The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 100

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 100 Night Of Chaos 3

"Someone can love you desperately with their feeling and still not know how to love you correctly with their action."


"Ramon de Medici killed his brother, Remy. The news is not out yet" Said Calleb that was granted with an angry roar from Torak as his already bigger Lycan looked more bigger than usual.

Calleb startled as he took two steps back, he didn't know what was wrong with the information that he said. Torak's anger was not relevant.

"Do you really think he wants to hear about some Medici kill each other?" Serefina asked Calleb in mocking tone while keeping his protection and the wall of fire surround her. "Raine is gone, you better help me to calm him down."

"Gone?!" Calleb asked incredulously, his jaw dropped open as he glanced at the lycan who glared at the wall of fire in front of him wrathfully. "How is that possible? Don't you have everything under control?!" He couldn't help, but getting angry as well.

"Yes, I have!" Serefina grimace when she moved her injured arms, trying to maintain the protection around her exasperatedly.

She was a powerful witch, but somehow, her power has less effect on the Donovans, something about them, the part that she couldn't explain, holding much power than any creatures.

"Stop talking and help me to settle him!" Serefina glared at Calleb. "He will kill me!"

"No offense." Calleb raised his hand in the air. "But, he will kill me if I try to walk any closer than this. What is more, you deserve that. I recall Raphael had told you to keep an eye on our Luna."

If it wasn't because Torak was venting his wrath toward Serefina and Calleb was given the opportunity, he wouldn't mind to finish the witch with his own two hands.

She was really irresponsible with her task, though she was the one who very determined to separate Torak and Raine, in spite of her reason that was for Raine's sake, but it felt so awful to not be able with their own mate, especially when they just saw each other.

With a loud of cracking sound, the protection around Serefina was broke by Torak brute force. With wide eyes the witch saw the big Lycan raised his claws and brought them straight to her face.

Serefina couldn't teleport as her power was depleting from the fire wall and the protection that she had built. Moreover, Torak's move was too fast for her until she couldn't even blink when he had stood right before her eyes.

A shrill agony scream sounded from Serefina's mouth as she felt her flesh was torn open and blood gushing out from her wound on her face.

Before Torak could really clawed her into limb to limb, a big brown wolf with black strip on his left side, ran into Torak's lycan and as their body collided, a sound of broken bone could be heard.

'Bring them out of here!'

Raphael's voice rung inside Calleb's head full with commanding tone. In front of Calleb, the Beta took head on their Alpha as both of them growl and clawed at each other.

'Raph! Back off! You will kill yourself if you continue!' Calleb mind- linked Raphael in panic as he saw Torak managed to send him flew a few meters away before the big brown wolf broke a cabinet with his weight.

'OUT!!!' Raphael got on his feet and lunged onto Torak before he could kill Serefina right there and then.

The mind- link cut off, leaving Calleb with task in his hand.

Fortunately, at that time Jack had regained his conscious, only a little bit disoriented as he took his surroundings.

Fire on the other side and water pouring down from the ceiling as commotion occurred out of the room while inside, the two powerful Lycan clashed at each other.

The big brown wolf whimpered and tried hard to not bow down in front of the Alpha as he kept launching blow after blow.

Calleb ducked down, avoiding the two lycans who still engaged in intense battle as he reached Serefina and helped her to stand up.

The Gamma suppressed his desire to throw her out of the window, since the first time she came, she was so annoying and now this happened, Calleb thought Raphael's effort to save her was a waste.

Why didn't he let their Alpha to tear her apart, maybe by then they could placate Torak's anger a bit.

"Jack, get out from here." Calleb shouted at the warrior who was still in daze, while carried the bleeding Serefina out of the room.

Calleb didn't need to look as he knew Raphael was blocking Torak's way so they could get out from the room and blend with the other occupant of the apartment.

Jack trudged behind Calleb while rubbing his neck, where Torak almost choked him to his death.

They went down by emergency stairs with the other people, at the parking lot, fire fighter had arrived and people had gathered together while looking at the smoke and fire from one of the flat in the eleventh floor, which Serefina had created.

"Good job witch, you manage to gather more attention than it needed." Calleb remarked with derision as they walked toward the car that had been driven by Raphael to come here.

Not only that, there was another two cars with another four warriors, waiting. Apparently, Raphael had ordered them to not follow him.

Serefina who was carried in Calleb arms was too weak to retort his sarcastic word.

Calleb put her on the back of Raphael's car. "Two of you stay here and the other follow me." He ordered shortly, knowing his own condition, should another sneak attack like with the Chupacabra earlier happened again, Calleb wouldn't be able to defend the two injured lycan and witch with him, thus he took the two warriors with him and left the two to look out for Torak and Raphael.

"Report to me immediately if something happened." Calleb said sternly before he climbed onto the driver seat and started the engine after Jack sat in the shotgun seat.

Giving the last glance at the chaotic situation behind him from the rearview mirror, Calleb drove the car away from the apartment.

"Let's hope Raphael will be able to pacify The Alpha, or else I will not stupid enough to throw myself between you and him like what Raphael did." Calleb said that viciously without slightly warm in his tone and he meant every word that he said.

Along the way, Raphael kept in tab with the other warrior who was still in the apartment, but there was no significant progress, The Alpha and The Beta was still out of sight.

"Damn it!" Calleb punched the wheel. "The Alpha will not kill Raphael right?!" He asked to no one out of exasperation.

"Beta Raphael is a strong lycan." Jack replied, but that didn't answer Calleb's question.

Of course, Raphael is a strong lycan, as Beta's blood was running down his veins, but Torak was the Alpha, The supreme Alpha on top of that. He could squash Raphael without a second thought if he really wanted to.

On the back seat Serefina looked like she was sleeping if it wasn't for the orange light from her right hand that illuminated the wound on her left hand. She was trying to heal herself.

"Witch." Calleb called Serefina without slightly respect in his voice and he didn't care about that. "Do you have any idea where is Raine? Or who took her?"

Serefina didn't gave an answer immediately while she was still in middle of healing herself. The wound on her arms gradually closed before she moved her flashing hand with an odd light to her face.

"No one took her." Serefina said in weak voice. "I didn't feel any force from outside that penetrated my protection, when Raine disappeared. I would have known if there was someone or creatures that wanted to break it." Her voice sounded confuse.

"I just left Raine out of my sight for three second and she has gone when I return." Jack added.

"So, what is that mean?"

Serefina shook her head, she was also clueless about what exactly happen, but then her expression slightly changed when something crossed her mind. "But, how if the force wasn't coming from outside of my protection, but from inside? I wouldn't know."