The Lord's Empire Book 2 Chapter 3126

Vol 2 Chapter 3126: Dragon Cave

Volume One, Chapter 90

If they die, they will lose eight top combat power, so they have to wait for Zi Yuewan to reach a certain level of cultivation.

Actually, the eight Ziyuewan cultivation bases are no longer low, and the eight elders of the previous generation may die in a few years.

This is the tradition of the Eight Days Dragon Sect, which has been passed down from generation to generation.

Why are all the previous suzerain dead, but eight of them are alive?

Zhao Fu was also very curious, and only found out the reason after inquiring. It was mainly related to Balong Cave, the heritage site of the Eighth Dragon Sect.

Eight elders can live in Balong Cave and have a very long life span. However, that elder must stay in Balong Cave frequently. If he leaves Balong Cave, he will age rapidly. If he does not go back for a long time, he will death.

This is why I rarely see them.

It may not be able to control the Eight-Day Dragon Sect after the Sect Master is resolved, because the others will still follow the orders of the eight elders.

Zhao Fu said, "You take me to the Eight Dragon Cave!"

Zi Yuewan said unexpectedly, "Just go like this? The strength of the eight elders has surpassed the Heaven and Earth Mirror, and there is still a strong blessing in the Eight Dragon Cave."

Zhao Fu believes himself, "Don't worry, just take me there."

Zi Yuewan thought and nodded.

Zi Yuewan took Zhao Fu to the front of a big cave. The big hole was only tens of meters wide, and it was only tens of meters wide. It was surrounded by stone bricks covering the ground and walls. Originally it was heavily guarded by soldiers. These people called away.

Zhao Fu jumped down and came to more than a thousand meters below the ground, and came to a very huge cave, tens of thousands of meters wide, and there was no darkness inside. There were many spars illuminating the cave.

At the bottom of the big cave is a platform made of stone bricks. There is a huge and majestic dragon head in the middle, like a living one. Looking at Zhao Fu who is falling, it makes people shudder. Of course, this has no effect on Zhao Fu.

There are eight large holes in the rock wall, and each hole has two carved stone dragons. There was light from the cave.

Zhao Fu landed on that majestic dragon head. Not doing anything yet, eight huge holes shot out eight dazzling rays, and eight figures appeared in front of Zhao Fu.

The eight of them seem to be a little older than Zi Yuewan and the others. They are about thirty-eight or ninety-nine. Their faces are also very beautiful, and their temperament is more mature than Zi Yuewan and their bodies are all good.

A beautiful woman with the most mature temperament asked, "Are you the next generation heir to the Dragon Sect on the 8th?"

Zhao Fu's expression was taken aback, and she didn't understand why she regarded Zhao Fu as the heir of the Eighth Dragon Sect.

A pure and beautiful woman next to him said strangely, "Why is it not Long Yang? He is the son of the suzerain, and he has also practiced the Dragon Sect inheritance technique for eight days. What happened?"

Another beautiful woman said, "We have been staying here. Maybe something big happened outside. I think he is far better than Long Yang. He is more suitable to be the inheritor of the Eighth Dragon Sect."

A quiet woman said with a smile, "I also think so. The power of the eight dragons in his body is countless times that of Long Yang. Few people in our Eight-Day Dragon Sect do it."

Hearing these words, Zhao Fu was very puzzled, when did he have the power of the eight dragons?


Zhao Fu thought of Zi Yuewan, as well as the 16 princesses before. They were all selected women of the Eighth Dragon Sect. They were just to practice the inheritance techniques of the Eighth Dragon Sect. Sovereign has all kinds of help.

For example, if you increase your cultivation base and share the damage, they will also practice exercises. Perhaps it is for this reason that Zhao Fu has this kind of power.

Long Yang was the most aggrieved, and found that two generations of princesses were occupied by Zhao Fu, and his father's eight princesses were also occupied by Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu figured this out and said with a smile, "Yes, I am the next generation heir. Long Yang has been killed by the people of Daqin, and I am the newly elected heir."

The mature beauty showed a smile of relief, "We have waited for so long, and finally we can get free. We don't have to stay in this hole all the time."

The glamorous beauty also said with a smile. "Well, I can finally get free! The waiting time is too long."

The quiet beautiful woman missed and said, "Our husband has been dead for so long. Now we can go with him."

The sunny and lively beautiful woman said with a smile, "This is undoubtedly the happiest thing for me. I've been bored here a long time ago, and my personality is worse than death."

The girls seemed to be very happy, they didn't have any fear of death, because it was a relief.

The mature beautiful woman said with a smile, "Next, we will give you all the inheritance of the Eight-Day Dragon Sect. You have to master it in a year, because we will die within this year,"

Zhao Fu said sadly, "I don't want you to die!"

The mature woman chuckled and said, "It seems that you are also a very affectionate person. Don't be sad for us. This is a relief for us. We have no other requirements. We just want you to carry the Dragon Sect forward. "

Zhao Fu shook his head, "I will try my best to save your lives. There are still many wonderful and interesting places and things in this world that you wont experience when you die."

Sunshine beautiful woman said with a chuckle, "I know, but we can't leave Longzong for long. Now this is our cage. I admire you very much, but unfortunately I can't keep watching you grow."

The quiet beautiful woman said with a Well, I think your character is better than Long Yang, that guy doesn't care about us. "

The beautiful woman chuckled and said, "I like you very much too, you can't let us down."

Many beautiful women feel good to Zhao Fu, but they don't know that Zhao Fu is greedy for them.

The mature beautiful woman smiled and said, "Okay! Don't say more, you accept the dress we give you!"

It was said that Zhao Fu was actually not interested in this eight-day dragon sect inheritance. To Zhao Fu now, it is too weak, it can even be said to be rubbish.

Zhao Fu smiled and said, "I don't know how to pass it on to me?"

The mature woman smiled and said, "It's very simple. We will pass on all of them and condense them into eight day spirit pills. You just need to open your mouth and take it."

Zhao Fu thought for a while, smiled and said, "Yes!"

The eight beautiful women clasp their hands together, their expressions are still dignified, all their strength is gathered between their palms, and their palms emit a dazzling light. A powerful wave spread.

They folded their hands and slowly opened them, and the power continued to condense in their palms, forming a small pill the size of a thumb. Although it looks small, the exuding power is very powerful.

said the mature beautiful woman, "Now you are going to take the Yahikari pill, the process is a bit difficult, you need to be prepared."

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