The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 415

Chapter 415 New Combat Style 3

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After gaining the compression technology, both the depth and breadth of a Mechanic’s combat abilities would drastically increase. They would gain the ability to take control of the situation or even turn the tables immediately. The focus was to deploy the machinery as fast as possible and the right combination of machinery at the right place. The speed of deploying that machinery would have a very large impact on the outcome of the battle.

After the version of Mechanics rising, the method that other Supers used was mostly striking and charging before the Mechanic could deploy their machinery fully. If a Mechanic was allowed to deploy their weapons freely, the situation would be irreversible, and the enemy would slide down the abyss of failure. Of course, this was in the case of normal situations, not considering some special abilities or items.

In the case of battle tempo, Mechanics always had the upper hand. The enemies were forced to follow it and stop Mechanics from deploying their machinery. This was a very big advantage. Furthermore, even if the Mechanic’s tempo was broken temporarily and they did not have the time to deploy the machinery fully, the enemies could not let their guard down. If the Mechanic caught their breath and deployed the machinery afterward, the tables would turn in an instant, and the enemies’ effort before would all go to waste.

Han Xiao’s Mechanic class was now beginning to take shape and possessed this tough ability. He was also very experienced, so it was impossible for his speed of deploying the machinery to be slow. This time, cannons and fire covered the entire place, so the Sunil mercenaries inevitably fell one after another. This was just a spar, so the Sunil mercenaries who fell onto the ground were dragged off the battlefield by Herlous, who stood on the side. Ever since the battle started, he had been kept busy by doing this continuously. He had never been given a chance to even rest.

A Pugilist mercenary flexed his legs, then jumped up into the air, drawing a parabola in the air, wanting to jump over the floor filled with traps and reach Han Xiao.

At this time, a metal trap that he jumped over was suddenly triggered. A grenade shot up into the air and exploded with a bang. A blue, net-shaped current extended out from the center of the explosion. This was a capturing trap formed by long, thin metal cables with a high voltage running through it. It shrouded the Pugilist mercenary who was still in midair.


This guy screamed in agony as his skin was burnt black by the current, then he fell down to another repulsion trap. An invisible force pushed this guy up into the air again, and a few artilleries turned toward him and focus fired. The bullets pushed him out of the area.

He fell to the ground, unconscious.

This stopped the other mercenaries from wanting to jump up.

“It’s not so easy to jump across all that.” Han Xiao smiled. There were landmines in the traps, and there were also traps that could sense objects above them and attack accordingly to prevent enemies from getting close in midair.

Within the range of his Mechanical Force, any machinery received bonuses from him. Some artillery was placed beside him, and its power was enhanced multiple times. Whoever was at the front would face the most violent and heaviest attacks. Because of this, the mercenaries spread out and charged from all directions, diverting the firepower from the artillery.

Lerden was covered in a green shield that was flickering under the rain of bullets as he charged forward. In other directions, there was quite a number of mercenaries who were equipped with shield generators. The colorful shields charged through the cannons and traps, approaching quickly.

Han Xiao formed a hook with his fingers. Another batch of compressed orbs flew out and dropped beside him, expanding into twenty or so beast shaped robots. Their size was about the same as medium-sized dog breeds, but they were covered in black armor and had a streamlined body like cheetahs, like armored panthers. There was an opening on both of their shoulders, exposing the triple mounted gun barrels from the machine guns inside. Their tails were very swift and looked like a scorpion tail, at the end of which was a sharp alloy blade.

Han Xiao had prepared three combos. One was the Multi-Turret Firepower Coverage Style, which did not require any technicality. Another was the Trap Style, which required a little bit of control, mainly regarding where to place which traps and whether these traps could protect him and limit the enemies’ movement. The last was the Hound Style.

The Hound Style was controlling a group of small mechanic beasts, entangling, harassing, and culling the enemies like hounds. As the basic machinery that formed this style was called Mechanical Hounds, hence the name. This blueprint was rather easy to obtain. Han Xiao was using an enhanced version of mechanical beasts.

[‘Black Panther’ Combat Mechanic Beast] was a new blueprint that he had created after combining numerous low-level mechanical beast blueprints. One ‘Black Panther” had 2,700 points of armor, and the basic mechanical hound only had 1,500. Its attack was also increased by around seventy percent. It had more functions and better performance. Of course, it possessed the essential self-destruction ability.

“Go,” Han Xiao said. The twenty or so mechanical Black Panthers dashed out extremely quickly as the barrels on their shoulders opened fire. They swiftly moved across the battlefield between the gaps of the traps, attacking from the rear and the sides of the enemies. These were the weak points of their defense, and their speed was immediately slowed down.

As soon as any mercenary got close to the mechanical Black Panther, it would jump away, always keeping its distance and only going closer to the enemy when attacking.

Sometimes, three or four mechanic Black Panthers would cooperate with each other, diverting the enemies’ attention from different directions while one of them attacked from the back, slashing with its tail and dealing quite an amount of damage.

Mechanical Black Panthers were equipped with smart chips, and four of them formed a group. They could only carry out some simple tactical strategies in fours. Han Xiao’s ability to build chips was still at the basic level, so the mechanic Black Panthers’ combat ability was not independent enough. The number of orders that they could recognize and carry out was limited, so they could only be used to harass.

With the combination of artilleries, traps, and mechanical beasts, it was as if the Sunil mercenaries were walking in a quagmire; every step forward was difficult. Han Xiao observed the effect and nodded.

“This combination is not afraid of being outnumbered and can easily crush Supers that are weaker than me. Even when used against Supers of the same grade, it can also restrain and harass… Of course, it will be heavily damaged as well.”


As he was thinking, a mechanical Black Panther was blown away and smashed into an artillery, bending its barrels.

Han Xiao looked over. Finally, someone passed through the lockdown. Lerden was covered in a green light. Having finally arrived before Han Xiao, he growled, and the green light turned into a spear in his hands, which he strongly thrust forward!


In the blink of an eye, the compressed orb on Han Xiao’s necklace expanded, and a white mechanical suit covered him instantly!

The spear stabbed at his chest but was unable to move even an inch forward through the bone-white mechanical suit. Without saying anything, Han Xiao raised his hand and slapped down.


Lerden was smashed onto the floor by the slap, facing downward. His face was planted into the ground instantly, no match for Han Xiao at all.

The people’s faces changed. Han Xiao’s appearance had changed—he was in a white combat suit, the armor texture looked like bones, yet it was unbelievably strong and hard. It looked like a knight’s armor made of bone.

Its shape was gorgeous. The shoulders were carved to look like dragon heads, and the chest and the waist pieces were had highly-flexible joints to allow swifter movement, complementing the streamlined body shape. Not knowing if it was an illusion, the people present felt that this mechanical suit was giving out a very mysterious aura.

[Void Dragon] Single Unit Mechanical Suit.

Compared to the snake series mechanical suits such as Python and Amphiptere, this dragon series mechanical suit had stronger capabilities. It was not because it involved more advanced technologies but because its material was rare. It was made from the Void Dragon Bone that he had obtained on Floating Dragon Island. It was light yet durable, and it had special energy within. This mechanical suit did not have that many weapons; it was used specifically for hand to hand combat. Its armor was a horrifying amount of more than 30,000 points. Furthermore, the Void Dragon Bone granted the mechanical suit extra abilities.

Han Xiao had three compressed orbs on his necklace, and all of them were mechanical suits. One was Void Dragon, and the other two were the backup Amphipteres. Whether a Mechanic was strong or not depended on the number and attributes of their equipment. He had both the number and the attributes, and that was because he had enough money.

Seeing this, the other mercenaries stopped moving forward and said with a bitter smile, “We admit our loss.”

The difference in strength was too vast. They had battled through all the obstacles and finally gotten close only to realize that Han Xiao himself was stronger than all his machinery. It was a completely impossible battle to win. There were around a hundred of them, so originally, they had thought that Han Xiao was outnumbered, but now, they felt that they were the ones that were outnumbered.

They clearly surrounded Han Xiao, yet it felt like Han Xiao surrounded all of them by himself.

Han Xiao had yet to finish testing all his weapons, so there was still a huge cannon that he did not deploy. He wanted to continue, but seeing that the mercenaries had given up, he could only collect all his machinery, disappointed.

After cleaning up the battlefield, these Sunil mercenaries gathered in front of Han Xiao. They were only lightly injured. Their eyes were now filled with respect and fear.

The strong is always respected.

Han Xiao said a few words, mostly saying that they had passed his test and that their ability was not bad. Then he got rid of the Sunils and told them to start doing their missions.

Han Xiao returned to the stronghold alone and went to the machinery modification room. He pondered and concluded his experience.

“According to the current effect, the strategy that I planned is now mostly ready. My level 95 class advancement requirement is rather difficult, so I might be stuck at this level for quite some time. This combination of styles is very strong at the current stage, so it can be used as a filler before class advancement. Plus, there are many ways to enhance it…”

He took out the weapons that he had recently built and observed the item attributes on the interface once again.

The variety of artilleries and traps was very rich—mostly made out of new blueprints that he had obtained from combining several blueprints—and their various performances were all 25% – 40% better in comparison.

He looked at Void Dragon’s data. Amphiptere was a very well-rounded mechanical suit, so he did not build another one of the same style. Void Dragon was focused on melee battles. As its material was rare, it had very strong additional abilities.


[Void Dragon]

Type: Single Unit Light Mechanical Combat Suit

Grade: Purple

Requirements: LV 90, Mechanic Class, >4000 Energy, >200 END

Basic Attributes:

– Armor: 30400/30400

– Defense: 375

– Power Level:1360

– Energy: 9000

– Height: 1.91m

– Weight: 143 lb

Control Method: Low-Class Smart Chip + Nerves Connection (Extra +10 DEX)

Power Source: Portable Stable Mini Nuclear Reaction Furnace—Self Charge. Recovers Energy at 120/min. Energy conversion rate from user: 30:55

Stationary Mode Energy Usage: 25/min

Combat Mode Energy Usage: 48/min

Core Power Capacity: 775/1200

[Skeleton Module: TM1.50 Nano-Biological Muscle Fillings]

Enhances the power of movements and body capabilities.

+57 STR, +45 DEX.

Power Output: 150.

Muscles can be enhanced by energy.

Energy cost: 40/min.

Effect: All Attributes +33%

[Armor Module: Void Dragon Bone (Pink Rare Material)]

+28,000 Armor, +320 Defense.

[Hand Module: Vibration Converter (Purple)]

Generates vibration, 11% of melee damage is counted as armor-piercing damage.

Power Output: 50

[Wrist Module: Wrist Force Enhancer]

+10 STR

Power Output: 30

[Leg Module: Pressure Enhancement Circuit]

+8 DEX

Power Output: 30

[Thrusting Module: Mini Maneuvering Equipment (Purple) x 12]

Total Power Output: 240.

[Survival Module: Body Signs Monitor, Thermostat Life Support System, Oxygen Filtering, Gravity Stabilizer, First Aid Injection Device, High-Pressure Resistance Device…]

Total Power Output: 150

[Chip Module: Damage Detection, Database Analysis, Trajectory Prediction, Remote Control, Combat Assistance, Neuronal Signal Transformation…]

Total Power Output: 110

[Subsidiary Module: Electromagnetic Pulse Controller (Purple)]

Applies [Excitement].

All Attributes +7%

Duration: 15 mins

Energy Cost: 5 per use

Power Output: 15

[Subsidiary Module: Compressed orb storage and ejection pipes]

[Additional Ability: Strong Capability]

During combat, distributes energy to Biological Muscle, increasing power.

Effect: +45 STR, +35 DEX

[Additional Ability: Indestructible Toughness]

Void Dragon Bones have unbelievable durability.

Effect: -20% Physical Damage received, -18% Magical Damage received. When armor is lower than 40%, this effect is doubled. After getting out of combat, armor recovers at 3% per minute.

[Additional Ability: Mysterious Power]

Void Dragon Bones possess mysterious powers.

Effect: +15 STR, +11 DEX, + 34 Melee Damage, +16% Attack Speed. 40% of Melee Damage will be dealt as splash damage.

Energy Cost: 60 per use

Duration: 1 min

Cooldown: 75 s

[Additional Ability: Void Jet Spray]

Void Dragon Bones possess extraordinary magic. After it dies, void magic precipitates inside its bones.

This equipment is able to convert energy into Void Jet Spray.

Damage: 278 – 1790

Energy Cost: 50 – 300 (Controllable)

Cooldown: 0

If used again in the next 10 seconds, the energy cost will increase by 30%. If not used in 10 seconds, the energy cost will reset.

Side Effect: This equipment is enhanced by void energy; it has a very high load. When equipped, -3000 Health Limit.

Remarks: When you stare at this mechanical suit, you can almost feel the remaining soul inside.