for nothing.”

Herlous swallowed his saliva.

“Wait a while first.” After Han Xiao finished measuring, he took out the materials and started building on the workbench. His movements were extremely fast and dazzling.

Herlous sat at the side very nervously, and seconds felt like years.

Not long after, a mechanical arm was crafted. It had a silver alloy armor, various power output structures, a small shield fixed onto the back of the hand and the forearm, and many tiny nerve connection ports where it connected to the body.

Han Xiao had the Nerves Connection knowledge, so he had combined a prosthetic mechanical arm blueprint before coming.

He took out a small knife and slashed open the scab on the wound, Herlous shivered instantly. Then, Han Xiao picked open the flesh with a small plier, lifted up the mechanical arm, aimed at the wound, and pressed it down.


The Mechanical arm booted up, and many thin, long needles extended out from the connection port and drilled into Herlous’ bones to connect to the nerves.


Herlous’ body tightened immediately, and large beads of sweat rolled down his body. He clenched his teeth, but a muted scream still came out between his teeth.

After more than ten minutes, the pain finally started to fade. Through the pain, Herlous regained the senses of his left arm.

He tried moving his arm. The mechanical arm moved as he willed through the nerve connection with a buzzing sound—it was practically as swift and lively as a normal arm.

“So, this is what prosthetics feel like,” Herlous said. Then, he waved his arm slammed his fist on the ground.


He created a shallow pit on the metal floor.

“This is the S-30 prosthetic shield arm—strong power, thick armor, a rather good model, used for pure physical combat. Use this for the time being,” Han Xiao said.

Herlous nodded. The prosthetic mechanical arm could not generate energy, so his strength as a Pugilist was somewhat weakened, but at the very least, it was much better than not having a left arm.

Herlous hated Ember, who had turned him into a disabled, but he feared him more. He never wants to meet Ember again. Luckily, that horrifying guy was already dead.

Besides, the disability was just temporary. Black Star had said that he had a chance to recover, so Herlous could not help but look forward to it.

“By the way, two days ago, the other Sunil warriors contacted me. They said that they want to discuss something with you.” Herlous suddenly recalled.

“What do they want to discuss with me? To borrow money? Tell them don’t even think about it.”

“Not that.” Herlous coughed, and he was a little embarrassed. “Actually, they want to join Black Star Mercenary Group…”

Because of what had happened with the Dragon Emperor, Han Xiao had become a nouveau riche in the mercenary industry. From what Herlous felt, the goal of joining Black Star at this juncture was very clear—they wanted to benefit from Han Xiao’s identity and fame.

By using Black Star’s rocketing connections in the industry, they would be able to get better treatment, which would, in turn, help them earn more money.

Therefore, it was a little bit embarrassing for Herlous to say. However, life for these warriors was not easy, so he could only agree to help the mercenaries of his race say a few words. He was nervously waiting for Han Xiao’s response.