The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 102

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 102 She Was Not Anywhere

"If you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it would certainly be a tragedy."

-Ken Kaneki; Tokyo Ghoul-


The space around her was like caving in and pressed her body down to the abyss of the dark. She felt like her being crammed into a wormhole, until a blazing light invaded her vision.

It was a white blinding light like someone had put a spotlight on her head, made her a center of attention.

A little girl, who was hugging herself while covering her face, was trying to peek through her fingers, assessing her surroundings with fear and panic thumping in her heart. She could literally feel her heartbeat on her throat.

This was an odd light, she could tell by the way its blazing started to fade the moment she opened her eyes as if allowing her to take the situation she was in now.

The more the girl blinked her eyes, the more vivid the scene that presented in front of her eyes.

She was in a deserted place. A barren land more or less, a landscape of sand with harsh sun above her head, tumbleweed and dead grasses.

The wind howling and the smell of dry baked earth invaded her small nose.

Raine scrunched her face when she took her surrounding into her understanding. A blink of an eye before she was still in the living room with Jack, who would open the door and Serefina, who went back inside her room, however later on, she was in this deserted place.

"Jack" Raine whispered into the wind as she called out the warrior's name, hoping he was also in this strange place, that she wasn't alone there.

However, her hope was only a wishful wish as her voice was brought away by the wind.

"Torak." Raine's voice slightly stronger as she called out his name, fear and trepidation laced in her voice.

Raine stood up and pirouetted with confusion was written on her face. She could see nothing. It was only sand until the line of the horizon, where the bright clear orange sky met with sandstone.

She didn't know whether she should stay or she had to go, but where? There was no sign of inhabitant from all the direction that Raine could see.

The scorching sunlight, burnt her skin and in no time her sweater had stuck closely to her body uncomfortably.

Raine didn't want to take off her sweater and only wearing her white sleeveless shirt, but the humidity was choked her until she had hard time to breath. It was too hot.

"Torak!" Raine screamed now out of the anxiety that she felt. She was afraid, and moreover she didn't know why she was here.

The desert was too vacant and mysterious for her to venture aimlessly.

As the atmosphere was getting thick and her sweater had damped from her sweat, Raine felt lightheaded while her breathing became irregular.

When the numbness crept in her legs, she felt the dry taste of the sand entered her mouth as her body was going limp, lack of strength to support her body.

A while later she had been lying flat on the sea of sand and her mind started shutting down with her closing eyes.

Raine's lips quivered before she gave in to the dark once again.

The howling wind grew bigger and her shadow danced like a fatamorgana, before it got bigger and engulfed the girl.


"The Alpha is gone!" Jack slammed opened the door with so much force until the poor thing screeched. The warrior also looked so much better than the last time he was almost being killed by Torak.

Earlier, he went to Torak's room because Raphael wasn't able to mind- link him, they needed to discuss about what step that they should take and about Serefina's theory about Raine's power.

Jack volunteered to check on him, despite what he had done to him before, it was his fault to let down his order after all and made their Luna disappeared, though he, actually, wasn't really at fault.

But, more or less, he knew what the importance of mate in Lycan's life.

"Now, what?!" Serefina grumbled in irritation. "Where he has gone?"

Before it was Raine and now Torak also had disappeared.

"Someone said he saw Alpha shifted and went to the direction of the second district of Fulbright City." Jack informed them.

Raphael was squinted his eyes. "Second district?"

"Wait." Calleb raised his hand and frowned. "Second district is the place where Andromalius lives, isn't it? Torak must have thought that Andromalius has something to do with the disappearance of Raine."

Both Raphael and Calleb exchanged knowing looked and growled at the same time before they jumped from their seat and ran toward the door.

That wasn't a good sign.

"Jack, take Serefina with you and follow me!" Raphael ordered the warrior before he disappeared behind the door followed closely by Calleb.

"Take me with you?" Serefina hissed, but stood up elegantly before Jack could approach her. "Show me the way." She said callously, she was still her arrogant self.

Jack swallowed his critics because there was another important thing in hand that needed his concerned and walked in front of the haughty witch.


Torak appeared all of sudden inside the lobby of city council's office, where almost empty.

The dim moonlight illuminated his tall body and his chiseled face that looked very stern, as his eyes were the color of blood.

The two securities, who were guarding the door, were startled by Torak's sudden appearance.

They knew him as the famous CEO from Donovan Company, who would invest huge amount of money in manufacturing in this Fulbright city. After all, he had just come yesterday morning with people from central government and made a headline in news business.

Furthermore, his name was on people's lips when the news about de Medici family exploded.

De Medici family was Torak step stone to enter the business in Fulbright City, if something happened to them, it would affect his business as well and all the projects that he had signed with the government.

"Mr. Donovan?" One of the securities greeted him in shock, he blinked his eyes several times in addition of Torak's red eyes, he thought he was seeing thing because of his late night shift. "What brings you here in this early morning?" He glanced his watch that showed it was still 3.21 a.m.

Torak ignored him as he strode toward the other securities, he was a man in his early forty and had wrinkled on the corner of his eyes when he squinted his eyes, trying to looked at Torak clearly from behind his thick glasses.

"Where is she?" Torak asked the other security with hostility, his tone alone could send chill ran down people who heard him.

"Mr. Donovan, I don't understand what you mean." The other security frowned that made the wrinkled on his eyes deepened.

Torak didn't have time to talk nonsense with him, all the more had to deal with his poor acting.

"Do you know him?" The first security elbowed his fellow friend, who shook his head helplessly.

"Who doesn't know him?" He whispered back at his friend. "He is the famous CEO from yesterday morning right?"

"That's not what I meant, he talked to you, why an important person like him wanted to talk with you? A mere guard?" The first security was eyeing Torak with bewilderment especially at his eyes. Did he wear contact lens?

Torak was running out his patient as he stormed toward the older security and raised his hand into a fist and landed it downright on his chest that sent him flung a few meters away.

The old security flew in the air before his body collided with the solid wall. His body collapse and remained on the ground in weird position.

"What the hell!!!" The other security's eyes were like popped out from its socket when he watched the scene that unfolded.

That was inhuman strength!

It happened very fast and no one could see that coming.

The younger security's breath hitched, as he couldn't give a proper reaction. For seconds he was standing there like a fool while looking at his fellow buddy, trying to discern the situation.

As though he did nothing, Torak walked closer to the collapse body and pressed his foot against his chest. He leaned over as he asked the same question.

"Where is she?"