The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 419

Chapter 419 The Unobtainable Is Always Tempting 2

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His aged face was pressed tightly against the ground, his gorgeous rope was dirtied with dust, and Rezar was completely unable to move as if he was being held down by a mountain. He was furious and shocked; he had finally seen hope for the lifelong dream, and he could not let it disappear no matter what.

Even if the opponent was someone strong from the higher world, he could still fight!

Rex activated his magic power. A blood-red and blue magic current gushed out from his body, stirring up a strong wind. The faces of Rex and the soldiers who were more than a hundred meters away changed.

[Nitrom Repulsion Ring] pushed away enemies within ten meters radius and was used to deal with enemies who were at a melee range; it was a must-learn spell for Planet Dawn Mages. Its power depended on the Mage’s strength. The ring cast by Rezar was the strongest that Rex had ever seen. It was said that only ascenders could have such strong magic power, which meant that Rezar had reached that level.

Rex’s face tightened.

The situation had suddenly become much more difficult.

“Get ready to throw spears as backup!” Rex ordered loudly. All the Blue Shield Knights beside him raised their cone-shaped spears and prepared to throw them.

From what he saw, Rezar now had the strength of an ascender and should be on par with the higher world warrior. Hence, he decided to interfere and help just in case. However, when he turned around, he noticed that the other higher world mercenaries had their arms crossed with a calm expression and seemingly no intention to interfere at all.

Lin Ge smiled and said, “You don’t have to worry. Black Star’s Captain’s strength is well known among the mercenary industry in the Garton Star System.”

Rex was stunned for a second. He then took a closer look past the gushing spell and realized, no matter how enormous Rezar’s magic power was, Han Xiao continued standing still like a reef. His hand was still pressing Rezar firmly on the ground, not budging in the slightest.

At this time, Rezar suddenly noticed that a horrifying power was brewing in the mechanical suit hand pressed on his head, like some kind of strong attack was about to be released on his head. His weak body would definitely not be able to withstand it. In a panic, he could not be concerned with pushing Han Xiao away and was hastily casting all kinds of defense enhancement spells on himself.

The next moment, a gray energy fog appeared around the Void Dragon mechanical suit, flowed down the arm, and shot out from the palm. Rezar’s head was being grabbed by Han Xiao’s palm, and he faced this energy directly.


With a violent explosion, the gray fog surged out!

Like thousands of sharp blades, the gray shockwave spread out. The floor was filled with cracks in an instant like it had been plowed. At the middle of the explosion, a pit with a diameter of almost two meters appeared.

Before the explosion aftershock had yet to disappear, gray light glowed from Han Xiao’s body once again. The second energy exploded immediately after.

Void Jet Spray!

Even though the enemy was rather weak, Han Xiao was not taking any chances and gave all he had. Although Rezar was grade B, the same grade as him, Rezar had only just passed through its door and had yet to familiarize himself with his powers.

It was a piece of cake for the Great Mechanic Han to fight this kind of novice grade B.

He used three full capacity Void Jet Sprays continuously without stopping, using 1,170 points of the mechanical suit’s energy. Three high damage numbers appeared above Rezar’s head, adding up to a total of 4,700 health points. It only took a few seconds. This ability’s damage efficiency was extremely high. This was the strongest explosive ability without using [Flaming Will]. [Flaming Will] had a five-minute cooldown, and [Void Jet Spray] had no cooldown. It had become Han Xiao’s go-to ace.

The smoke and fog dispersed. Rezar was lying down in the pit, his body covered in wounds from the energy shocks. Void Jet Spray was a pure energy attack, and it contained the Space attribute. Just as the ice attribute could slow and the fire attribute could burn, the direct effect of the space attribute was ignoring a part of the target’s resistance.

Having taken damage of more than half his health points in an extremely short time, Rezar was heavily injured and had fainted. A small BOSS character with grade B attributes had been demolished by Han Xiao within ten seconds.

After many combat experiences throughout the nine months, Han Xiao was already very familiar with the Void Dragon mechanical suit’s attributes and functions. This Single Unit Battle Suit was definitely one of the top on the list of the strongest mechanical suits in the current level, and Void Jet Spray was a very good ability against Supers of the same level.

“How’s the strength difference so big‽” Rex’s lips were dry. He was completely astonished. Rezar was already the strongest on Planet Dawn after he gained these powers; even ten of him would not have been able to beat the Rezar. Yet, in front of this mercenary, Rezar was as powerless as an infant.

Are all the people in the higher world this strong‽

The soldiers of Planet Dawn were dazed. Something that was so difficult and important in their eyes had been solved so easily—everyone felt it was almost unreal, like they were in a dream.

Han Xiao pulled Rezar by his collar and threw him before Rex. His mechanical suit folded itself, and he was back in his clothes.

The hundred or so artilleries around them turned back to compressed orbs, rolled on the floor following the attraction of magnetic force, then rolled up to Han Xiao’s belt and clothes in a neat queue.

“Done, pack up.”

Han Xiao clapped his hands. With his strength now, even crushing the whole of Planet Dawn was a piece of cake.

As if he had just awakened from a dream, Rex ordered his subordinates to tie Rezar up with multiple chains. He explained, “The king wanted me to capture Rezar alive and bring him back for interrogation. We need to know where he learned the ancient ceremony to prevent the possibility of someone else knowing the spell to absorb the Origin Water magic powers…”

“Do whatever you want. My job here is done.” Han Xiao raised his eyebrows.

At this time, Rezar woke up slowly, still dizzy. He realized that he was tied up by magic suppressing chains, and the magic in his body was forcibly restrained and could not be used. Subconsciously, he wanted to struggle and resist, then he saw Han Xiao, who stood at the side, and he immediately stopped his actions. As long as Han Xiao was there, resisting would just give him more shame and torture.

However, he could not hold back his rage. He stared at Han Xiao and clenched his teeth tightly.

If not for this external help from the higher world, he would have already succeeded. Before this, he never would have expected the Vain Kingdom’s king to be able to call such a strong reinforcement. These people were the culprits that had ruined his plan, Rezar hated their guts.

“Why did you stop me? This obviously has nothing to do with you…”

Han Xiao shrugged and said, “There’s no why; it’s all a job. I have dealt with dozens of outlaws like you. Thieves have no rights to complain about the police. If you want to blame something, blame it on your luck being bad and meeting us in your act. What’s your motive?”

“I just don’t want to be trapped in a behind planet forever. Can you understand the feeling of surprise and my dreams shattering when I knew that we were just one of the countless races in the universe?

“We’re not special, but that means that we have many friends too. I don’t want to be ignorant forever, and I don’t want to stay in this planet and wait for my death like the rest of the people here. I want to see the real world!”

Rezar pulled the chains, making clanking sounds.

“Since my ceremony has failed, you have no need to deal with me anymore. Aren’t you mercenaries? They can hire you against me, so I can hire you too. Please take me away from Planet Dawn. I can offer all of my wealth as the reward. If you don’t need that, I can work for you too…”

Rezar was still making his last struggle. The soldiers at the side heard this and could not help but get nervous. They were afraid that the higher world mercenaries would change sides.

Han Xiao, however, did not hesitate at all to reject the new mission that popped up on his interface, [Rezar’s Request]. He said coldly, “Sorry, but Black Star Mercenary Group keeps its words. Furthermore, even if you have quite a good reason, it cannot be an excuse for you to harm the planet.”

Rezar was furious and frustrated. He kept silent and let the soldiers pull him by his chains.

After returning to the surface, the army gathered and rested, getting ready to make their return. Rex found Han Xiao and said solemnly, “Captain Black Star, Captain Lin Ge, on behalf of the Vain Kingdom, I invite you heroes to be guests at the palace. The king wants to thank you personally. Do you have the time…”

“Sure, we will go with you then. I can take a look at Planet Dawn on the way.” Han Xiao nodded. Of course, this was an excuse; his main goal was to get the intel regarding signs of the Mutation Disaster, and getting intel from the higher-ups of the kingdom was the most convenient way. Since the king had given him such a good opportunity, he was definitely not going to miss it.

“I will stay too, let’s go together then.” Lin Ge did not want to stay initially, but he saw that Han Xiao accepted the offer, so he changed his mind. He wanted to stay with the Black Star Mercenary Group longer and leave an impression.

The alliance cleared the battlefield quickly. The tribes left in various directions. The Blue Shield Knights escorted Rezar and started heading toward the Vain Kingdom City.

Late at night, the Blue Shield Knights stationed themselves on a plain. The night on Planet Dawn was very dark, almost pitch black. The wildlife consisted mostly nocturnal creatures; light could be used to repel them. Illumination spells were deployed around the temporary station as the light source, but it was barely visible.

Rezar was locked in the prison car in the middle of the camp, surrounded by guards in continuous shifts.

In the dark, silent night, inside a single-person tent, Han Xiao opened the galactic communicator and looked at the mercenary hiring panel.