The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 103

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 103 The Facade Of Andromalius

"What are you doing!? You will kill him!" The other guard finally snapped himself out from his shock and tried to push Torak away.

He really would kill the poor man if he kept doing that, but why he did that?! Something wasn't feel right.

However, his attempt was stopped by a single glared from Torak. His eyes were bloodshot, as if could burn him right there and then. It was something that he couldn't explain with word.

The other man stumbled and plopped down on his back as his eyes locked on Torak's next action.

Torak grabbed the man's neck, who was lying beneath his feet, and squeezed his throat. Blood splattered, on Torak's front shirt and the other security's face, the moment the man's neck broken and became headless.

"AARRGGHHHH!!!" The other guard screamed on the top of his lungs as he crawled and ran away from the bloody scene.

Torak didn't give a glance at the other man.

Fortunately, this was a secluded spot whereas no many securities were stationed there, even so, within less than three minutes, that place would fill with many people the moment they heard about the guard's ear- piercing scream.

But, that wasn't Torak's concern now.

He looked at his bloody hand coldly, waiting for something to happen.

And it did happen.

The blood and the flesh beneath his feet, moved on its own, as if they had their own mind. Gliding and fusing together as they recreated and reformed it former self, a human.

"You are sure so rude Alpha." The man who was dead a minute before with neck was crushed, now was standing unscathed in front of Torak while rubbing his neck with derision on his expression.

"Where is she?!" Torak asked the same question for the third time, he was tempted to squash his head again, but it wouldn't help his case.

"You know that I didn't take her, right?" The man hissed in irritation. "So, she is indeed very precious for you" He contemplated while stroking his chin.

"I know, but I assume you know where she is." Torak didn't avert his eyes when the man's eyes in front of him started to change their color and shape became yellow slit. "This is your specialize after all, Andromalius, finding a precious hidden thing."

"Well, well now you admit that she is important to you the question remains the same like the last time I asked you, who is she to you?" Andromalius gave a mocking smile, found this thing was more interesting than his night shift.

"Find her and you will know." Torak's cold and calm voice reminded about the frozen river in the middle of the winter. Looked calm, but no one knew the raging stream beneath it.

"Is this a plea?" Andromalius raised one of his brows. "You have a weird way to ask someone favor." He clicked his tongue and vanished from Torak's vision.

"This is a threat." Torak said into the empty space, where Andromalius had stood a while before. "Find her and I will not make things difficult for you during my stay in your territory."

Andromalius suddenly appeared again, but this time he was standing behind Torak. His old appearance changed and instead he was the man that Torak had met at the Airport, the first day he landed in this city. "That is not how you make a deal Alpha." He shook his head while making a face. "You shouldn't threaten the person who you ask for help."

Torak didn't have time to play with word- game of Andromalius, he turned his back and walked away as he could hear footsteps of more than three people, who were approaching toward his direction.

The truth was, his silent threat spoke volume than when he said it out loud.

Andromalius didn't know what the Alpha would do, but he was pretty sure it wasn't a good thing. He could just let the fight happen, but he knew the result wouldn't be in his favor.

Actually this was ridiculous for him, for being threatened in his own territory.

"Why don't you ask your witch? It is Serefina right? The witch who is guarding the little girl?" Andromalius was still trying to put up a front while asking Torak arrogantly. "She is the great witch from the past, who has been missing from our realm for years, right?"

With the mentioned of Serefina's name, Torak's calm faade slightly hardened.

"I will hear news from your side before the sun rises." Torak said his final word before he shifted into his white wolf and disappeared from Andromalius's sight before the owner of the loud footsteps arrived at the scene.

Andromalius clicked his tongue when he saw many guards came. "How you can give a ridiculous request like that?" Now, it was 4.02 a.m he had just approximately an hour at best before the sun rose.

Not to mentioned he should find another pretention now, since Torak had killed the 'security guard'. He saw his former fellow, paled and kept shaking his head as if in that way he could reposition his brain and understood the situation better. His eyes widened while pointing his finger at the spot where Andromalius had 'died' before.

"I saw Torak Donovan killed him!" He yelled to the other seven guards, who had followed him to this place. "I swear to God! He killed him!"

"But there was no one here." One of the guards cut the man frantic explanation. "Not even a single drop of blood." He said helplessly.

"You must have seen a thing" The other person tried to justify his fellow reaction. "Why don't you lay down for awhile, maybe you are just tired."

Being ignored, the man clenched his fist and barked. "Then tell me where is he!!!?"

Andromalius shook his head, bemused by watching the commotion as no one from the guards could see him. "Human"

"They are so funny, aren't they?"

A voice was startled Andromalius. He snapped his head toward the direction of the voice and could see nothing except the well trimmed trees.

"Well, I couldn't disagree with you" Andromalius drawled, but his eyes were still alert, looking at his surroundings. "I would like to have a conversation while looking my opponent's eyes, if you don't mind"

"You want to see my eyes?"