The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 101

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 101 Something Unexplainable Happened To Raine

Hell is empty and all the Devils are here.

-William Shakespeare-


Lucifer gulped down his scotch that burnt his throat like hell, oh how he missed that place, with all the torture and the agony that filled the air. Blood and scream.

He watched the flat screen in front of him with disinterest.

A news anchor reported about the death of the old family from Fulbright City, de Medici. Remy de Medici was killed by his own younger brother, Ramon de Medici, in his own mansion.

His motive was still unknown, but both siblings was known didn't get along pretty well as they would fight at the court over the family heritage, in addition with their finance was nearly collapsing.

If it wasn't for Donovan's company that had given them cash injection and took over the nearly bankrupt company, they wouldn't have survived for long, leaving the great family's history behind as they faced their downfall.

Therefore, the most question that was on people's lips was; why?

Torak Donovan had helped them to reestablish their family's company, thus for what reason Ramon killed his brother?

Lucifer shook the glass in his hand gently as the liquid swirled.

"Apparently there is another people dislike the lycan set a foot in this city." Lucifer mumbled as he raised his golden eyes to look at the woman across the room. "Any news from the guardian angel?"

It was Lilith, ambling at an easy pace toward Lucifer and sat down beside him.

"Such a heartless devil." Lilith pursed her lips coquettishly. "The first thing you ask is that little girl."

Lucifer frowned when Lilith rested her hand on his left shoulder, the wound from the short battle with Torak before was still hurt. In the end the devil still had not regained his full strength, what a shame

"Any clue who took her?" Lucifer gulp down the liquid in his glass that Lilith had poured to dull the pain in his shoulder, he chuckled on this, his body became more mortal years by years ever since the last battle centuries ago.

It required him a great effort to rebuild everything, anticipating the resurrection of the dark days, when the realms in this universe colliding once again.

Lilith gave a nonchalant shrug. "I don't know, even the Alpha went rampant when he knew the guardian angel was missing." She propped her chin between her palm, cupping her small face. "His reaction was truly brutal. Such an excessive anger he really became the dog of the moon goddess. Those Donovans aren't like that before."

Lilith thought Torak's anger was because he blamed himself for the missing angel, every creature in these realms knew there would be a time when three guardian angels were resurrected from extinction, but it was also one of the signs of the resurrection of the dark days

"He didn't take an order from Selene." Lucifer informed her.

"No? Impossible." Lilith flicked her hair from her shoulder. "He has been keeping the Angel beside him, like a madman and even call the Serefina witch to look after her."

"He keeps the angel not because of Selene, he keeps her because she is his mate." Lucifer said it lightly.

Lilith didn't give any respond at first, but then her crispy laugh rung out inside the empty bar as she was laughing heartily.

"Everyone knows the Donovan won't have mates for their lifetime, it is their curse from Selene herself." She kept laughing, but then ceased down into chuckle when she saw Lucifer didn't have a change of expression.

"You mean, Selene will give them mates if they are able to keep the guardian angels save, right?" At this point Lilith didn't laugh anymore.

When there was no respond from Lucifer, she frowned.

"Were you saying the true? The Angels are the Donovans' mates?" Lilith widened her eyes in disbelief. She still didn't know about this, neither Belphegor. Well, the latter was too lazy to find out about this matter anyway.

"The sin of lie is not bestowed upon me." Lucifer eyed Lilith as he pushed his empty glass, waiting for her to pour another bottle for him.

"You don't need to be bestowed with the sin of lie to be a devil, even human lie." Lilith smirked while pouring down the red liquid from its expensive bottle.

The red color that remained them of the blood.


It was almost dawn, when finally Torak and Raphael returned to the mansion, which Torak had bought the moment he decided to establish their business in this city, so he could be near Raine.

However, he lost her in the end.

The bruises that were still not healed yet and the blood, which stained Raphael front shirt, was vivid evidences how brutal their battle before.

It was a good thing that Raphael could still manage to stand on his own two feet when he walked inside the room with Torak who looked slightly more sober.

Torak didn't even spare Serefina a glance when he went inside the living room straight to his own bedroom.

"The two of you alright?" Calleb asked in low voice, afraid if his question would aggravate the Alpha again. They didn't need another battle now.

Raphael shook his head as he rubbed his neck, it was a close call when Torak bit down his neck and almost killed him, sure enough he wouldn't try to get the bad side of Torak again, not for this witch.

Raphael walked in front of Serefina, she looked much better than the last time he saw her. "What you have?" He asked with stern voice.

"I have bad news and worse news." Serefina crossed her arms and legs defensively.

"Bad and worse?" Raphael shot dagger looked at her. "I should let Torak kill you earlier." What she meant by bad and worse news? He didn't save her life to hear that. He thought it would be a waste if Torak killed her just like that, probably she knew something that they didn't know, but apparently his judgment was wrong.

"Don't tell me that I didn't tell you the same thing before." Calleb chimed in, slumped his tall body on the sofa opposite Serefina.

Ignoring Calleb sarcastic comment, Raphael gave his attention on the witch. "What is the bad news?"

"Bad news." Serefina gave a disdain looked to Calleb for his remarked before she continued. "The person who has taken Raine is not Lucifer, Belphegor, Lilith or whatever creatures out there who want her."

Raphael frowned.

Before Serefina could explain further, Calleb had talked. "She thinks someone who took her was from inside her protection."

Serefina scowl because Calleb took her line.

"However, there were not another people at that time except Jack and her." Calleb nodded toward Serefina. "So, she thinks Raine was the one who had made herself disappeared."

"Nonsense!" Raphael growled incredulously upon hearing that theory.

"That was also my reaction." Calleb nodded his head as he reckoned his own reaction when he heard Serefina's explanation.

The witch closed her eyes, irritated. "Thank you for your explanation, but there is the part that you left behind." Serefina glared at Calleb when she opened her eyes.

"Oh, right." Calleb flicked his finger. "She said Luna, unintentionally, inadvertently and accidentally activated her power." He exaggerated some part of his sentences as he felt it was ridiculous.

However, Serefina didn't think the same thing as she meant her every word when the idea crossed her mind.

"The worse news, I don't know what power that she possesses and where her power took her or what will happen to her if she can't control it." Serefina said before Calleb could talk. "That I assume she can't."

"Torak will not be please to hear this." Raphael raised his head and looked at the second story of the mansion, where Torak's bedroom was located. "Serefina, if you don't have good news or better news, you better stay away from him, before he changes his mind and tear you apart."

Serefina scowled upon hearing Raphael's warning, but she knew, the Beta said the right thing, her mistake was fatal this time, Raine could be in danger because of her own power or she could be somewhere that they didn't know, everything could happen to her and she was still not be able to protect herself.

What an annoying job that the moon Goddess had bestowed to her. Serefina snorted.