The Lord's Empire Chapter 1322

Chapter 1322 Fallen Angel Army

1,000 or so rays of light gave off ferociously sharp auras as they shot towards the Bluestar Forbidden Pupils. However, just as they were about to hit, they were stopped by a formless energy.

The 1,000 or so rays of light tried to break through, but the formless energy stubbornly resisted. In the end, the formless energy was greatly reduced, but the 1,000 or so rays of light dissipated and turned back into ballistae bolts and fell to the ground.

The Bluestar Forbidden Pupils were extremely slow, and if they were attacked, it would be impossible for them to quickly dodge. As such, Yao Ming had paid a great price to set up protections for them.

The Bluestar Forbidden Pupils once again gave off an intense blue light, and a powerful and dangerous aura spread out as they once again prepared to shoot out those terrifying rays of light.

Zhao Fu’s expression fell and he turned into a ray of light as he rushed out, wanting to stop those Bluestar Forbidden Pupils.

Yao Ming coldly laughed and he also turned into a ray of light as he flew out. He knew that if he relied on the power of his cultivation, he definitely would not be a match for Zhao Fu, so he exploded out with the power of his Nation Armament. Seeing this, Zhao Fu could only release his own Nation Armament’s power.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

The two of them started to fight, causing cold lights to shoot everywhere as terrifying ripples spread out and wind gales blew.

Countless Devil Horn Soldiers swarmed forwards towards the holes in the defensive walls. Great Qin’s Stage 2 soldiers blocked the holes and released countless sword lights and saber lights, killing the incoming Devil Horn soldiers.

However, the Devil Horn Soldiers were not afraid and charged over even more ferociously, as this was a key moment. Once they broke through, they would win.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Explosions sounded out as the air trembled and the Bluestar Forbidden Pupils shot out blue rays of light that gave off annihilating power and shot over. The intense blue light dyed the sky completely blue.

Bang! Bang! Bang!…

Explosions sounded out as Talisman Bolts blasted out, seeming to be able to tear through steel. Under that sharp aura, countless people’s hairs stood on end.

Bang! Bang! Bang…

The blue light and the Talisman Bolts collided, resulting in massive explosions. The light was blinding and shockwaves spread out.

In the end, the blue rays of light were stronger and countless Talisman bolts scattered into motes of light, while the blue rays of light continued onwards towards the defensive walls. However, because they did not have much power left, they only left marks on the defensive walls.

The Bluestar Forbidden Pupils needed to recharge before shooting again, but Great Qin’s Dragon-Slaying Ballistae did not have this problem and could immediately attack again.

Rays of light containing terrifying power shot towards the Bluestar Forbidden Pupils, but were once again stopped by that formless energy, which was once again greatly reduced

The Devil Horn soldiers at the holes were on the verge of swarming through, and Great Qin continuously mobilized Stage 2 soldiers over, as well as countless Devils to stop these Devil Horn soldiers.

The battle was incredibly intense and blood continuously flew out. Howls could be continuously heard and more and more people died.

Seeing this, Yao Ming gave a smile of delight because the situation was in his favor. If this went on, the Devil Horn Empire would conquer the Grassi Continent, giving them three worlds.

However, he felt quite a bit off pressure facing Zhao Fu, and he could only stall Zhao Fu. He felt that Zhao Fu’s power had significantly increased from before.

Yao Ming was quite shocked about this, and he could not understand how Zhao Fu had become more powerful so quickly. He had to quickly get rid of Zhao Fu, as if this continued, Zhao Fu would become far stronger than him someday.


Yao Ming exploded out with the full power of his Nation Armament as an enormous violet sabre light ferociously slashed towards Zhao Fu. In response, Zhao Fu slashed out a terrifying sword light, and as both sides clashed, it caused a massive explosion.

Bang! Bang! Bang…

More gigantic explosions sounded out as 1,000 or so rays of light shot out towards the Bluestar Forbidden Pupils, once again weakening the formless energy’s power.

However, the Bluestar Forbidden Pupils gave off an even more intense light and an even more dangerous aura spread out. The Bluestar Forbidden Pupils were preparing to shoot out an attack that was much more powerful than before, and they would cause many times the damage from before.

Swish! Swish! Swish…

Great Qin hurriedly shot out Talisman Bolts again, once again weakening the formless energy but not destroying it.

The Devil Horn Empire’s Commander gave a cold smile as he prepared to have the Bluestar Forbidden Pupils shoot and deal a massive blow to Great Qin.

Suddenly, 1,000 or so creatures came out of the air. They looked somewhat like rats but had the heads of bats, and their teeth and fangs had a metallic luster and seemed quite sharp. They looked quite terrifying.

These were the Nothingness Beasts that Great Qin had nurtured and fused City Lord Seals with. They were about 100 meters tall and after appearing from the air, their sharp claws gave off five rays of cold light as they attacked the formless energy protecting the Bluestar Forbidden Pupils.

After being weakened many times, the formless energy had become quite weak and as the 1,000 or so Nothingness Beasts ferociously attacked, it looked like it would be destroyed soon.

The Devil Horn Empire’s Commander’s expression fell and he quickly ordered the Archers to attack. Arrows shot out, but the Nothingness Beasts hid back within the nothingness and avoided this wave of attacks. They then came out again and continued to attack.

In the end, the Nothingness Beasts destroyed the formless energy and rushed through, tearing and biting at the Bluestar Forbidden Pupils, easily damaging them.

The Bluestar Forbidden Pupils turned into motes of blue light and disappeared. The Nothingness Beasts then once again hid within the nothingness and reappeared elsewhere, launching sudden attacks on the Devil Horn army and causing a lot of chaos.

Elsewhere, at the places where the Devil Horn Empire had blasted open holes, groups of Fallen Angels with black wings appeared in the sky, giving off powerful auras. There were roughly two million of them.

They raised the Darkness Swords in their hands and blasted down black rays of light that gave off terrifying power.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Explosions sounded out as the black rays of light descended and exploded. A single ray of black light could kill or injure ten or so Devil Horn soldiers, instantly causing countless deaths and casualties. The two million Fallen Angels all had Stage 3 strength, and their attacks were naturally quite terrifying.

Following this, even more Stage 2 Great Qin soldiers rushed to the holes and started to kill the Devil Horn soldiers in an orderly fashion. They had blocked them from rushing in.

Only now did Great Qin reveal their cards, whether it was the Nothingness Beasts or Fallen Angels. He had obtained all of them from the Cosmic Historic Ruins and had never used them yet. Yao Ming did not know about them at all, and he naturally did not have any countermeasures.

Looking at the disappearing Bluestar Forbidden Pupils and the Devil Horn soldiers in chaos, Yao Ming hatefully glared at Zhao Fu and gave the order to retreat.