The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 10

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 10 Her Silence 2

They hurt you then they act like you hurt them and because no one listens so she gives up.

She just sits there in silence.



"I think Raine need to change before she catches a cold." Raphael pointed out Raine's wet sweatshirt and jeans.

Torak glared at Raphael who continuously sent his mate away, but agreed with his point. "Yes, you need to change." He grumbled.

Torak reluctantly let go of his little mate who was shivering from fear and cold, swiftly she hid herself behind Anne's back.

Raine didn't immediately go to change her clothes, but slightly tilted her head, asking Anne permission. Only after Anne nodded, she moved away.

Torak didn't like this.

Why his mate needed to ask for permission to leave?

"Raine, I think you forgot something." Raphael raised the white plastic bag that content with medicine that Raine brought before.

Raine stopped and turned to look at him, but didn't make any movement to come closer. Probably still afraid if Torak changed his mind and caught her again.

Occasionally, she would glance at Calleb direction. This gesture confirmed Calleb's conjecture earlier that mentioned she was able to see him.

Torak snatched the white plastic bag from Raphael's hand and strode toward her.

Raine became tensed as if considering to runaway, but Torak briskly took her hand and handed it. "Change your clothes, we will leave immediately." He said.

He could see the confusion and fear in her eyes as she clutched the plastic bag from him and ran away, cut off the sparks that Torak felt from skin to skin contact with her. He took a deep breath to calm his inner wolf that wanted so badly to chase after his mate.

[Follow her] Torak said through mind link to Calleb who was chasing his own tail.

The grey wolf stood on his four legs and began to walk lightly toward the direction where Raine had disappeared.


Inside the office Anne left an old woman with a round glasses perched on the bridge of her nose, before she left the room, saying she would check on Raine.

The old woman looked grumpy because her good night sleep was interrupted.

However, neither Torak nor Raphael paid attention to this fact. They needed to finish the matter here as soon as possible. It was already polite of them to deal with this paper of adoption and followed the rule instead of brought her away.

Mrs. Lang, the person in charge in this orphanage, looked agitated when she handed all the paper that needed to be signed.

"Mr. Donovan, you still have counseling meeting to attend." Mrs. Lang was holding Raine's doc.u.ment when she explained the procedure of adoption.

"I have to return to the Redriver City this morning and I will bring her with me, the following procedure will be handled by my people." Torak said with finality as he took the doc.u.ments in Mrs. Lang's hand impatiently.

He sat on the couch and let Raphael deal with the grumpy old lady. Both of them were talking about the process of adoption while Torak was flipping Raine's doc.u.ment.

"She had been in mental hospital for three years?" Torak voiced out his question while still holding the report.

"Yes, she was just discharged a year ago." Mrs. Lang said. She pushed her glasses while she continued. "She never talks since the first time she was here."

"What happened to her?" Raphael chimed in.

"Based on the report that I received, in the age of eight she lost both of her parents, after that there was a close friend of her father that adopted her, but that family found something wrong with Raine and put her in mental hospital."

"For what reason?" Raphael asked, although somehow he knew the answer.

Mrs. Lang shrugged. "They said she kept talking about something that doesn't make sense."

"Such as?"

"She kept talking about creepy creatures around her and there was one of them that wanted to kill her."

Raphael glance at Torak who was tightened his grip on the paper, his jaw clenched tightly when he heard there was another supernatural creature hunted his mate and this fool human put Raine in mental hospital instead.

"The family that adopted Raine didn't want to take her back, so they put her in this orphanage." Mrs. Lang sighed. "May I know why do you insist to adopt her?"

Raphael was about to answer, but Torak beat him to it. "I owe his father a great favor, so I intended to return the good deed." Torak lied smoothly.

It seemed Mrs. Lang only asked that question out of curiosity, not even concerned to ask for more detail. Apparently, she was relief that there was someone else who wanted to take the girl.

Honestly, she was a little bit scared by Raine's behavior.

That girl is creepy

Torak didn't like the distaste looked that Mrs. Lang showed him when she talked about his mate as subconsciously he let out a deep growled that startled her.

Raphael cleared his throat when Anne walked inside the room to save the awkward situation.

"Where is Raine?" Torak stood up in alert when he saw Anne came alone.